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Alena Annusewicz | Bez kategorii | 29 January

Suburbs versus downtown, which address to choose for a luxury real estate in Warsaw?

Suburbs versus downtown. Which address to choose for a luxury real estate in Warsaw?

When looking for an apartment, house, residence to buy or rent, one of the key issues we take into account is location. The age-old dilemma: to live in the center or in the suburbs, in the case of luxury real estate, becomes important.


An apartment in the heart of Warsaw ensures the proximity of important state offices, cultural institutions and numerous social and cultural events. It also includes exclusive restaurants and designer boutiques. Therefore, if our lifestyle or professional duties closely bind us to such places, an apartment building in the heart of the capital will be the right choice for our own convenience and comfort.


On the other hand, the location in districts far from the center or completely in the suburbs allows easy and efficient getting out of the city by car. Such a location also ensures the proximity of prestigious international schools – incl. in Wilanów, Konstancin-Jeziorna and Sadyba. The neighborhood of international schools is a very important argument deciding on the choice of location for foreign clients. So if we often travel outside of Warsaw or we want to send our children to these schools, it is worth considering buying or renting real estate outside the city center.



Living in the suburbs is often associated with the closeness of nature, more greenery, easier access to nature in its pure (and quiet) form, which prevails over noisy urban areas. The vicinity of green areas provides a number of opportunities for active leisure, and also translates into better air quality filtered by trees and plants. Therefore, exclusive houses and residences surrounded by greenery in Wilanów or Konstancin-Jeziorna enjoy unflagging interest.


At the same time, it does not mean that the center of the capital lacks greenery. Warsaw is one of the greenest cities in the world, it can boast the largest number of parks compared to other Polish cities, it even applied for the prestigious title of the Green Capital of Europe.


Therefore, people looking for an apartment close to nature do not have to limit themselves to the suburbs of Warsaw, as they will successfully find them in Śródmieście and the surrounding area. Luxurious apartments at Parkowa 19 at Łazienki Królewskie, Eko-Park near Pole Mokotowskie or Rezydencja Opera at ul. Not quite bordering on the Saski Garden are just some of the many examples.




The undoubted advantage of luxury houses in the suburbs is the spacious garden, where in the spring and summer season you can invite friends to a party or organize outdoor entertainment for children.


When choosing a luxury apartment in the center, are we doomed to be locked within four walls? Absolutely not! In Warsaw, you will find a number of interesting properties with spacious terraces that provide additional space for living and relaxing. For those who are looking for and want even more space, Lions Estate offers exclusive penthouses located on the top floors of the buildings.



People looking for peace, quiet, respite often head towards the suburbs, looking for their dream home or residence here. Undoubtedly, far from the center, in Wilanów, Zawady, Konstancin-Jeziorna, it is much easier to find peace, where we are dealing with lower and sparse buildings.


At the same time, when choosing a luxury property in the heart of Warsaw, you can also find addresses where residents are separated from the city noise. Some of such investments, despite their central location, are located in quiet side streets (eg Park Lane on Podchorążych Street), which additionally increases the comfort of living. On the other hand, real estate located on the upper floors of apartment buildings (eg Złota 44 or Cosmopolitan) naturally distances residents from the sounds of the city.

Are you still wondering: in the center or in the suburbs of Warsaw? Check out the stylish mansions and apartments of downtown and suburbs available from the most recommended premium real estate agency and choose the best location for you.

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