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Alicja Buczkowska | Lifestyle | 12 April

5 most fashionable locations in Warsaw, feel the atmosphere of the capital

Feel the rhythm of a city that, like the American New York City, never sleeps! Let yourself be carried away by the most diverse city in Poland, discover the multitude of restaurants, bars, shops ... Discover 5 most fashionable locations in the capital and fall in love with Warsaw!

Center – the heart of the capital beats here!

The strict center includes the streets surrounding the Palace of Culture and Science: Marszałkowska, Aleje Jerozolimskie, Emilii Plater and Świętokrzyska. This is where modern office buildings, top-class apartment buildings, exclusive hotels, numerous cultural attractions – museums, theaters, cinemas, as well as fashionable boutiques, shops, shopping centers – currently closed due to the current epidemic situation are located, but after reopening, be sure to take advantage of them offers! Delicious take-away dishes are currently offered by restaurants with world cuisines. A typical pre-pandemic center also includes cafes perfect for meeting friends and pubs where Warsaw’s party life is kicked off in the evenings. There is also greenery in the area. Warsaw is called the city of parks for a reason!

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Mokotowska Street

One of the most popular locations in Warsaw is enjoying a steadily growing interest. There is no better place to feel the truly historic atmosphere of the capital. Mokotowska Street is primarily richly decorated tenement houses in the Art Nouveau style from the beginning of the 20th century. Most of them were destroyed during World War II, but after 1945. they were rebuilt. Interestingly, there are also tenement houses in Mokotowska Street that managed to survive the war almost intact! In the area, exclusive boutiques of Polish designers, elegant restaurants and atmospheric cafes have their headquarters.

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Powiśle – one of the 10 coolest districts in Europe

Powiśle is one of the favorite districts of Warsaw residents. Its location at the extremely popular Vistula Boulevards, which in the typical reality before the pandemic, from spring to autumn, became the cultural center of Warsaw and a meeting place for the inhabitants of the capital, has a significant impact on this. Bars on the Vistula, open-air restaurants, open-air clubs, offering fun until dawn, various events – this is the quintessence of Powiśle, a district where it is impossible to get bored. That is why the inhabitants of Warsaw are impatiently waiting for the lifting of the restrictions and the return of the true face of the party Powiśle, for the time being content with walks in nature. Powiśle is also the ubiquitous greenery and intimacy of the area, appreciated by fans of outdoor recreation. The district is also the seat of the Copernicus Science Center – the most interesting museum in Warsaw.

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Saska Kępa

A part of the Praga-Południe district of Warsaw, it delights with its intimacy, elegance and atmosphere. According to its inhabitants, the area resembles a small French town. On every corner you will find a charming cafe, inviting you to drink a cup of aromatic coffee (currently, due to the epidemic – take-away). The pace of life in Saska Kępa is clearly slower than in the city center. You can relax here, strolling among the greenery of charming streets, feast your eyes with the pearls of modernist architecture, in normal reality eat an exquisite dinner and drink wine in a stylish restaurant. The most characteristic street in the area is Francuska Street, resembling a quiet promenade in a holiday resort rather than a street in the heart of the capital. There are shops, confectioneries, cafes and restaurants here – although many equally interesting places can be discovered by walking through the side streets and nooks and crannies of Saska Kępa.

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Its inhabitants describe it as the best living district. What influences this assessment? Mokotów is a unique place which, despite being close to the center of the capital, has retained its intimate atmosphere. Gushing greenery, a multitude of parks and recreational areas, peace and quiet. Here, history meets modernity – in the area you will find both elegant, old villas and modern apartments. In Mokotów, after the lifting of epidemic restrictions, we will shop in elegant boutiques, relax in atmospheric cafes, and take advantage of the offer of the best restaurants in the capital. Feel the atmosphere of Warsaw in the most diverse district of the city!

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