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Bartłomiej Annusewicz | Homes, Learn | 12 March

The most sought-after properties on the Warsaw premium market

What properties are customers looking for today? On what can you earn the most today?

We currently have an unprecedented situation on the luxury real estate market. In connection with the pandemic and low interest rates on deposits, a lot of money has appeared on the market. It is said that over PLN 200 billion has flowed from banks since last year. In order to allocate their capital, clients are intensively looking for high-quality real estate, raising their prices to unprecedented levels. This is not a picture of the entire market, and not all prices are rising that fast. There is, however, a certain group of real estate that today create incredible opportunities for profitable sale. In the following article, we will introduce you to the specific types of real estate that Lions Estate clients are looking for and are willing to pay a lot of money for. For each offer category, we provide a reference to the Lions Estate advisor who is looking for such properties for their clients.

Stylish apartments in restored, pre-war tenement houses

The first type of real estate that is very popular among Lions Estate clients are stylish apartments in restored, pre-war tenement houses. The most desirable are luxury apartments in prestigious tenement houses in the vicinity of the Swiss Valley, Mokotowska, Foksal, Hoża, Piękna, Koszykowa and Noakowskiego Streets. Customers are primarily looking for apartments larger than 100 m2, with the highest standard of finish. Such properties sell almost immediately after the offer appears on the market, reaching dizzying prices. All because it is an extremely prestigious and scarce product.

There is crazy demand for specific types of offers. This creates opportunities for an extremely profitable transaction. For example, a customer who bought a 300-meter penthouse with us in a restored tenement house in Śródmieście may sell it for up to two million more in one year! Currently, an offer has been submitted, and talks are ongoing. This is not due to the fact that real estate in Warsaw has increased at such a crazy pace at that time. The point is that the demand for this type of real estate is now so great that the price begins to play a secondary role in the transaction

– says Paula Perz, Partner at Lions Estate

Paula Perz, mobile: +48694315662, e-mail:

Deficit of luxury – spacious, luxurious apartments with a terrace in Śródmieście

Large apartments with a terrace in Śródmieście are real gems that are constantly popular with Lions Estate clients. As soon as they appear on the market, we find buyers for them instantly – regardless of the price. Customers are looking for such real estate value in them primarily:

  • Location – the center of a bustling city while maintaining privacy. Both apartments in modern buildings and tenement houses are in demand;
  • Area – luxury apartments ranging from 200 to 300 m2 are most often sought after;
  • Spacious terraces, balconies or loggias – offering an atmosphere of relaxation and creating an atmosphere of intimacy.

Luxurious penthouses as the essence of luxury

Spacious penthouses with large terraces are even more popular among Lions Estate clients. When it comes to locations, our clients are looking for such properties in Śródmieście, Mokotów, Powiśle, Żoliborz and Miasteczko Wilanów. It happens quite often that by properly working with the offer, we set new price records in other locations.

We have recently sold a penthouse with a roof terrace in the developer standard in Muranów for over PLN 30,000 per square meter. This is a new record for this location

– says Maria Góralczyk, Partner at Lions Estate

The key is the location, but also the standard of the building. The more light and space in the apartment, the more willingly it is bought. Conversations with clients show that, due to the lack of time, they want to be able to go out to the terrace with coffee and stay in their world, away from others

– says Maria Góralczyk.

Maria Góralczyk, mobile: +48 570 990 469,


Luxurious residences in prestigious neighborhoods

According to experts from Lions Estate, the most sought-after product on the market, on which there is unprecedented interest, are luxury villas in Wilanów, Sadyba, Żoliborz, Saska Kępa and Mokotów.

We currently have a dozen or so clients working with us exclusively, who are ready to spend PLN 8-15 million on detached residences in Mokotów, Żoliborz, Saska Kępa. We monitor the entire market and have access to all current offers. A qualitative product is missing. We are able to sell any such residence – so much interest is now

– says Alicja Chmura, Senior Property Advisor in Lions Estate

Customers are looking for an elegant, stylishly designed space for themselves and their families, and for an offer that meets all their expectations, they are able to pay any price. The garden is the key element here. In addition, properties with a relaxation zone and a swimming pool are also very popular.

The neighborhood plays a very important role in choosing where to live. This is why prestigious districts of Warsaw such as Wilanów, Żoliborz, Mokotów and Saska Kępa are the most popular. Price is irrelevant – quality matters

– comments Alicja Chmura, Senior Property Advisor at Lions Estate

Alicja Chmura, mobile: +48 533 225 562,


Spacious apartments in Powiśle, Mokotów, Wilanów and Śródmieście

Immediate interest and high-level profit are also offered by 3-4-room apartments in new apartment buildings in Powiśle, Mokotów, Wilanów and Śródmieście. The key is the location, the prestige of the area and the quality of the building.

Customers looking for spacious apartments in Powiśle, Mokotów, Wilanów or Śródmieście appreciate the perfect location of the property. Top buildings and top addresses count. Well-kept common parts, concierge service, underground parking. We sell such properties in any quantity

– comments Rafał Lewandowski, Partner at Lions Estate

In Śródmieście, luxury apartments in Złota 44 or the Cosmopolitan skyscraper are enjoying unflagging popularity. In the case of larger, multi-storey apartment buildings, the swimming pool in the building, available only to residents, has become almost a standard. Such a facility can boast, among others Złota 44, Villa Monaco, Opera Residence and Foksal Residence. Sometimes it is an intimate swimming pool, and sometimes an impressive 25-meter facility, such as the swimming pool at Złota 44.

Rafał Lewandowski, mobile: +48 667 664 070



The experts here have no illusions. Like any boom, this will also end, which is why timing is so important. The current demand for luxury real estate is due to the current uncertainty caused by the pandemic and the tremendous amount of money in a market that is looking for a hedge against impairment. As soon as the pandemic situation settles down and most of the funds are placed somewhere, everything will return to normal. There will still be clients interested in buying luxury real estate, but their quantity and motivation will be completely different. It may turn out that there will be more people willing to sell than those interested in buying.

Will this situation continue and will it also be possible to sell so expensive in a few months, half a year or a year? No. Like any bull market, the situation will normalize sooner or later and prices will stabilize at normal levels resulting from the current rises or falls in prices

– comments Iza Kuczewska, COO Lions Estate

Not only luxury real estate is currently enjoying so much interest. The same is true of the art market. This market is currently experiencing the largest boom in 30 years and this is also the time of the best deals. This is the situation on the art market commented on by the famous businessman Andrzej Piechocki on his Linkedin profile:

If someone has a painting on the wall of solid quality, as a 30-year-old observer of the art market, I recommend removing the plaster from the wall and for the auction. We have had a boom that has been unheard of for 30 years. Like any other, it will end sometime, so keepers take advantage!

Lions Estate experts do not advise their clients such determination in selling real estate, but if someone is considering or considering selling their property, now is probably the perfect time.


Lions Estate,  Wiejska 11/13, 00-480 Warszawa

e-mail:,  mobile: +48 22 826 66 51

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