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W imieniu Lions Estate dziękuję za zaufanie
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Alicja Buczkowska | Bez kategorii | 01 February

Yet another #LionsSuccessStory

Rafał Lewandowski

Many years of experience, hard work, honesty and dedication to the clients’ matters – all this made Rafał Lewandowski, Partner at Lions Estate last year, one of the agents who completed a record number of transactions. A large proportion of his clients have been cooperating with him for years or have been recommended to him. Clients define him as a reliable advocate of their interests, thanks to which they always feel safe and comfortable.

“I have been working with Mr. Rafał for years. I am a “difficult client” – I know what I want, I know what the end result should be, and Mr. Rafał is always able to achieve it with me. Always with great respect for my expectations, listening to my current feelings … willing to change giving me an even greater sense of security … This trust allows me to put my affairs in his hands and I know that they are safe. In addition, what is equally important to me, he is a great advocate of my interests in front of a potential client, I can get involved only at the end … My opinion is also confirmed by those whom I referred to Mr. Rafał. I RECOMMEND, Mr. Rafał is a proven and reliable person, trustworthy, extremely warm and elegant, proving that even sometimes difficult business can be done with class, calm and safe.” – says Client about Rafał Lewandowski.


As he says himself – he is particularly satisfied with the finalization of complex and long-term transactions, such as the recent sale of a penthouse in Mokotów.

„Perseverance and consistency allowed me to bring this transaction to a happy end. The new owners will soon move into one of the most interesting apartments in Warsaw. The uniqueness of the properties I have the pleasure to work on is also of great importance. Summing up, I believe that being a kind of mediator and managing the emotions of the parties in the sales process are the key to the success of the real estate industry”

– says Rafał Lewandowski.

How does Rafał evaluate the cooperation with #LionsEstate?

„Lions Estate is a perfect place for both experienced agents and people who are just starting their adventure with real estate. Working here allowed me to “spread my wings” and systematically improve my sales skills. Here I matured as a broker, explored the secrets of the Warsaw market, understood how important team play and building relationships are. The key word in the case of Lions Estate is invariably ATMOSPHERE – it is certainly impossible to counterfeit, as well as difficult to grasp and describe, in one word: magical. It is the inner strength and positive energy that allow us to fulfill our clients’ dreams of real estate, whether they are rented or sold” – says Rafał Lewandowski.


This is just one of the many experts who make #LionsTeam – our greatest strength!

Do you want to join us? Let’s arrange an interview! Currently, we are looking for both experienced specialists and people who want to start their adventure with the world of premium real estate for our team.

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