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Alena Annusewicz | Homes | 18 March

Górnośląska 6 An original cascade apartment building in an original district

Imagine the originality in every way. A cascading building in a modern style that no one will pass by indifferently. The surprising architecture stands out from other buildings in the area, and at the same time fits in interestingly with it.

Górnośląska 6, which is already being built in Powiśle, is an apartment building for those who go with the times, but also value peace and privacy. In an unconventional, 8-storey urban building with an underground garage with 88 parking spaces, there will be 50 unique premium-standard apartments that will meet the boldest expectations of customers.

Predictability? There will be no place for it at 6 Górnośląska Street. The phenomenal style of the two-color apartment building is reflected by architects in every detail. Inside it will be even more interesting. The décor of the common areas was created by Lázaro Rosa-Violán – a creative Spanish interior designer, traveler, painter, head and founder of a design studio in Barcelona, ​​who speaks of himself as creador de atmósferas – the creator of the atmosphere. His work will delight everyone after crossing the threshold of Górnośląska 6.

Bathed with warm light and filled with green plants, the reception with a fireplace, like the hall of an exclusive holiday residence with a relaxing atmosphere, will stimulate the imagination and encourage further exploration. A wood-clad staircase and elegant corridors will lead to crafted apartments – “tailor-made” apartments that you can arrange to your liking.

Large wooden windows and an interesting layout of the apartments will give you great opportunities to create the house of your dreams. And this is what they do when you give this opportunity to the hands of the experts. Spacious, bright apartments are characterized by an amazing space where you can create an even more amazing atmosphere. It sounds inviting? It’s not over yet! Residents of the top floors will be able to admire the panorama of the capital from the phenomenal gardens on the roofs of their apartments. Move there for a moment and think about a beautiful sunset with a unique view of Warsaw … A unique moment of relaxation with a glass of good wine in your hand in your own green garden in the middle of a bustling city – priceless!

The owners of the apartments on the other floors, which will be equipped with spacious terraces, balconies or loggias, will also be able to create their own oasis. Privacy is guaranteed by awnings, roofs and unconventional stone balusters of railings, which can be set at different angles to regulate the flow of daylight. In addition, external remotely controlled roller shutters that can also be used as mosquito nets.

Górnośląska 6 is being built in Powiśle for those who value comfortable living in the city. Are you talking about you and your family? Maybe it is you who will move into one of the apartments equipped with air conditioning, underfloor heating in the bathrooms, direct connection with the reception, electromechanical locks and a smart home service that will allow you to control many functions using buttons or an application on your phone! The garage has three levels, bicycle lockers and electric car charging stations, and the building will be guarded by security.

The neighborhood plays a very important role in choosing where to live. In this respect, Powiśle is a bull’s eye! It is one of the best and most diverse locations in the city! There are many fashionable restaurants, atmospheric cafes, shops, museums, theaters, art galleries, but also great schools and kindergartens. Do you like spending time actively? Does your family love walking? The area offers green parks, gardens, bicycle paths, sports fields, and the Vistula River flows nearby! Everyone will find something for themselves to spend their free time!

An original cascade apartment building in an original district with easy connection to the Center and other important places in Warsaw. Is Górnośląska 6 the perfect place to live for you and your family? Decide for yourself!


Maria Góralczyk, Lions Estate Partner

mobile:  +48 570 990 469 email:

Patryk Staniszewski, Senior Property Advisor

mobile:  +48 667 770 000 email:


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