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Alena Annusewicz | Homes, Learn | 18 March

Premium real estate market in Warsaw – analysis of the current situation

We have found ourselves in a new reality for over a week. The speed of changes related to the coronavirus epidemic surprised us all, forcing us to react and adapt to the new situation. Taking care of our common security, we immediately introduced new procedures related to customer service, safe presentation of real estate and remote handling of current transactions. For your comfort, we have also prepared a summary of the current processes on the real estate market, analysis of customer behavior and the expected impact of the epidemic on the real estate market in Poland.

Below we present some information that may be useful to you in the current situation.


We already know for sure that relocation processes in companies (arrival of new corporate employees) will be delayed. The spring peak of the relocation season for corporate clients expats, which usually falls in spring (April – June) will be delayed and moved to the holiday period or even early autumn.

“We are in constant contact with our corporate clients and diplomats who confirm their arrival in Poland. For obvious reasons, this arrival will be delayed. Our business partners – relocation companies – also confirm that they receive new instructions from their clients, freeze current relocation processes and postpone decisions. ”

– says Bartłomiej Annusewicz, CEO of Lions Estate.

There are many indications that we will be dealing with a delay and postponement of relocation, and not with its abandonment. And this is good news for property owners who rent luxury properties with us to corporate clients.

We are happy to provide you with additional information regarding the rental of premium real estate. We encourage you to contact our advisors.


After the first shock of the quarantine and school closure, clients are back looking for real estate. You can see a huge difference between the first days of the new reality and the end of the week, when the number of inquiries increased significantly. We are in intensive contact with both the clients we have been working with for a long time and the new ones who apply for our offers.

“During the crisis and turmoil on the markets, real estate has always been seen as a safe haven for capital. And as statistics show, luxury properties are the most turbulent-resistant. It may seem surprising, but paradoxically many purchasing processes have accelerated recently. ”

– says Maria Góralczyk, Lions Estate Partner and Premium Customer Advisor.

Does that mean we have nothing to fear? Not completely. The market will definitely be diversified. In the short term, it is possible to slow down on the popular market, which is mostly financed with bank loans. Some customers, fearing for employment, may postpone the purchase decision in time. This may influence developers’ decisions, the use of additional incentives, and possibly promotional price reductions in individual cases.

However, we do not anticipate such a scenario on the premium market, and the signals we have received from our clients confirm that the interest in buying luxury real estate is stable.


“Regardless of the slowdown in the market, at the beginning of the quarantine introduction this week, we signed several new leases, we are in the middle of several sales negotiations and we have more clients who have intensified their search.”

– reports Rafał Lewandowski, Lions Estate Partner and Premium Customer Advisor

Our work has changed. Previously, most of the talks, negotiations and formalities took place remotely. Currently, real estate presentations are also carried out remotely.

“Thanks to modern tools, we are able to conduct a video presentation or prepare a film material for the client. This is exactly how we recently rented a house in the Konstancja estate, which the client has not seen live yet. ”

– reports Daniela Kobeluch, Property Advisor Lions Estate

You can learn more about how to safely present real estate and how to safely conduct a rental and sale transaction from the article:

A guide for the property owner: How to safely present the property and finalize the transaction?


We have adapted our methods of operation to the current situation, putting the safety and health of all of us first. Thanks to modern technologies and security procedures, we are able to actively sell and rent your real estate.

“This is a special time for Real Estate Advisors. No matter how you look at it, it’s literally safer with a counselor. It’s more convenient with an advisor. It is the advisor who will organize real estate visits (even online) and complete the formalities in a safe way. ”

– says Bartłomiej Annusewicz, CEO of Lions Estate

We wish you all good health!

Our team works remotely all the time. We are happy to provide you with additional information. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Rafał Lewandowski, Partner Lions Estate

mobile: +48 667 664 070

  • Alicja Chmura, Premium Property Advisor

mobile: +48 533 225 562

  • Paula Perz, Premium Property Advisor

mobile: +48 694 315 662

  • Maria Góralczyk, Partner Lions Estate

mobile: +48 570 990 469

  • Patryk Staniszewski, Senior Property Advisor

mobile: +48 667 770 000

  • Angelika Jeleń, Senior Property Advisor

mobile:+48 536 861 500

  • Oliwia Ptaszkiewicz, Senior Property Advisor

mobile: +48 570 449 500

  •  Agata Śliwka, Senior Property Advisor

mobile: +48 536 390 100

  • Paweł Szymański, Property Advisor

mobile: +48 575 631 500

  • Magdalena Wóltańska, Senior Property Advisor

mobile:  +48 534 490 200


  • Claudia Szczerbińska, Property Advisor

mobile: +48 537 435 500


  • Daniela Kobeluch, Property Advisor

mobile:  +48 535 700 352


  • Maxymilian Kubiak, Property Advisor

mobile:  +48 577 617 500


  • Valentina Leardi, Property Advisor

mobile: +48 570 990 975

  • Emilia Iwaniec, Property Advisor

mobile:  +48 535 700 354


  • Julia Kostrzewa, Property Advisor

mobile:  +48 577 953 300

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