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Alena Annusewicz | Learn | 25 March

Why is it worth buying an apartment in a tenement house instead of in a new apartment building?

Among the offers on the Warsaw real estate market, including those from the premium segment, you can often find interestingly presented apartments in atmospheric tenement houses. Are you wondering about such a choice? Check what flats in old tenement houses surpass, and sometimes even outclass, flats in new apartment buildings.


The fundamental advantage of flats in older tenement houses is something that cannot always be translated into measurable numbers, in dry, statistical data. It is something not fully named, but always clearly felt right after crossing the threshold. It is the soul and atmosphere of such an apartment – phenomenal, unique, one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

One would like to say “They do not build such flats anymore” and there will be many reasons for that. An apartment in a tenement house is an apartment with a soul, history embedded in each of the rooms with impressive dimensions and high ceilings, imprinted in the decorations on the staircase. A visit to such an apartment often has a very positive effect on emotions, which is reflected in the equally high quality and comfort of living in such an atmospheric place

The soul of the apartment is also important for the very value of the premises. After all, in marketing – also in premium real estate – one of the key challenges is to speak to the emotions of the client, to meet them, and it is much easier to do with the offer of an apartment with such a good atmosphere. It is no longer the place itself that sells here, but the impressions and emotions it provides to the client. For this, many people are willing to pay more.


The atmosphere of a given apartment, apart from its soul and history, is also influenced by the quality of its finish and the romantic arrangement of the entire living space. Although the premises we are talking about are located in old, often several dozen-year-old tenement houses, the apartments themselves are always freshly renovated, restored, often completely renovated.

This is a challenge that an owner selling or renting a property should be able to cope with – on their own or with the professional support of a real estate agency. A skilful combination of old and new – the atmosphere and character of an older tenement house with a renovated, ready-to-move-in premises. On the one hand, we value the historical layout and height of the rooms, on the other hand, the highest-quality finishing materials that meet current standards and are skilfully integrated into the housing fabric.


Of course, the atmosphere of the place is not everything. The environment in which we will be able to enjoy the described atmosphere is also of great importance. This is another advantage of flats in tenement houses in Warsaw: an attractive location in many ways. These are often well-known, respected and prestigious addresses both in Śródmieście and in residential, representative districts, along the main thoroughfares of the city.

Such a location ensures quick and convenient access to key places and important events taking place in the center. At the same time, the perfect location of tenement houses, addresses that have earned a reputation over the years, today increase the value of the premises located in them.

New apartment buildings and modern housing estates are also being built in interesting, noteworthy locations, but we will know their true value after a dozen or even several dozen years. However, apartments in tenement houses have already passed the time verification, their value resulting, among others, from the location it is known and valued more favorably.


The nature of the apartment is primarily created by people. In apartments in tenement houses, it takes on a special meaning. A large space, an interesting layout of rooms and the aforementioned atmosphere translate into interesting possibilities of creative interior arrangement. Here, everyone can enter a part of themselves into their flat.

It is worth bearing in mind that flats in tenement houses are distinguished by spacious windows that provide great sun exposure to the interior and ceilings that are even several dozen centimeters higher than in houses built today. The high ceiling provides a larger, stylish space and better air circulation, which translates into better living comfort.


When considering buying or renting an apartment in a tenement house, everyone pays attention to other elements, advantages and details. For one person, a great location will be of key importance, while others will be impressed by a large area combined with beautiful windows.

To choose wisely not only from the point of view of your preferences, but also taking into account the technical and legal condition of the property, it is worth using the support of an experienced real estate agency.

In this way, we will be 100% sure that it is a good, proven and decent address where you can live with your family, create a studio, office or other creative space.

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