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Yuliia Korotia | Lifestyle | 05 July

Marbella – luxury in every dimension

Marbella - a beautiful town in southern Spain, located in Andalusia on the Costa del Sol in the province of Málaga. It is a popular tourist resort on the Mediterranean Sea, famous for its luxurious hotels, restaurants, beach clubs, boutiques, as well as beautiful landscapes and favourable climate. The sun shines here all year round, and with hot summers and mild winters, the average annual temperature is 20°C!

The city magically lies in the foothills of the Sierra Blanca. It is worth climbing the highest peak – La Concha with a priceless view of the entire area from the top! Marbella is a perfect destination for both mountain and sea lovers, as in addition to many hiking trails, there are over 20 sandy beaches covering 27km of the coastline! Popular city beaches include Playa Del Cable, Playa de La Fontanilla and Playa de La Bajadilla, located in the heart of the city next to the fishing port and surrounded by numerous restaurants serving fresh fish and seafood. And if you would like to relax with drinks and listen to music at trendy beach bars – Bounty Beach and the palm-fringed Playa de Nagüeles are your best choice. Luxury lovers should go to the Rio Verde or Puerto Banús beaches as well as Nikki Beach or Ocean Club – extravagant beach clubs with swimming pools. You can also go to one of the beaches located on the outskirts of the city – Artola, Las Cañas on the east side and San Pedro de Acantara and Guadalmina on the west.

Entertainment in the heart of the city

In addition to beach relaxation and entertainment, Marbella is a perfect place for water sports – from kayaking, sailing and windsurfing, to water skiing and flyboarding. You can also rent a jet ski, boats of various sizes and exclusive yachts! There are many options! However, not only water sports are popular here. Marbella is famous for the biggest and most beautiful golf courses in Europe! The best are Marbella Club Golf Resort, Villa Padierna Golf Club, Calanova Golf Club, La Cala Resort and Santana Golf and Country Club. Moreover, Marbella residents of all ages are big fans of a healthy lifestyle and they willingly run, swim, play tennis, padel or football, and they also tend to go to modern, fully equipped fitness clubs.

Recommended restaurants

In Marbella, you will find a lot of shops with healthy organic products, fresh fruit and vegetables. There are plenty of cafes, juice bars and restaurants serving healthy food, such as Rachel’s Eco Love in Puente Romano, which, apart from delicious food, has a unique atmosphere and architecture. But that is not all! Fancy authentic Mediterranean cuisine at its best? Visit the El Lago Marbella restaurant by the Greenlife Golf course or the Skina restaurant in the old town – they have been awarded Michelin stars for a reason! Of course, Marbella also has exclusive restaurants serving dishes from around the world and prepared by top chefs!

Marbella – full of surprises

On its streets and promenades you can find sculptures made by the famous Salvador Dali. The old town impresses with its architecture, colourful flowers on lovely balconies and different monuments, such as the ruins of the castle Muralla del Castillo and buildings from the 16th century. The city has a significant archaeological heritage, several museums Museo Ralli, Museo del Grabado Espanol Contemporaneo) and art galleries (Excellence Art Gallery SL, Galeria de Arte Alvaro Reja). Culture lovers can go to the theatre or to a concert, as all kinds of events are organised here.

The most prestigious place is located in the newer part of the city – the exclusive Puerto Banús marina, named the Spanish St. Tropez. The port was built in the 70s. It is distinguished by designer boutiques, the best nightclubs, bars, sports cars like Arizona Sedan and Limousine and luxury yachts worth millions – it is called the playground for the rich for a reason! Another interesting place is the Golden Mile – an estate with the most expensive and prestigious mansions in town owned by celebrities, millionaires and even members of the royal family!

A unique location

Marbella has a great location. There are large Andalusian cities nearby – bustling Málaga with an international airport around 60 km away, historic and unique Sevilla at a distance of 250 km and Granada with the phenomenal Alhambra palace, which is the main tourist attraction there 180 km away. A one-day trip by car is enough to see the most beautiful places in this area! Tourists are also eager to visit smaller towns, i.e. the atmospheric Tarifa, about an hour away with very wide, sandy beaches and high waves – great conditions for experienced surfers. Plus an hour’s drive to British Gibraltar with an impressive rock mountain that can be climbed, and a 2-hour drive from the beautiful port city Cádiz.

A city that will charm you

The charm of Marbella attracts tourists from all over the world. Many of them return again, and some decide to stay permanently! Interestingly, every fourth inhabitant of Marbella is an expat! Due to the fact that properties in Spain are relatively well-priced compared to the quality, foreigners are eager to buy them either to live there permanently, as a holiday home or for investment purposes. It turns out that it is not only an ideal place for holidays, but also a great place to live for anyone – singles, couples and families! There are great international schools and sports clubs in the city where parents can enrol their children.

Marbella – the capital of luxury with a unique atmosphere, where the quality of life is at a very high level. Everyone will find something for themselves here – from great weather, beaches, mountains, to various attractions and exclusive villas and apartments by the sea. At Lions International, we offer premium properties for sale in and around Marbella. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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