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Praga-Południe - An atmospheric district

Praga-Południe An atmospheric district


An atmospheric district

Praga-Południe (South Praga) is a district which has developed a lot in recent years, but which has managed to preserve its charming atmosphere. It is made up of architecture, people and unique service points. Here is located one of the most famous Warsaw confectioneries, the historic Skaryszewski Park, where you can see, among others, beautiful sculptures and ponds, as well as the National Stadium and city beach, where many cyclical events take place. These are also unique places, such as the Wooden House on Kawęczyńska Street or Wedel Chocolate Factory.

Praga-Południe in a nutshell

The history of Praga Południe dates back to the 11th century. Over the next centuries, the first settlements were formed here, including Kamion, Grochów and Gocław. The villages were strongly connected due to a number of historical events, such as battles with the Swedes in the mid-seventeenth century. Officially Praga Południe was founded in the early sixties. This district includes 9 municipalities. These are:

  • Gocław
  • Gocławek
  • Grochów
  • Kamionek
  • Kępa Goławska
  • Kozia Górka
  • Olszynka Grochowska
  • Saska Kępa
  • Witolin


Praga Południe is a district in which probably everyone will find themselves. On the initiative of the inhabitants, many centers, schools or parks were established here. Thanks to this, here are living families with children, as well as the elderly and singles. Costs of living in Praga Południe are average, considering the other districts bordering the center. A great advantage of living in Praga Południe is an excellent communication. Many advantages of this district attract more and more potential clients who are interesting in buying or renting an apartment here.

Living in Praga-Południe

Praga Południe is one of 18 districts of Warsaw. It is located in the eastern part of the city, on the right side of the Vistula. From the north it borders with the districts – Praga Północ and Targówek, from the east with the Rembertów district, and from the south with the Wawer district. The western border is marked by the Vistula River.


The district area stretches along several of the most important streets in Warsaw. The main communication routes in this district are: Ostrobramska Street, Washington Avenue, Zieleniecka Avenue, United States Avenue, Gen. Fieldorf Street and Wał Miedzeszyński. It is connected to the central part of the city with three bridges: Siekierkowski, Łazienkowski and Poniatowski. In addition, there are domestic and international railway stations (Warsaw-South) and local (Waraw- Stadium and Warsaw – Olszynka Grochowska).

Living in Praga-Południe

Real estate market in Praga-Południe

In terms of architecture, there is a great diversity in Praga Południe. High blocks of flats, apartment buildings and villas, as well as buildings of industrial plants, shopping and office centers can be found here.Today, the district is developing at an express pace undergoing modernization, and new housing estates are being built in its areas, attracting more and more people.


When planning the purchase of real estate in Praga Południe, one should take into account the lower housing prices than on the left side of the river, its location (close to the center), well-developed communication network, proximity to green areas that favor recreation, as well as an ever richer cultural offer flourishing thanks to activities of such  institutions as Sinfonia Varsovia, the Praga Południe Culture Promotion Center and the Universal Theater.


Medium-sized apartments predominate in Praga Południe. Their average size is about 55 m2. When considering the purchase of an apartment, just like in other districts of Warsaw, located in the vicinity of the Center, you should take into account the price from 10 thousand. per m2. Customers can purchase apartments from various segments, from the popular to the apartment. According to experts from Lions Estate, real estate prices in Praga Południe will continue to grow. It is influenced by the dynamic development of the district, which is becoming more and more popular among young Warsaw residents.


Praga-Południe is a safe place to live. This is reflected not only in statistics, but also in the observation of people and companies associated with this region. Praga investments are popular among families with children, for whom safety is first.

Praga Południe is perfectly connected with the very center and other districts of Warsaw. Access to Śródmieście by public transport usually takes 10 to 25 minutes, depending on the location. From 2015, residents of nearby Kamionek and Saska Kępa can use the Stadion Narodowy metro station. Good news for people planning to buy an apartment in this part of the city is the third metro line and tram line extension plan.


