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Alena Annusewicz | Lifestyle | 19 March

Relax! How luxury real estate in Warsaw helps you relax without leaving your home

You have a hard, intense day full of excitement behind you. All you can think about is going home and relaxing. You would probably like to swim in the pool, go for a walk in the park or treat yourself to a massage, but you just don’t have the time or the strength to do it. You do not need! Living in luxury real estate in Warsaw, you can relax and unwind at your fingertips! Check what comfortable amenities await the residents of exclusive apartment buildings in the capital.


For many people, regardless of age, the ideal way to relax is sport, exercise. But what to do when the weather outside the window is not conducive to jogging in the park and traffic jams discourage you from going to the squash or swimming pool? Residents of luxury real estate in Warsaw do not have such worries – here a lot of relaxing activities are at hand.

One of them is the swimming pool. Swimming is great for health – it relaxes and allows you to relax and strengthen the muscles of the back, tense after a few hours at the computer.

In the case of larger, multi-storey apartment buildings, the swimming pool in the building, available only to residents, has become almost a standard. Such a facility can boast, among others Złota 44, Villa Monaco, Opera Residence and Foksal Residence. Sometimes it is an intimate swimming pool, and sometimes an impressive 25-meter facility, such as the swimming pool at Złota 44, which, according to the information provided by the investor, is the largest private swimming pool in Poland.

In apartment buildings, you can spend time actively in many different ways. Residents can, for example, play a game of squash in a specially designated room (Rezydencja Foksal), lose weight and relieve stress in a fitness club (e.g. Cosmopolitan, Foksal 13/15 apartments) or even play a golf simulator (Złota 44).


Of course, not everyone wants to exercise, swim in a pool or run intensively on a treadmill. For those who dream of a carefree freedom to do anything in a comfortable environment, special SPA and relaxation zones have been created. Sometimes, a few moments spent in a bathhouse, jacuzzi or hot sauna are enough to relax, which are available to residents of many luxury properties in Warsaw, such as Złota 44 and Cosmopolitan. It is a real oasis of relaxation from which a person comes out as new! Here you can also forget about the surrounding world for a moment during a relaxing massage.


After an eventful day, everyone deserves a glass of good wine. Of course, everyone can afford such pleasure, but living in luxurious apartments in Warsaw, this lamp will take on a completely new taste.

In the exclusive apartment building Złota 44, a special cellar for aging and wine tasting is available to residents. The residents of the Foksal Residence can also store their dry drinks in a specially designated cellar.

According to connoisseurs, wine lying in the shade, wrapped in a natural, cellar coolness acquires a deeper, more expressive aroma, which definitely stands out from the beverages kept in an ordinary home bar.


Since the dawn of time, contact with nature has had a relaxing effect on humans. A number of observations and studies have proven that the closeness of nature relaxes, reduces stress and has a positive effect on the nervous system. Where does such a beneficial influence of Mother Nature come from?

The reasons for this state of affairs are to be found in the primal character of nature itself. Man comes from the natural environment, it has always been necessary for him to live. Forests and gardens surrounded man, they accompanied him from childhood, being a space for carefree games, and such an image of them was remembered. Nature is also a symbol of constancy in which man unconsciously seeks support in a dynamically changing world.

Investors who develop luxury real estate in Warsaw are aware of the importance of nature. Many of them were built in the vicinity of parks and green areas, so that even after a long, intense day, they could quickly immerse themselves in the greenery during an evening walk.

The exclusive Eko-Park estate is located next to Pola Mokotowskie, known as the green center of Warsaw. Villa Monaco is located in close proximity to the Sielecki Park in Mokotów, and on the border of the Royal Łazienki Park itself, among others, Park Lane (Podchorążych) and Parkowa 19 investments.

However, if the residents did not want to take a walk, they can often commune with nature without leaving the apartment building. Such possibilities are offered, for example, by the Opera Residence, which provides access to a stylishly arranged garden on the roof of the building. The apartment building at ul. Grzybowska 4 offers residents a patio with a fountain surrounded by lush greenery.

See all the luxury apartment buildings in Warsaw, where relaxation and relaxation take on a completely new meaning. Contact Lions Estate!


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