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Alena Annusewicz | Homes, Learn | 19 March

An exclusive deposit with a view of the city, why is it worth investing in luxury real estate?

Luxury real estate in Warsaw, as well as in other large Polish cities, is becoming more and more popular among customers. Every year the number of purchased and rented apartments and houses from the premium segment is growing. Interestingly, the group of customers who buy exclusive properties not to live in them, but treat the purchase as a good capital investment is also expanding.


It has been known for a long time that real estate is treated as a stable and safe form of capital investment. Regardless of the market situation, fluctuations in the stock market, exchange rates and many other variables that we have no control over – real estate does not lose its value, on the contrary: it allows both to secure capital and to calmly multiply the funds invested in it.


According to analysts, it is currently one of the most prospective and safe forms of long-term investment. Even during a financial crisis, those looking for meaningful investment opportunities are advised to allocate funds to the real estate market. In the case of luxury real estate, such an investment becomes particularly important.

These types of apartments are located in exclusive tenement houses or skyscrapers at a prestigious address, they are distinguished by an impressive size, the highest standard of finishing, a number of amenities, such as a swimming pool in the building available to residents or a concierge service. It all adds up to the above-average value of the property, which is systematically growing, bringing equally outstanding profits.


The very exclusive nature of the property, the smaller number of such apartments available on the market translates into a growing value. There is a rule of inaccessibility here, according to which a smaller, limited number of goods and goods make them gain in the eyes of the customer who is willing to pay more for them.


It is worth bearing in mind that luxury real estate in Poland is still cheaper compared to the prices of apartments of a similar standard in the West. A square meter of luxurious space there is even several times more expensive than in our country. This applies to both premises in high-rise buildings and in more intimate tenement houses.

Of course, prices in Poland are systematically growing and, according to experts, will continue to rise until they come close to the rates in force in Western Europe. As long as these are relatively reasonable prices, it is even more worthwhile to be interested in buying luxury apartments and houses for investment purposes in order to enjoy their constantly growing value.


Luxury real estate in Warsaw should be treated as an investment in a much wider scope. Owning this type of real estate allows you to strengthen your social status, adds prestige, and builds a strong and unique personal brand. It is an investment in your own image, which in the long run also translates into more measurable benefits. The correspondence itself (company or private) addressed to the prestigious ul. Foksal, Złota or Twarda, with luxurious apartments next to them, means that we are dealing with someone who values ​​sublime quality.

By buying an exclusive apartment in the capital, you can become a neighbor of well-known and respected personalities – often such addresses are chosen by popular sportsmen, artists, people associated with show business. Having such a neighborhood additionally strengthens the aura of uniqueness.


There is one more important benefit behind investing in luxury real estate in Warsaw. By deciding to buy a house or apartment for rent, we gain comfort and the privilege of not dealing with such matters as general renovation or furnishing the premises. The vast majority of properties available on the Lions Estate offer are fully equipped and furnished, always finished to the highest standard. These are premises ready to move in or rent immediately. Therefore, practically immediately after the purchase, the property can work for itself and bring profits when we allocate it for rent.

A wide range of luxury properties wait for you in Lions Estate. Choose a proper home for yourself!

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