Restaurants in Praga-Południe

There are indeed many places waiting for enthusiasts of culinary delights that have managed to win the sympathy and recognition of regular customers. The developing district positively influenced the extension of the culinary base of Praga Południe. Francuska Street in Saska Kępa has become a Mecca for residents and visitors of Praga; here are located more than twenty gastronomic establishments, including cafes. Also noteworthy is the Soho Factory complex located at 25 Mińska Street, where renowned Warsaw restaurateurs have opened their restaurants. It’s definitely worth getting to know what culinary life in Praga Południe is up close.

Recommended restaurants and cafes:

  • Vegan Ramen Shop, 12A Finlandzka St – Japanese cuisine
  • Naam Thai, 16 Saska St – Thai cuisine
  • Z57, 57 Zwycięzców St – European cuisine
  • Warszawa Wschodnia in Soho Factory, 25 Mińska St – European cuisine
  • Club-cafe Kicia Kocia – one of the first places of this type in Grochów
  • Zieleniak – vegan food
  • Koza Cafe
  • Winiarnia 13Win – first winery in Grochów
  • Eat it – tasty homemade food
  • Psotne Babki – very nice cafe and cake shop
  • U Krawca Cafe – iconic, one of the first cafes in Grochów
  • La Baracca Restaurant

Restaurants in Praga-Południe

Parks and green areas in Praga-Południe

There are many green and recreational areas in Praga-Południe. The district favors walkers and cyclists who can go on a trip on one of the most beautiful bicycle routes in the capital. Rose alleys, water reservoirs, a small waterfall are just a few of the attractions that can be found in the famous Skaryszewski park. A bull’s eye for the youngest is the Park on Balaton Lake, with an extensive playground. The lake is also the main meeting place for the inhabitants of Gocław.

Parks in Praga-Południe

Skaryszewski Park was awarded the title of the Most Beautiful Park in Poland in 2009 and took third place in the competition of the Most Beautiful Park in Europe. Colloquially known as Skaryszak in honor of the now defunct city of Skaryszew, the landscape park is located between Kamionek and Saska Kępa. From the north it borders with the Kamionkowskie Lake. It was intended to be a metropolitan recreation and leisure park with a communication network adapted for horse-drawn vehicles. Artificial lakes, hills, artificial waterfall and rose garden were created here.


Park of Colonel Jan Szypowski “Leśnik” in Gocław is located along the following streets: Grochowska, Kwatery Głównej , Osowska, Trembowelska and Bitwy Grochowskiej. In the green area there is a TKKF (Society for the Promotion of Physical Culture) sports center, a Jordanian garden and a playground.

Jerzy Wierzbicki described the park in this way: “In the old park surrounding the manor house a subtle and sensitive ear is still able to hear the singing of old days and the neighing of horses, and the exploratory eye will catch in the morning fog the emerging, leaning ranks of the heroic 4th Legions’ Infantry Regiment.”


Another park, which is located in the quarter of the streets: Garwolińska, Szaserów, Kobielska and the internal road connecting Szaserów and Prochowa Streets, is the Park of Józef Poliński. It is one of the largest city parks in Warsaw’s Praga Południe district. The park was opened in 1962 at the place of former allotment gardens. Earlier it had the conventional name Szaserów Park. The facilities within the park include an artificial hill, a football field and a modern playground. Near the park there is the Central Clinical Hospital of the Military Medical Academy.


Next Praga city park, which is located in Grochów, between Grochowska, Międzyborska, Kobielska and Weterynaryjna Streets, is Park Obwodu Praga AK (Praga District Park of the Home Army). Until 1920 it was a place of grazing and a cattle market. Later it was rearranged to the public garden.

There is a fountain and a playground in the park, as well as sports fields. The area is fenced and available from dawn to dusk.


Grochów also boasts the Znicza Park, with an area of about 5 hectares. It has the shape of a kite with an oval alley and a main poplar alley. It was created in the 1950s in the area of the former fort XI of the Warsaw fortress (Grochów Duży, Grochów, Górki Grochowskie), which was ruined in the 1930s.

