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Alena Annusewicz | Homes | 18 March

The exclusive Unique Tower will meet your highest expectations!

Imagine impressive modern interiors, elegant lobby with 24/7 concierge service, fully equipped fitness area, trendy bar, restaurant, conference rooms – all with perfect finishes and all in one place!

The exclusive Unique Tower in the “urban jungle” style will meet your highest expectations! Sounds interesting? We are pleased to present the prestigious 29-storey apartment building – the spectacular Unique Tower at Grzybowska Street. A house of the future that is being built in the heart of the city. Luxurious apartments with an amazing view of Warsaw.

The neighborhood is also interesting. Wola – the city’s ultramodern business center. Skyscrapers comparable to those of New York. “Warsaw’s Manhattan” has a lot to offer and will be an ideal place to live for those who value high standards, comfort and innovation. Spacious bedrooms and bathrooms and a large terrace with a breathtaking view will guarantee you a unique space to arrange your private “house in the clouds”. A premium apartment with the Smart Home package will provide you with the luxuries you dream about!

Once an unreal dream – today an exciting reality. Privacy, five-star standard, spectacular views, perfect location. Your dream home of the future in Unique Tower on Grzybowska Street is waiting for you! The exclusive Unique Tower in the “urban jungle” style will meet your highest expectations.

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