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Alena Annusewicz | Lifestyle, Places | 18 March

Powiśle in the 6th place among the coolest districts in Europe

In February this year the ranking of the British „The Guardian”was published, in which Warsaw’s Powiśle was selected as one of the 10 coolest districts in Europe. In its list, the journal focused on places that are not obvious, less frequented, but distinguished by their atmosphere and saturated with the local atmosphere. Powiśle found itself in the company of, among others University Quarter in Brussels, Bonfim in Porto, Ostiense in Rome or Quartier de la Reunion in Paris. What captivated the journalists of “The Guardian” in Warsaw’s Powiśle?


The authors appreciated primarily the summer atmosphere of the Vistula Boulevards. They were delighted with the greenery of Powiśle, the variety of street food, the availability of craft beers and the wide range of venues on the Vistula – from outdoor theater performances, through open-air concerts, to parties until dawn.

What did they see in Powiśle? Cyclists, roller skaters, volleyball players, deckchairs, picnics, ice cream, live music … It all adds up to the image of a carefree neighborhood that offers a respite from everyday duties. The editors are thus fighting the stereotype of gray and cold Warsaw, arguing that in summer it is colorful and hot.


The Guardian did not forget about the emblematic buildings of Powiśle. The University Library, whose facade is decorated with Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, Russian and Polish inscriptions, and its roof gardens, is at the top of this list. One of the most recognizable panoramas of the city spreads out from its roof.

The Copernicus Science Center, located almost next door, has been awarded as an ideal place for children who can enjoy interactive attractions. However, it is worth remembering that the Center has much more to offer, also for adults. Screenings of films at the Planetarium, meetings with outstanding scientists, concerts under the stars or the High Voltage Theater – these are just some of the cyclical events organized there.

In turn, Elektrownia Powiśle, a restored retail, service and restaurant space, was noticed by the authors of the report, despite the fact that it is not planned to be fully opened until April 2020. In the summer of 2019, when they probably visited Warsaw, several restaurants were open (including the Innocent Czarodzieje 2.0, recommended in the article) and a recreational part where, among others, summer cinemas and exhibitions.


In the renovated Elektrownia Powiśle, many old structures have been preserved, intertwined with modern elements. Investors have announced that not only famous Polish designers, but also exclusive foreign brands will open their boutiques here. Adding a rich gastronomic offer and large green spaces between buildings – the Power Plant has a chance to soon become one of the most important points on the map not only of Powiśle, but also of the whole of Warsaw.


The editors also appreciated the water trams, which allow you to get to the Praga side of the Vistula in an unobvious way, as well as the Veturilo city bikes.


Of course, the authors mentioned only a few attractions of the district. In Powiśle, history meets the present, and historical traces are visible in many places. Although it used to be a fishermen’s district, today’s Powiśle has nothing to do with the poorest part of the city. On the contrary. Currently, it is here that one of the most expensive addresses in Warsaw is located, and Powiśle is considered a prestigious place to live. It is worth getting to know this district closer to learn about the history of the places and people who live here. What is definitely worth knowing about?


The Fryderyk Chopin Institute – At Tamka Street 43, a bit further from the famous boulevards, is the world’s largest Chopin Center, which includes a museum devoted to the life and work of the famous composer. The museum is interactive and will be a great pastime (and lesson!) For both older and younger visitors. The Institute also organizes concerts, meetings with composers, and classes for children. One of the flagship events is the international festival “Chopin and his Europe”, which attracts outstanding musicians and music lovers from all over the world every year.


Monument to the Warsaw Mermaid – The Warsaw Mermaid is a symbol of the city. The monument, which stands near the Świętokrzyski Bridge, is the original one, unveiled just before the outbreak of World War II, in June 1939. Made by the sculptor Ludwika Nitschowa, it shows the figure of a young student, Krystyna Krahelska. During the war, Krystyna was a committed liaison officer, and during the Warsaw Uprising – also a nurse. As a pre-war folk singer, in the difficult times of the war, she did not stop her artistic activity, writing songs sung by the Home Army soldiers. She is the author of, among others “Hey boys, gun bayonet.” Krystyna died during the uprising trying to save her injured colleagues.

Green and quiet in the city center – Although Powiśle is not far from the noisy center of Warsaw, you can find there the tranquility characteristic of the distant districts of the city. Life here goes much slower and modern investments ensure the highest standard of flats. The proximity of the Royal Łazienki Park as well as the historic city center is also important. Good communication ensures easy and quick connection with virtually every other district of Warsaw. All this makes Powiśle an excellent choice not only for people who appreciate contact with nature, but also easy access to the city’s cultural offer.

Powiśle is often the favorite district of Warsaw residents. Our agent, Maria Góralczyk, also talked about it in an interview, which you can read here

Meet the Agent: Maria Góralczyk

This district undoubtedly has a lot to offer, both for residents and tourists. This was proved by the editors of the British “The Guardian”, who decided that it deserved the 6th place among the coolest districts in Europe.

The district is still expanding and property prices in this area continue to rise.

Are you wondering whether the purchase or rental of real estate in Powiśle will be a good idea for you? Contact us and we will recognize your needs and present the most optimal offers.


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