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Alena Annusewicz | Bez kategorii | 28 January

Lion Hearts make dreams come true again! #LionsHeart

Lion Hearts make dreams come true again! #LionsHeart

Every day we make the dreams of our clients come true – we help them find the perfect property they are looking for and which will become their beloved home. So we know how much joy fulfilled dreams give and how great it is to be able to make another person smile broadly. In our daily work, we always try to remember about the needy. Hence the idea to establish cooperation with the “Mam Marzenie” (“I have a dream”) Foundation.

Helping is our nature

Lions from #LionsTeam are always eager to help others. It is part of not only our organizational culture, but also our nature! We decided to fulfill the dream of 18-year-old Ola, whose dream was a trip to sunny Barcelona. Our clients also supported the action by cooperating with us – from each transaction we made a contribution to make Ola’s dream come true. We waited with excitement for the fundraising event to be finalized and it finally happened! Unfortunately, due to the difficult epidemic situation that prevailed around the world, the departure of Ola and her relatives to Barcelona was still distant in time. Finally, a decision was made – a dream change! We were happy to help Ola in its implementation and gave her a multifunctional laptop that she would use to learn and play.

We made Ola’s dream come true

It is said that there is nothing bad that would not turn out to be good – it was also the case this time.


The charity fundraiser for Ola’s trip to Barcelona covered a huge amount, and after changing her dreams to another, we could make another child smile. It also happened – then we realized the dream of 14-year-old Karol, which was an electric scooter. The sight of happiness on the face of an unaware boy when he received a long-awaited gift will remain in your memory for a long time. Our Dreamer would also like to travel to the States in the future, so together with the scooter, he also received the book “How to organize your own trip to the USA”. We hope that the boy will be able to fulfill his next dream as soon as possible.

We made Karol’s dream come true!

It’s worth making someone smile today!

Once again #LionsTeam did not disappoint and showed a huge lion heart! There is no greater joy than the one we can feel by improving someone’s life, making dreams come true or making someone smile today, so it’s worth helping!


We build a company with people with a big heart. This is who we are and also this is how our company works.


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