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Career at Lions Estate – get to know the world of luxury real estate with us

Career at Lions Estate - get to know the world of luxury real estate with us

Would you like to start working as a real estate advisor? Or maybe you already have extensive experience in this industry, but are you looking for a place where you can spread your wings? Find out what work in our company looks like and check if you are the perfect candidate.


We are the most frequently recommended luxury real estate agency in Warsaw (you can read more about the sources of this success and our philosophy in the article „It happened – we have 200 opinions from our clients!”).


We work in the surroundings of luxurious interiors, prestigious addresses, with exceptional and demanding clients. Thanks to this, each of our days brings new challenges. We have clearly set goals and we strive to achieve them ambitiously.


Passion, creativity in action, searching for optimal solutions and constant desire to improve – thanks to them, we can meet the expectations of our customers and build a company that stands out on the market.


Although there are often projects that cost us a lot of energy and put a lot of effort into, we know that after periods of hard work, we can afford to rest. Definitely more than once a year.


Lions Estate is primarily a team that cares about more than just selling and renting real estate. Our priority is to help you find your dream property or the perfect client.


We respect and support each other, thanks to which we can achieve really amazing results. There is no place for unhealthy competition here! Do you want to see what our work looks like on a daily basis? Check out our Instagram (@lionsestate)!


Social issues are close to us. We often engage in charity actions, we also organize our own. You can read more about how we understand and implement the idea of ​​corporate social responsibility in the article

„Lions Heart – more than biznes!”.


Honesty, respect, responsibility, openness, commitment and support – we follow these values ​​every day and build our organization on them. What do they mean to us?


Our philosophy is based on 3 pillars: Positive attitude, lion’s claw, big heart.


We attach great importance to teamwork, maintaining the necessary distance and a positive approach to work and life. We want our employees to be carriers of good energy, for which we are often praised by our clients.


We want to stand out on the market with our commitment and hard work. To surprise with perseverance, striving for perfection and exceeding the expectations that are placed in us. The symbol of this approach is the lion’s claw.


A big heart is not only kindness and acting in accordance with values. We attach great importance to respect for each other and belonging to the Lions Estate family.


Working with us, you will have the best real estate database at your disposal, and your clients will be demanding but also extremely interesting. You will meet people who will make work even more enjoyable, and the atmosphere in the office will make you want to come to him. Too good to be true? See what agents are saying about Lions Estate.


Rafał Lewandowski, Partner in Lions Estate, summed it up like this:


„Lions Estate is a perfect place for both experienced agents and people who are just starting their adventure with real estate. Working here allowed me to “spread my wings” and systematically improve my sales skills. Here I matured as a broker, I explored the secrets of the Warsaw market, I understood how important team play and building relationships are. The key word in the case of Lions Estate is invariably ATMOSPHERE – it is certainly impossible to counterfeit, as well as difficult to grasp and describe, in one word: magical. It is the inner strength and positive energy that allow us to fulfill our clients’ dreams of real estate, whether they are rented or sold.”

In turn, Angelika Jeleń, Property Advisor says:


“Lions Estate is primarily the people who create the comapny. Each of us is completely different and each brings something unique and valuable to the company. Every day we exchange our experiences and discuss current topics, which often allows us to jointly develop the best possible solutions for our clients. Despite the fact that we are very different, we share the same values, such as support, professionalism, respect, responsibility, openness, cooperation and commitment.

We invite you also to read the interviews wits our agents – Maria Góralczyk and Patryk Staniszewski, as part of our “Meet the Agents” series. They both talk about their passions and lives, but also about what they value in our company.

It sounds interesting? See our job offer and give yourself a chance – maybe its something for you?


The qualities and skills that are necessary for this position are:

  • Very good command of the English language (spoken and written). Knowledge of other languages will be an advantage;
  • Positive attitude and high personal culture,
  • Perfect organization of own work,
  • University diploma, eloquence and perfect presence,
  • Ability to set priorities and work under time pressure,
  • Multitasking, decision-making, developed interpersonal skills,
  • Driving license (your own car).



Working in real estate is a lifestyle that is addictive. These are contrasts that create a fascinating whole. Great teamwork and the feeling that everything is in your hands.


If you don’t have experience yet and you don’t know if you can handle it – don’t worry! We’ll guide you all the way and give you the best support. If you already know that it is for you, we will provide you with ideal conditions for your development. And to achieve bigger and more ambitious goals. You will get all the necessary tools, we will provide you with knowledge and competences. You will get first customers and access to real estate listings so you can get deployed quickly and gain valuable experience. Within a few months you will have your record of several or a dozen transactions. And a great appetite for more. We will celebrate your successes with you and support you in your further development.


Interested? Maybe you want to know more?

Write us:


Experience your professional adventure with Lions Estate.


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