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W imieniu Lions Estate dziękuję za zaufanie
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Alena Annusewicz | Bez kategorii | 28 January

How to combine work and helping? #LionsTeam can do it!

How to combine work and helping? #LionsTeam can do it!

In #LionsEstate, an extremely important aspect of our business is our organizational culture and #CSR – we are socially responsible.


At work, we follow the principles of mutual support, openness to the needs of other people and readiness to help. Nobody is alone at #LionsTeam. We operate in the same way every day – we try to keep our eyes and ears open and to help and smile where they are most needed.


The above values ​​are part of our #LionsHeart


It was no different this time. As part of an internally organized competition, our advisers, divided into teams, made every effort to achieve the goal. As part of the award, the winning #team donated to a selected charity.


This time we decided to transfer our support to the “Etezja” Support Center for Women with Minor Children and Pregnant Women, which helps its charges stabilize their living, social, residential, educational and psychological situation. Inhabitants of the Center – Mothers and Children – are supported by social workers, educators, psychologists, lawyers, career advisors and coaches – budget and time management.


The majority of the Lions Estate team are women. We are strong, open, and we are able to deal with many difficulties. Hence, the decision to choose this Women’s Support Center and to provide it with help was obvious to us. We are happy that we can carry and multiply joy.

“The visit in the Center was very emotional and provided us with many thoughts. The ladies running the Center showed us around the area and told us about their daily work. Over 100 pregnant women or single parents live in the Center. People taking care of them take a huge challenge on their shoulders. We are all the more glad that our work gives us the opportunity to help and support them “

– says Daniela Kobeluch, real estate advisor at Lions Estate, who represented us during the meeting at the Center.

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