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Alena Annusewicz | Homes | 24 March

Luxury real estate in Warsaw, the most interesting addresses of 2019

The Warsaw luxury real estate market is developing at a dynamic pace. In this article we present the most popular places and addresses filled with splendor that have become synonymous with prestige and luxury.

The luxury real estate market in Poland is systematically growing year by year. The growing interest in the premium segment is reflected in the construction of new, exclusive apartment buildings, often entire luxury housing estates. At the same time, investors focus on raising the standard of existing premises to a level that will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. The largest number of luxury apartments, where the price exceeds 20 thousand. PLN per square meter, is sold in the capital. What investments are currently most often chosen by clients in Warsaw? These eight luxury properties deserve special attention.

FOKSAL 13/15

A restored pre-war tenement house (to be precise: two tenement houses, connected into one) located in the heart of Warsaw, near the Royal Route. Foksal 13/15 is refined quality built on a historical foundation. According to the investor, one of the few buildings that survived was not demolished during World War II. Currently, it is undergoing reconstruction, which will give it a stylish, majestic appearance while maintaining its classic beauty.

The tenement house Foksal 13/15 uses one of the most interesting, proven recipes to create an atmosphere of luxury supported by a credible history dating back to the end of the 19th century. From the very beginning of the tenement house, well-known cultural and political figures lived here. Now it will include luxury apartments, a SPA and cocktail zone, and even internal courtyards. Everything is created in a style that fits in with the history of this place, with numerous decorations, hand-forged balustrades, and even authentic works by pre-war artists.


A luxurious apartment building located in Powiśle, put into use at the beginning of 2012. Six storeys, 41 apartments, one breathtaking impression with such a high standard of workmanship. While in the case of the previously described tenement house we were talking about luxury derived from history, in the Foksal Residence we are dealing with luxury in a modern edition, with subtle references to the pre-war style.

The hall welcomes guests with marble floors, impressive bas-reliefs and professional service, including a concierge who is constantly at the disposal of residents. In the basement of the Residence, next to the atmospheric swimming pool and SPA zone, there is a special cellar for storing wine.


Residence, which consists of 39 exclusive apartments, located next to the Saski Garden. Just as a visit to an opera or a philharmonic hall provides exceptional sensory experiences, allows you to experience an elite culture, a visit to the Opera Residence allows you to experience and feel the distinguished nature of this place. It happens from the very entrance to the hall with a high ceiling and a fireplace, through stylishly finished, luxurious apartments, a phenomenal swimming pool, to the very roof of the Residence on which the garden has been arranged.


Monaco is a city-state famous for its glitz and luxury real estate. Villa Monaco, a luxurious property in Warsaw located in Sielce (Mokotów), can look no different. It is a five-storey building with a captivating architectural design, which consists of 40 apartments. The residents have at their disposal a swimming pool, sauna area and a fitness room. The location deserves special attention – the Villa is located in a quiet, green area, near a pond and Sielecki Park, and at the same time very close to the city center – about 5 km separates Villa Monaco from the city center.


It’s time to take your luxury to the next level, both literally and symbolically. Exactly such impressions and effects are provided to its residents by the apartment building Złota 44, towering over the capital. It is a skyscraper designed by the famous American architect Daniel Libeskind, which, according to information provided by the investor, is currently the tallest residential building of this class in Europe.

The Złota 44 investment measures 192 meters – it consists of 52 floors with 287 apartments. The skyscraper offers exclusive living spaces, where apart from the quality of workmanship, the spectacular view of the capital alone is a sufficient argument for choosing Złota 44. On the top floor of the building, the concept of “luxury” takes on an even deeper dimension in penthouse-class apartments, each of which measures less than 600 square meters. 44 levels down – on the 8th floor there is a swimming pool, steam room, massage parlors and a number of other amenities waiting for residents.


One more luxury real estate in Warsaw reaching the clouds, which has become a symbol of comfort and is very popular with customers. 160 meters high, 44 floors, 236 fully equipped apartments – this is Cosmopolitan in all its glory. The architectural design is the responsibility of Helmut Jahn, the author of over 100 renowned projects scattered all over the world.

The skyscraper is located at Grzybowski Square. The completely glazed façade of the building provides an impressive view of the capital. Professional concierge care was at the disposal of the residents of the apartments, there was also a well-equipped relaxation area with a swimming pool and a fitness area on the fourth floor. As we read on the official website of the investment – each room is equipped with opening windows, which is an unusual solution for residential high-rise buildings.


When looking for luxury real estate in Warsaw, customers sometimes have a choice: to be close to the bustling city or choose a location away from the bustling center, but close to nature. Park Lane Apartments successfully connect both worlds, offering unique comfort and luxury surrounded by greenery.

Park Lane is an eight-story apartment building located in Mokotów, in the vicinity of Łazienki Królewskie. The view of this historic Park provides a fantastic experience, as does the atmosphere of the property itself: from the lobby with a concierge at the service of residents to aesthetically finished, luxurious apartments.


A few hundred meters away, in an equally picturesque place next to Łazienki Park, there is another excellent property offering the luxury of communing with nature. The Parkowa 19 apartment building is a space dedicated to people who value the highest standards, who are looking for uninterrupted peace in a prestigious environment. The wonderful view of the Łazienki Park is second to none, and the stylishly arranged gardens in the complex complete the atmosphere of this place. In a word, truly royal conditions at Łazienki Królewskie.

Check out all the luxurious real estate in Warsaw, both in cozy tenement houses and skyscrapers that are available on the Lions Estate offer!


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