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W imieniu Lions Estate dziękuję za zaufanie
Nasz Doradca skontaktuje się niezłocznie.
Alena Annusewicz | People | 19 March

Feminine side of Lions Estate

March 8 - International Women's Day. And who are the women at the Lions Estate?

Despite the fact that the director of Lions Estate is a man, our company is definitely feminine. There are more of us in the office and… usually women are behind the biggest transactions in our company!


Although each of us is different and unique in its own way, we share a common goal and approach to life. Working at Lions Estate is one of the sources of our satisfaction. We value the freedom we have in the company, but the strength of the team is also important to us.

Who are we privately? We live with passion, although we have different ones. There are travelers, artists, mothers among us … Each of us feels the freedom to be exactly who we want to be. We like to meet at a common table and exchange experiences. Just like it was on the occasion of our breakfast, with which we celebrated Women’s Day with the Lions Estate!

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