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W imieniu Lions Estate dziękuję za zaufanie
Nasz Doradca skontaktuje się niezłocznie.
Alena Annusewicz | | 29 January

Lions Heart – more than business

Lions Heart - more than business.

What does CSR mean for us? We want to contribute to making a positive change in the lives of others. To achieve this, we take part in various initiatives as well as organize our own.

People who make up the Lions Estate team are not indifferent to what is happening next to them. They feel the need to help and get involved, because this is the spirit of our company. We are looking for people with high empathy, ready to act also outside of daily duties, and we also attract them. ” reports Alena Annusewicz, Chief Happiness Officer at Lions Estate.”


reports Alena Annusewicz, Chief Happiness Officer at Lions Estate

All social actions of the team are marked with a special sign – Lions Heart. It is a symbol of the willingness to improve someone’s life, make someone’s dream come true, make someone smile or believe in himself more. We are also sensitive to the good of our four-legged friends – we are happy to help organizations that care for pets and look for responsible homes for them.


The heart in this sign is located not by chance. As Bartłomiej Annusewicz says:


“We are building Lions Estate with people with a big heart. This is who we are and this is our company.” 


These are not words thrown to the wind. Last month, the Lions Estate team took part in two campaigns – we organized a baking fair, the proceeds of which were allocated to the Zwierzochron Foundation, and we took part in the Time for Vision run, which in turn collected funds for the purchase of glasses for children from SOS Children’s Villages and foster families .


We are currently running the largest project to date – we are collecting funds to fulfill the dream of one of the beneficiaries of the Mam Marzenie Foundation (“I have a dream” Foundation) – for her trip to Barcelona.



On the occasion of World Animal Day, we organized a charity sweets sale, baked by our team. We allocated the entire amount collected in this way to the Animal Foundation. For 5 years, this foundation has been helping animals that need it – living in shelters, with owners who do not want or are unable to properly care for them, as well as those who have been victims of accidents or have been abandoned. The Animal Keeper also aims to spread sensitivity to the rights and needs of animals.


In October, part of our team took part in the charity run “Time for your eyesight.” For each participant, the sponsors donated one pair of glasses for children in need – from SOS Children’s Villages and foster families. Thanks to the participation of Varsovians, 1,796 children will receive new glasses! We are proud that Lions Estate has contributed to this.

“Saturday afternoon was worth devoting to this atmosphere and the feeling that we are doing something good, that we are helping the kids. There is nothing more fun than feeling needed! ” – says Daniela Kobeluch, who finished the race wearing the Lions Team T-shirt”.



So far, we have managed to fulfill many of our clients’ dreams. Dreams of the perfect real estate. Now we decided to help the person under the care of the Mam Marzenie foundation raise the appropriate funds for the desired journey. Ola, who has an inexhaustible amount of energy despite her illness, dreams of discovering the magical corners of Barcelona. You can find more information about Ola here.

This is the largest of our projects to date. We plan to allocate some funds for this purpose from each transaction. Therefore, each of our clients will have their share in this action. The assumption is simple: By working with us, you help collect the amount that will allow our client to fulfill his dream.


This is not the first social campaign we have participated in. You can read about the earlier ones – Szlachetna Paczka (Noble Package), Tour de Fundacja or Purebred Mongrel.

Why do we get involved in such events so often?

“Helping is an important part of our organizational culture. Charity campaigns perfectly fit into the values ​​of Lions Estate – above all, commitment and support. Our team consists of ambitious people, but most of all with great empathy and energy to help others.”


On a daily basis, our goal is to help clients find their dream property, or a properly selected client or landlord for their house or apartment. We take it very seriously, we do not treat any transaction solely in terms of profit. Apparently the people who report to us feel it. Perhaps that is why we are the most recommended premium real estate agency in Warsaw.


And in your spare time? We are still Lions who simply enjoy helping others in all spheres of life. In addition, the fact that we like each other and willingly spend time together makes non-work related projects an additional value for us. Thanks to this, we are able to dynamically operate not only on the real estate market, but also in charity actions, from which we also derive a lot of satisfaction.


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