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Alena Annusewicz | Bez kategorii | 29 January

It happened – we have 200 opinions from our clients!

It happened - we have 200 opinions from our clients!

It is the 200th person who gave an opinion about our agency on Google! We are happy, above all, because most of our customers rated our cooperation five stars (on a five-point scale). Thanks to this, the average rating of our agency is 4.9, and Lions Estate is the highest rated premium real estate agency in Warsaw! It is a great honor for us and motivation for further work, but also a great responsibility.


We are extremely pleased that many of our clients take their time to add a longer opinion about Lions Estate. Thanks to such extensive reviews, we are able to see what our clients pay the most attention to and what we should devote even more time and energy to.


Some, like Ryan Harrison from the USA, praise our responsiveness despite the time difference:


“Rafał helped us find a house to rent in Warsaw. Looking for a home from the States where we come from was difficult, also because of the time difference. However, Rafał was always very helpful and answered our questions quickly. We love our home and we have everything we needed in our budget in it.”

Our agents are also called “real estate angels”, like Oliwia by one of their clients.

Customers appreciate our knowledge of the real estate market in Warsaw. The fact that the agents are able to provide reliable advice and are not discouraged by unexpected circumstances that unfortunately sometimes happen. Rita Kh relates:

“Patrick showed us 10 apartments in one day, all great and in great locations. When we decided on one of them, it turned out that the owner had already rented it behind our backs. This did not stop Patrick from looking for more apartments. If it weren’t for his advice, knowledge and time to tell us about the specifics of the market, we wouldn’t know what is good and what is not and we wouldn’t be able to make our decision.”

According to the people we have helped, our advantage is often an individual approach to each client and perfect listening to their needs. Chris Hodge emphasizes, among others Agata’s merits in understanding all his requirements and finding the perfect apartment. Matt Clementi recalls:

“Agata did a great job showing me and my wife Warsaw, while presenting various options from which we could choose our apartment. She paid attention to every detail and was knowledgeable. Without it, we wouldn’t have found such a wonderful place! “

If you have a moment, read the opinions our customers leave online for yourself. All you have to do is enter “Lions Estate” in the Google search engine – our business card will appear on Google, along with the overall rating. If you click next to it, on reviews, you will be able to view all 200 reviews about our company.


The clients who come to us are usually demanding people, looking for professionalism in everything they do. They are not satisfied with mediocrity. They expect both real estate and first-class service. They are often representatives of the highest levels of business and diplomacy. Many of them are foreigners who also have comparisons with real estate markets and agencies in other countries.

Therefore, we are aware that the task that rests on us is difficult and demanding.

Positive opinions on the Internet as well as personal recommendations of clients also make the expectations of us really high.


Due to our care for the satisfaction of our clients and the highest quality of our work, as many as 70% of our clients are recommended to us. It’s not a coincidence. What is the reason for such success? Bartłomiej Annusewicz, Lions Estate CEO, is absolutely clear here:

„Many companies declare that customers are their priority, but these words often have no real coverage. We at Lions Estate look at it a bit differently. Yes, of course customers are very important to us, but we pay even more attention to our team. We care about the development of their competences and a sense of job satisfaction. However, we pay the most attention to ensuring a healthier and friendly atmosphere in the office, teamwork, team spirit and taking care of our corporate values. It makes our people feel good, and I believe that only a satisfied and appreciated employee can convey this positive energy, sincere commitment and a genuine willingness to help. This is what distinguishes us from the rest of the competition.”

We are also distinguished from the competition by our commitment to social matters – we not only help to buy, rent or sell your dream property, but also support local foundations and participate in charity events together. You can read more about our actions here.

Honesty, respect, responsibility, openness, commitment and support – we follow these values ​​every day and build our organization on them. Lions Estate values ​​are not just empty words. This is confirmed not only by the opinions of our customers, but also of employees.


One of our agents, Patryk Staniszewski, never thought about working in real estate. He was convinced by the company’s Instagram and the positive emotions he saw there to apply for our job offer. After several years of work, he says about the company:

“We are a cool team. Each of us is completely different, but we have a common goal and we can count on each other. Many friendships have been made here. Together we travel around the world, play sports, celebrate the birth of children, weddings or birthdays of one of us. There is no unhealthy competition among us, quite the contrary. It happens that someone sacrifices himself to make the other person succeed. It may sound idealistic, but you have to become a Lion to find out. And that’s a privilege.”

Whole interview with Patryk you will find here.

Maria Góralczyk also emphasizes that the atmosphere of support and respect at Lions Estate is something that is rare on the market:

“It’s true that working here is a great challenge, but also a great satisfaction. We often do more than is required of us because we just want to. We know that we can count on each other, we understand what makes us different and we feel good with each other. Thanks to this, no one has to count down the minutes to the end of work, and we often spend time together and outside the office.”


Thanks to positive reviews, expectations towards our company keep growing. The bar hung so high makes us try even harder, because we do not want to disappoint anyone. We focus on our internal client – our employees, because we know that only a properly built and satisfied team is able to achieve more. And take care of the customers who come to us.


We know how important a decision is to buy or sell real estate and we do everything to make this process as easy as possible for our clients. Are you looking for an apartment in Warsaw, although you don’t know the city at all? We provide advice on both the real estate market in the capital and individual districts. Unexpected problems at the moment when it seems that the dream apartment will be yours in a moment? We will find a way to meet your expectations.

We do our best and we are very happy that our clients appreciate it.

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