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Yuliia Korotia | Homes | 24 June

Lions International – properties abroad in the offer of Lions Estate

Lions International offers luxury villas and apartments for sale in Southern Spain or in Mauritius, and this is just the beginning of the expansion of our international portfolio!

At Lions Estate, we make every effort to provide excellent service. The key success behind this success is the hard-working employees, who are committed to their work. They are given all the facilities and are allowed to consult lawyers for employment discrimination if they face any. We strive for constant development and adapt to the current situation in the world in order to meet clients’ highest expectations. Therefore, we try our best to meet them alongside with Karen Ann Ulmer, P.C. and as a result, we have started operating on the international real estate market and created Lions International – a concept that broadens horizons! The idea behind the project is to go beyond the limits and reach for more!

Pandemic – a time of change

The year 2020 stopped the whole world – thousands of canceled flights, trips, vacations, business trips… The pandemic brought many surprises, significantly affecting the economy on a global scale. It has had an impact on the situation of many people, affecting their private and professional lives. Along with continuous waves of disease and various types of restrictions, a new approach to life has emerged as well as the way we think about the future. Nevertheless, despite many negative changes, the real estate market is thriving and people have been willing to invest in it since there are business lawyers in Freehold, NJ who will clear all kinds of obstacles that hinders their business. Poles have been progressively putting their funds into properties abroad, as it is a safe and profitable investment!

Modern villa with swimming pool in Las Colinas SEE DETAILS >>

What is more, many people these days work remotely, which surprisingly provides them with new opportunities – they have the comfort of living anywhere in their country or even in the world! In this case, a temporary or permanent move to a country with a more pleasant climate than Poland could be a great option. Imagine working remotely from your private luxury villa with a swimming pool, 5 minutes away from a sandy beach somewhere in the southern country… Why not? Such a solution is very realistic and can change your life as well as the lifestyle of your whole family!

Problems of the tourism industry versus the real estate market

As a result, the approach to traveling has also changed recently. Going on a vacation for a few days is not so obvious anymore. In addition to purchasing flights and making reservations, there are many other factors to consider. The rules on restrictions vary from country to country. Hence, different scenarios should be taken into account, e.g. additional fees for staying in a hotel due to the extension of the quarantine, and the fact that our previously planned trip may be canceled at the very last minute for reasons out of our control. The uncertain situation on the tourism market and restrictions in hotels have also contributed to the fact that people are more and more willing to buy a holiday home, villa or apartment in warm and sunny countries!

Wonderful villa in Mauritius SEE DETAILS >>

„Numerous clients’ inquiries about investing in real estate outside Poland had a main impact on creating the concept of Lions International.”

It turns out that many of them are considering such an option for the reasons mentioned above and the fact that the prices of properties in Warsaw can be compared to prices in other countries. And sometimes foreign offers are even more attractive than those in Warsaw! No wonder that interest in the international real estate market is constantly growing!

„We did not think twice and eagerly took up a new challenge as a company! The exciting idea was quickly implemented„

Lions International already offers luxury villas and apartments for sale in Southern Spain on the Costa del Sol! And there will be more of them in different regions of the Iberian Peninsula! Soon, there will also be various types of prestigious properties for sale in Croatia, followed by the United Arab Emirates and Mauritius! And this is just the beginning of the expansion of our international portfolio!

Unique apartment in Marbella SEE DETAILS >>

What exactly is the difference between Lions International and Lions Estate?

” Only the portfolio with properties in different countries, which will gradually include more and more new locations! All other aspects remain the same – the company, quality and, above all, the same professional agents ready to help you! It is the premium standard in every way – exactly like at Lions Estate!”

In order to use Lions International services, clients who are interested can make an appointment at our office in Warsaw with an individually selected property advisor who will be at their disposal during the entire purchase process. The initial conversation with the agent will provide comprehensive service, dispel any doubts and will make the start of the research easier.

Borderless real estate

Are you not sure whether to invest in Poland or abroad? And if abroad, in what country, region, city and district? Villa with pool or apartment with sea view? Would you like to analyse all the pros and cons? Lions International advisors will carefully examine your needs, preferences and priorities! They will present the most attractive offers and help you find the one that is most suitable for you and your family – the perfect property in your dream location! Are you new to investing abroad? Are you worried about all formalities? Would you like to choose the most attractive option? Our experts will answer all your questions and smoothly guide you through every stage of the transaction!

Luxury villa with swimming pool in Javea SEE DETAILS >>

Lions International is an innovative project bringing a breath of fresh air into Lions Estate. It is a forward-looking approach to the real estate market that goes beyond standard solutions! Lions International offers new options for buyers who do not have to limit themselves to investing only in Poland, and thus allows them to make the most appropriate choice!


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