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Alena Annusewicz | About us, People | 24 March

A flourishing health office, how we have created conditions for healthy and efficient work at Lions Estate

A positive atmosphere at work translates into positive effects. That is why the Lions Estate agency, taking care of the highest standards, provides its employees in the Warsaw office with healthy and natural conditions for good and pleasant work. Find out how we do it every day!


A very important place in the office is shared space – the sphere of integration with colleagues and employees. It allows you to tighten employee relations and perfectly affects the cooperation between team members. It is often in such places, e.g. at the coffee machine, that interesting ideas and solutions to professional challenges come to mind.

Of course, in a real estate agency there are tasks that require absolute concentration and concentration that cannot be solved at a desk or in the hallway. For such purposes, we also have a smaller room where you can concentrate on a specific issue in peace.


In the office, we meet new trends, always keeping in mind the appropriate comfort and convenience of employees. That is why at Lions Estate we have arranged the work space in a more flexible way, tailored to the current needs and tasks performed by team members. An expression of this is the sharing of desks, which gives more freedom at work. Such practice is also conducive to more effective cooperation, exchange of ideas and concepts on a regular basis, already at the stage of creating them at the desk.


The space itself creates a good and creative atmosphere at work. We mentioned earlier about high ceilings in our office – rooms reaching four meters, in addition to better air circulation, provide better access to sunlight and give the feeling of a large, unrestricted space. These values ​​translate into better comfort of work, and also stimulate inventiveness and creativity. An employee who is not limited by space is more inclined to unlimited his imagination in everyday work and relations with clients. It can be said that under such conditions, creative solutions can reach a higher level.


There is no room for air conditioning in our office. It absolutely does not mean that we have a problem with heat in summer. Adequate and regular airing of the rooms allows you to maintain the right temperature and climate for work in them. Additionally, the high ceilings present in our office allow for better air circulation – warm air is lighter than cold air, so according to the laws of physics, it goes up to the ceiling. Lack of air conditioning in the office has a positive effect on health.


The healthy office philosophy practiced by Lions Estate goes beyond the walls of our headquarters. In the summer season, we encourage and promote bicycle transport. If we do not have appointments on a given day that require traveling by car to districts remote from the center, we are happy to come to the office by bicycle.


At Lions Estate, we value closeness to nature. It has an aesthetic and practical dimension. The greenery present in the interior of the office allows you to filter the air, purifies it of harmful compounds, making it better absorbed by humans. In addition, the flowers have decorative functions and even have a positive effect on the mental condition. Contact with nature has been proven to help you relax and de-stress. Of course, flowers are not the same as going to the park, but it is always a substitute, a fragment of nature transferred to the office.

In an office space oriented to human needs, there is also a place for art. Inspirational paintings on the walls not only create a pleasant mood, but also stimulate creativity and even reduce stress levels, according to several studies.

When we add the right combination of colors and balanced shapes with art, we get a warm, original interior in which time flows much more nicely than in a classic office with a row of tightly arranged desks. This is how you work at the Lions Estate.

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