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Alicja Buczkowska | Learn | 28 January

8 reasons why you should work with a good real estate agent

8 reasons why you should work with a good real estate agent

Many people, when deciding to sell or start searching for real estate, have doubts – is it worth establishing cooperation with a real estate agency? What are the advantages of such cooperation? In the article below, we will convince you that a good real estate agent is the key to the success of your transaction.

1 . Many years of experience in the market is irreplaceable

Regardless of whether you plan to sell a property, buy it, or rent it – it will be an extremely important decision in your life, influencing the future. A professional consultant with many years of experience in the real estate market will help you go through the entire process without stress – from the first meeting and talking about your expectations to finalization and handing over the keys. Efficient and specific – thanks to our help, you do not lose your precious time.


2 .Calmness in troubled times

Despite the unstable epidemic situation, the real estate market continues to record an increase in prices. A good real estate agent will be able to meet your expectations regardless of the prevailing situation, and his knowledge and intuition will help you avoid mistakes and make decisions that are profitable for you. Thanks to the developed working methods and experience in difficult moments, your properties are at peace with us.


3 .Tailored cooperation

You already have a clear picture of the property you are looking for, or maybe you are just looking around and still have doubts what will be the best solution for you? A personal consultant will start cooperation with a thorough understanding of your and your family’s expectations regarding the property, its location, equipment and desired objects in the surroundings. In the case of renting – he will find the perfect tenant, and in the case of sale, he will take care of every little detail – from the valuation of the property, preparing it for presentation through appropriate promotion on portals and efficient finalization of the sale.


4 .You do not need to be familiar with real estate to successfully sell, buy or rent

Real estate experts have many years of experience in the implementation of the most difficult transactions. They are not afraid of legal complexities and meeting the expectations of demanding customers only motivates them to work. Thanks to cooperation with us, you sleep soundly – you can be sure that a properly experienced person will take care of the smallest details for you.


5.Use 100% of the potential of your property

Cooperation with a real estate agent is not only a great help in the case of formalities. Thanks to our many years of experience, we will properly price your property, advise on renovation issues, help in organizing a cleaning team, properly prepare the property for presentation, and then use our ranges for the most extensive promotion. Finally, we will take care of the smooth course of the transaction.


6 . Advantage in negotiations

Negotiations are the element of real estate agents. Thanks to in-depth knowledge of the market, its dynamics and standard prices in individual areas, a good agent will ensure that you get the best out of selling, buying or renting.

7.Special offers

Thanks to many years of cooperation with partners and other agents, a good real estate broker has access to a huge number of offers, including those that you will not find on any of the websites. Tell us what you are looking for and we will find the perfect property for you – even if someone told you that it does not exist


8 .Comfort and safety

By working with highly rated real estate agents, you can be sure that your advisor is not a random person – he has the appropriate knowledge and experience to help you best during your search or transaction. When looking for the perfect agent, pay attention to the orders and opinions issued by its existing clients – the greatest motivation for our work is the trust and satisfaction of our clients, so we will do everything to make you satisfied with the course and finalization of the transaction.


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