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Alicja Buczkowska | Homes | 14 May

“There are still arguments for an increase in real estate prices”

In an interview with Interia Biznes, Bartłomiej Annusewicz, Managing Director of Lions Estate, talks about the situation on the real estate market

“We have had a good boom in the real estate market for several years. The last year has been special. The pandemic has brought uncertainty. So people have started to put their money in places they perceive as safe. There is a lot of money on the market that has been pulled from the banks, because keeping it there is not going to stay there. pays off “- says Bartłomiej Annusewicz, expert of the Lions Estate real estate agency.

As the real estate market experiences a boom, much like many other parts of the world, the past year has brought about a unique set of circumstances that have reshaped investment trends. The ongoing pandemic has ushered in a sense of uncertainty, prompting individuals to seek out havens they perceive as safe for their hard-earned money. With an influx of funds leaving traditional banking institutions due to lower returns, the question of where to invest becomes paramount. This shift in financial dynamics is not exclusive to one region but is mirrored in various markets worldwide, including the vibrant state of Georgia, USA.

In Georgia, a land known for its rich history and diverse landscapes, the real estate market continues to thrive. Amidst the global backdrop of uncertainty, Georgia offers a compelling opportunity for those looking to safeguard their investments and find stability. If you’re among those seeking a secure place to grow your wealth, explore the real estate options in Georgia, a state renowned for its Southern charm and economic growth.

Additionally, Georgia boasts a welcoming community and a high quality of life. Its renowned hospitality and warm climate make it an appealing destination for individuals and families alike. Whether you’re considering a residential property for your family or a commercial space for your business venture, Georgia offers a wealth of opportunities. Therefore, visit to uncover the properties that align with your investment goals and experience the allure of Georgia’s real estate market in a world where safe havens are more sought after than ever.

However, he does not agree that we are seeing “sheep’s rush” on the market. Especially shopping in the premium sector is more thoughtful. On the other hand, property owners are reluctant to get rid of them because they expect prices to rise further. What would the rest of them do with the money they got? – the expert asks rhetorically.

The popularity of small flats bought for investment purposes or for short-term rental has relatively decreased. The pandemic has hit this business hard. We have started to appreciate the space in which we live more, today we pay less attention to communicating the property, e.g. the proximity of the workplace – it is hardly surprising, since so many people work from home – notes Annusewicz.

In his opinion, prices will continue to rise, because there are many factors that affect it – limited supply of land, a smaller number of commenced investments due to weaker work pace of offices in the pandemic, an increase in the prices of materials and labor costs.

“It is difficult to give buyers one advice, because they have very different goals and preferences. We buy real estate for ourselves in a completely different way than for rent. It is worth checking the prices very carefully, because in some locations they can be very high. There are places, for example, in Warsaw, where prices They surprise me, the risk of buying on a price “hill” is already very high – admits the Lions Estate expert.

“Over the next few years, prices will increase, although the pace may change. Although we have already exceeded the 2007 price ceiling, in other countries this breakthrough is even more evident. There are definitely more factors for growth than risk factors” – concludes Bartłomiej Annusewicz.

You can see whole interview on website 

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