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Alena Annusewicz | Bez kategorii | 29 January

7 addresses in and around Warsaw most often chosen by foreigners

7 addresses in and around Warsaw most often chosen by foreigners

The Warsaw real estate market offers a wide range of flats, houses and apartments that are attractive in many ways. When choosing the perfect location for themselves, everyone has different preferences and expectations; everyone pays attention to other details related to a specific place. Some are looking for peace and respite on the outskirts of the capital, others want to be close to what is happening in the city.


Among the popular addresses in the capital, there are places that have an extraordinary power of attracting foreigners, which have long been of special interest to them. Find out about the ranking of the seven most interesting and most frequently chosen places and check what they gain recognition among foreigners.



An exclusive housing estate of single-family houses and residences located on the border of Konstancin and Warsaw. An excellent choice for people looking for a luxurious space in a quiet neighborhood. The housing estate seems to be even created for families with children who value comfort and safety. Fenced, blooming with greenery, it provides optimal space for living and relaxing. The prestigious American School of Warsaw is located just a few minutes’ walk from the estate. Konstancja has already won the sympathy of many foreigners – the international atmosphere can be clearly heard and felt here.

Leszczyńska Street 4, Powiśle

The property is located in the heart of the atmospheric Powiśle. Close to the city center, within the reach of the most important social and cultural events in the capital. Returning on foot from the Old Town, you can stop at one of the charming cafes that Powiśle is famous for, visit the Copernicus Science Center located in the vicinity and finally take a breath by the Vistula River, which flows calmly nearby.

Eko-Park, Mokotów

A housing estate with a unique character in Warsaw’s Mokotów district. Its very name suggests closeness to nature, greenery and the philosophy of being “eco”. The estate is located in the immediate vicinity of Pól Mokotowskie, one of the largest park complexes in the capital, eagerly visited by residents at any time of the year.


However, it is worth living in Eko-Park not only because of the proximity to the green center of Warsaw. The estate consists of several different housing complexes and is extremely impressive. It captivates with its unique quality, enchants with modern architecture, and has a wealth of restaurants, shops and other amenities that await residents here.


Grzybowska 4, Śródmieście

A majestic apartment building located in the very center of the capital. Its perfect, even strategic location will be appreciated by anyone who wants to get anywhere in Warsaw quickly and efficiently. Right next to it there are key communication junctions, the Central Station and the metro. At the same time, the flourishing Saxon Garden and Mirowski Park are also within easy reach, which gives the location of Grzybowska 4 a unique and unique character, considering the very center of the city.

Sadyba, Mokotów

Sadyba’s hallmark is stylish, intimate buildings. Apartments in representative tenement houses, historic villas, spacious houses for families make this place unique to live in. On the one hand: easy access to the center, on the other: quiet and peaceful neighborhood. The residents of Sadyba praise the place, arguing that there is everything that is needed for happiness: from parks, greenery, Czerniakowskie Lake, through shops and shopping centers to international schools (British and French).

Miasteczko Wilanów

Impressive investment, “town within the city” located in Wilanów, a district considered by many Warsaw residents as the most attractive to live in. It is a place created for families with children, well-thought-out and orderly, equipped with rich infrastructure, with an appropriate climate. There are international schools in the immediate vicinity. It is an ideal location for those who return home after work, leave their daily professional duties in the center, and enjoy a pleasant, family atmosphere in Miasteczko Wilanów.

Kruczkowskiego Street 6, Powiśle

One more property located in the district of Powiśle that has an endearing atmosphere and character. Directly opposite the “Na Książęcem” Park, offering access to vast green areas along with the city center at your fingertips.


The closed housing estate is impressive with a large number of large-area apartments – at least four rooms. It is therefore a remarkable proposition for both singles who like space and for families with children who value living in the center.


The closed housing estate is impressive with a large number of large-area apartments – at least four rooms. It is therefore a remarkable proposition for both singles who like space and for families with children who value living in the center.


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