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Alena Annusewicz | Lifestyle | 25 March

Concierge: who is he and what can he do for the residents of luxury real estate?

Concierge service in luxury properties is definitely more than a reception. Service at the highest level makes life easier for residents and makes them feel safe and special.

This is a scenario that probably everyone knows from their own experience.

The meeting at work stretches to late afternoon and is still not set to end. You look nervously at your watch. You already know that you won’t have time to pick up your child from school and take them to tennis classes. As if that were not enough, you just remember that you were supposed to book the last tickets for tomorrow’s show. When and how to do it all? Fortunately, you live in a luxury property where you have a man at your disposal to solve and do all these things for you. It’s a concierge.


Concierge is a profession that dates back to the Middle Ages. The term comes from French – comte des cierges – and literally translated meant “guardian of candles”. Some sources also say that the roots of the name should be sought in Latin. Concierge was supposed to come from the Latin “conservus”, meaning slave.

Regardless of where the term itself came from, the tasks of the medieval concierge differed from those assigned to this profession today. Lighting candles in the castle, making sure that they all look spectacular during court ceremonies, ensuring that no room runs out of light and at the same time that the world does not cause a fire – these are the main duties of the concierge at that time.

Over time, its functions began to expand. The concierge, as a caretaker, a watchman, apart from candles, was also taking care of and distributing the keys to the palace chambers, taking care of the comfort of the guests resting in them.

Over the years, this function went beyond the walls of the court – the concierge began to appear and serve guests in hotels, offices and banks. He played more and more important roles and became an increasingly responsible and respected function, as evidenced by the fact that the palace in Paris was named after him: Conciergerie, which for a long time was the seat of the guardian of the royal court.


The concierge service has also reached exclusive residences and apartment buildings. Currently, such luxury real estate in Warsaw, such as Foksal Residence, Złota 44, Cosmopolitan and Park Lane can boast the presence of a concierge, which is constantly at the disposal of residents.

A concierge residing in luxurious apartment buildings is definitely more than a receptionist who greets guests with a smile in the entrance hall. He is a man whose mission is to make life easier for the inhabitants, and to deal with a number of matters for them and for them. He is a trustworthy and well-organized specialist who meets the daily needs and at the same time the sophisticated whims of the residents.

The concierge is a man who will pick up a suit for us from the laundry room, take the dog for an afternoon walk, order a table in his favorite Italian restaurant, arrange concert tickets with places that provide a great view of the stage. In a word: it will relieve us of everyday tasks for which we lack time or energy.

In addition, the concierge, as a man extremely well versed in organizational matters, is able to complete many tasks much faster and more efficiently than anyone else. Therefore, residents of luxury real estate can use its services, for example, when organizing a party in an apartment or booking a hotel during a foreign trip.

At the same time, the concierge is able to face and meet much more sophisticated challenges that require commitment or discretion. This function is inherently associated with more or less unusual stories, e.g. about the concierge’s search for the client’s favorite perfumes based on the fragrance alone, delivering several dozen kilograms of red rose petals to the apartment or bringing a popular singer for a daughter’s wedding at the client’s request.


As you can see, over the years, the concierge function has strongly evolved and developed, although its essence has remained unchanged: to serve customers, take care of their comfort, make their lives easier or simply satisfy their whims.

Check out the luxury real estate offers in Warsaw, where a qualified concierge is at the disposal of the residents.

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