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Alena Annusewicz | Bez kategorii | 29 January

6 reasons why you should cooperate with a real estate office in Warsaw

6 reasons why you should cooperate with a real estate office in Warsaw

Are you thinking of selling an apartment efficiently, buying or renting a house at the best possible price? Are you wondering whether to sell / buy on your own or use the services of a real estate broker? Today we will help you make a decision and show you what exactly you will gain by working with a good real estate agency.


There is no doubt that buying or selling a house or apartment is one of the most important decisions in your life. Likewise, renting an exclusive apartment is equally responsible and serious.

Here, everything should be thought out and planned from start to finish. So that both buyers and sellers have no doubts that they are making a good deal; they were both satisfied with its result, and not burdened with the excess of time-consuming activities and intricate formalities that cost them the entire process.


Having no previous experience in selling or buying a home, the process can not only be energy-intensive, but also stretch over time.


No wonder that more and more people who respect their time and energy choose to support a real estate agency by entrusting it with comprehensive transaction service. Find out why it is of particular importance in relation to properties from the premium segment.



Premium real estate requires an appropriate premium approach. These are prestigious locations, spacious areas, and therefore greater costs and serious transactions between the parties. There is no room for any ambiguities or doubts as to the legal status of the real estate, which put the transaction in question.


Fundamental importance for building an atmosphere of security and mutual trust between the parties. The buyer must be sure that he is purchasing exactly the property he has dreamed of. The seller needs to feel and know that he is dealing with an honest, meaningful customer. It is not easy to meet these expectations on your own.


The real estate office, as an institution that connects both parties, creates a base that favors the climate of trust. The agency provides professional verification of the legal status of real estate, preparation of reliable securities, and ensures that the transaction is properly carried out.


While the seller or the buyer may remain a bit anonymous for the other party, the real estate agency itself, which has been operating on the market for many years, similarly to Lions Estate, gives credibility to the transaction itself.

The very offer of a house / flat for sale, signed with a good real estate agency, not only looks more serious and professional, but also inspires greater trust among potential clients.


It is said that “time” is the most valuable currency. We still feel its scarcity. And when we want to sell or buy a property on our own, we have to prepare for a number of activities, cases and formalities that consume a lot of time. From professional preparation of a flat for sale, through the mere search for buyers and tenants, to arranging all official matters.


How to meet this challenge without knowing the real estate market well? It is worth using the help of a real estate agency that will guide the client through the entire, even the most complicated process.


All the agency’s work is focused on buying, selling or renting premises. The real estate broker has adequate experience in this matter to start active sales activities without undue delay and, above all, to relieve the client and conduct a comprehensive project.


In the sales process, the real estate office will take care of every element – from establishing a sales strategy, through preparing a comprehensive offer, full marketing support, presentations, formalities, negotiations, to effective sales.


When buying, it is crucial to understand the customer’s needs, listen to them and carefully select tailored offers. From the first interview to the final handover of the property and signing the notarial deed.


In fact with the helpful resources, a good real estate office does not sell houses or act as intermediaries, but we carefully penetrate the market and prepare a unique offer in a very individual way, showing how it meets the equally unique needs of the client.



Bigger can do more – and it works perfectly in cooperation with a real estate agency. When selling, buying or renting an apartment on their own, no one has access to such an extensive source of offers or a large number of trustworthy customers interested in the apartment.


For example, the base of the Lions Estate real estate office has over 15,000. facilities in the best locations in Warsaw! It also means access to additional databases, exclusive offers not available anywhere else, as well as an efficiently functioning system of exchange of offers with other premium segment agencies. Collecting such data yourself is almost unimaginable.


When deciding to cooperate with the office, in one place, at one well-known address [Warszawa, ul. Wiejska 11/13] you gain access to all real estate offers on the market that meet the assumed criteria. It is an extensive base – you can navigate in it without the risk of getting lost in offers and details, because the support of a real estate agency is also ….



An experienced real estate agent has the necessary expert knowledge, which he willingly shares with the client, telling him exactly what he should know. Is up to date with intricate, changing regulations, is able to properly and understandably interpret them. Thanks to this, dealing with all formalities is much easier and faster than dealing with it on your own.


The agent is fluent in the real estate market, knows all the laws that govern it. He knows the current trends and prices of flats: he is able to realistically estimate what price will be optimal taking into account the assumed goals, e.g. quick sale within two or three months. A good real estate office provides access to both the extensive knowledge and experience of team members as well as experts cooperating with them.


Relevant knowledge and experience is absolutely essential for premium real estate. Remember that when buying or selling such a house or apartment, it is worth choosing a real estate agency specializing in this demanding category. High specialization, experience in serving customers with high expectations and a perfectly designed work system are indicated here. Hundreds of such orders carried out annually by Lions Estate have made our office the most recommended premium real estate agency in the country. It is a reason to be proud for us, and at the same time a challenge to be able to share the most current knowledge and experience with our clients.



If you decide to sell an apartment yourself, usually the related activities end with placing the offer on one or more classifieds websites. Evaluating realistically, it is definitely not enough to generate sufficient interest in your apartment, attract the attention of a greater number of potential customers who will be willing and ready to pay more for the apartment.


Therefore, when using the services of a real estate agency, you can be sure that your offer will be supported by active marketing activities tailored to the real estate and potential customers.


It is both online and offline promotion, multi-channel reaching recipients who may be interested in a given property. Of course, the sales offer itself is also refined to the smallest detail, so that it clearly and precisely communicated all the advantages and benefits of the premises.


At Lions Estate, we try very individually and in a balanced way to select marketing tools for our offers, because each of them is unique in its own way. If the client, for some reason, wishes to sell quietly and discreetly, e.g. without exposed advertising banners, we adjust to the expectations and successfully bring the project to the end.



Summa summarum, a large part of the benefits described above comes down to savings, but it is worth singling out this advantage in order to understand even more fully why it is worth using a real estate agency. One that will properly guide you through the entire process, will use all the resources and resources to sell or rent the property.


You will be able to concentrate on your daily affairs, professional duties, family, and soon you will enjoy the tangible fruits of our work: premises sold, rented or bought.


In fact, there are as many reasons for using the services of a real estate agency as there are clients. Each of them has their own history, their own needs and expectations – and a good office meets them. Check yourself how we will do it at Lions Estate!


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