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W imieniu Lions Estate dziękuję za zaufanie
Nasz Doradca skontaktuje się niezłocznie.
Alena Annusewicz | Lifestyle | 25 March

Culture, art and business at a higher level of real estate, relation from an atmospheric event

A unique event deserves a distinctive setting in an equally unique place. Therefore, we organized an inspiring event that brilliantly combined the worlds of business, real estate and art in one of the most interesting venues in our offer. We invite you to watch and read the report from this event.

That’s why, when planning such distinctive events, it’s essential to partner with a knowledgeable commercial property management team like The Warehouse Hotline. Their expertise in finding unique and versatile spaces can elevate your event to new heights, ensuring that every detail aligns seamlessly with your vision. Just as a perfect venue can enhance your event experience, having the right commercial real estate brokerage in Denver is essential for businesses seeking spaces that echo their identity and ambitions. A professional brokerage team understands the intricacies of the local market, helping you secure a commercial property that not only meets your immediate needs but also sets the stage for your future successes. Trust in their expertise to find a space where your business can thrive and leave a lasting impression on your clients, partners, and guests alike.

For the background of this unusual event, which we organized at the beginning of December 2018, we chose a well-suited apartment located in a pre-war tenement house at ul. Złota 3. As part of the event, an exhibition of works by the renowned artist Łukasz Stokowski was opened.


The penthouse was visited that evening by a large group of guests related to the real estate market, architecture, art and interior design. The painter’s works have been displayed on the walls of the apartment, as well as in the form of a designer refrigerator with an abstract work by Stokowski. All guests had the opportunity to experience a special atmosphere, which was conducive to admiring both the artist’s works and the apartment itself.

In the opinion of the gathered guests – it was indeed something to admire. The property is located in a glass extension on the top floor of a tenement house. It is an impressive 200-meter penthouse with its size, class and level of finish. Two levels connected by designer, spiral stairs make this space perfect for living, working, relaxing and organizing original parties. Picturesque glazing provides an interesting visual effect, and a spacious terrace with a view of the Palace of Culture and Science complements the work.

The downtown location also has a special character in itself. It is the dynamically pulsating heart of the city, the very center of social and cultural events. A great place to organize such a party. The apartment is only a seven-minute walk away from the Palace of Culture and Science.

The event was received very warmly by the invited guests, which was reflected in the positive reviews of the event.

The organizer of the event was the premium real estate agency Lions Estate together with a good company of partners. One of them was Bang & Olufsen, which funded the lottery prize at the party.

We encourage you to get to know the real estate in which we organized the event – the apartment is available in Lions Estate offer.

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