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Alena Annusewicz | Learn | 18 March

A guide for the property owner: How to safely present the property and finalize the transaction?

The speed of changes caused by the coronavirus epidemic in recent days forces all of us to react and adapt to the new situation. Taking care of our common security, we immediately introduced new procedures related to customer service, safe presentation of real estate and remote handling of current transactions.


To limit direct contacts, the safest option is for the agent to present the property himself, collecting the keys from you earlier. Keys can be handed over without contacting an agent as follows:

  • At your place of residence, without contact, leaving them at the agreed place
  • Sending the keys by courier (couriers currently collect and deliver parcels without contact)
  • Parcel locker (the box can be opened without touching the parcel locker screen)
  • After the presentation, the returned keys will be disinfected and returned or they can be deposited in our office.


If it is not possible to hand over the keys or you wish to be present at the presentation, please follow the precautions below:

  • Presentation only with gloves (we will touch door handles, cabinets, etc.)
  • We do not say hello, we do not shake hands with the agent or the client
  • Let’s spend minimum time in real estate
  • We keep a distance of 1.5-2 meters from each other
  • The tenant comes alone for the presentation, without his family members. The same goes for the owner.
  • Any conversation or summary – outside, in front of the building or preferably remotely


  • Negotiation of the contract and possible acquaintance with the tenants (if you were not at the presentation), the agent will organize in the form of a video call.
  • We sign contracts in the form of scans. Then the originals by courier.


  • The reservation agreement can be signed in the form of scans.
  • The parties may sign a preliminary contract in a normal written form, remotely (by sending it by courier or parcel locker)
  • A preliminary contract may be signed “in the form of an offer” in front of a Notary Public. Unlike the standard preliminary contract, this one can be signed by each of the parties separately. This minimizes the risk (meeting only with the selected notary) and maximizes the security of the transaction (the form of the notarial deed is preserved).
  • In the case of a final agreement, appearance in person or through an attorney is required. It is possible to appoint our advisers as your representative in the sale of real estate.
  • For more detailed information, please contact our advisors.


  • The property is handed over by the agent with the client, writing down the protocol and making a photo report of the meeting, which he makes available to the owner
  •  In the event that a handover is required by the owner, all precautions are the same as for the presentation with the client
  • The shortest possible handover time
  •  Protocol – each party signs with its pen

We wish you heaalth!

Shall you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us

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