Attractions in Praga-Południe

Praga-Południe has a lot to offer its residents. Elite Saska Kępa is characterized by a beautiful architecture; moreover, it is a paradise for the palate with its cozy cafes, patisseries and tea rooms. This is a place where it is worth spending your free time. Perfect conditions for the development of culture and artistic activity were created here. This is also influenced by the local historic architecture and renovated old establishments. While walking around the district, you can admire murals decorating the walls of tenement houses, unusual places like the Wooden House on Kawęczyńska Street, the Museum of PRL Life or Neon Museum. Namely here you can return to the sweet moments of childhood thanks to the Wedel factory and confectionery, which has been serving whipped cream tubes for 50 years. The high level of cultural offer is ensured by Universal Theater, Sinfonia Varsovia and the Praga Południe Culture Promotion Center.


Main attractions of the district:

  • Soho Factory on Mińska 25 street, here is a ball meeting place. The area with historic, post-industrial architecture attracts like a magnet. Today it is a region of cafes and restaurants. It is here that the fashionable Warszawa Wschodnia (East Warsaw) restaurant by Mateusz Gessler is located, as well as art galleries, architectural studios, fashionable boutiques, shops with designer accessories, as well as the Little Theater for children. It also organizes fashion shows, picnics, fairs, food fairs and concerts, etc.
  • There is a Neon Museum in Soho Factory – the first place of this type in Europe. The collection of the Neon Museum already includes over a hundred luminous signboards, such as “Hansel and Gretel”, “Berlin” or “Warsaw Stadium”.
  • Czar PRL Museum (PRL Charm Museum) is located next door to Soho. Murphy bed, Rubin TV, Frania – washing machine, original portrait of Gomułka, refrigerated counter from the Społem store. There was also a staged milk bar from the People’s Republic of Poland with a stationary saturator, the office of the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers’ Party with a massive desk of the First Secretary, as well as a flat typical of the Polish People’s Republic.
  • Chocolate bar and Wedel chocolate shop at ul. Zamoyskiego 36 is a symbol of Grochów. The smell of chocolate has been around for almost a hundred years! Next to the building of the former Rogatka Grochowska there is a chocolate bar and a chocolate shop. The building itself deserves attention, because the twin tollbooths located on both sides of ul. Grochowska come from the beginning of the 9th century. In 1889, they marked the borders of Warsaw.
  • The Former Printing House at 65 Mińska Street is also worth paying attention to. Today, the Fugazi Club, which was re-established after many years, was legendary in the 1990s and hosts alternative music concerts, as well as the Drukarnia Restaurant and Bistro Dzienna. There is terrazzo on the floor, an old school neon sign hangs above the entrance, lamps made of original paper saws. Drukarnia’s menu is more sophisticated, while Dzienna focuses on simplicity: breakfasts and street food dishes. The flagship dish here is donuts, sweet but served salty, e.g. with bacon.
  • While in Grochów, you can also see the most famous Warsaw symphony orchestra – Sinfonia Varsovia. Since 2010, it has been based in the historic buildings of the former Veterinary Institute of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences
  • Milano’s contemporary art gallery, which has become a permanent element of the landscape of Saska Kępa. He collaborates with many well-known Polish artists, including Maria Kiesner, Marek Sobczyk, Ryszard Grzyb and Edward Dwurnik.
  • Monument to Agnieszka Osiecka – the sculpture of the poet stands on Francuska Street.
  • Zygmunt Hübner Powszechny Theater on 20 Zamoyskiego street, is one of the most popular theaters in Warsaw. It is here that you can see the loudest performances of the best Polish directors. There is also the Common Table, i.e. a cafe and workshop space, which organizes events for migrants as well as children and seniors, as well as Mózg Powszechny – a music club, a branch of the legendary Mózg from Bydgoszcz, which organizes numerous concerts of jazz and electronic music.
  • At the Eastern Railway Station in an artistic tenement house at ul. Lubelska 30/32 is the seat of the Komuna Warszawa Theater and the Theater Study, as well as several creative studios. In the same building there is the Znośna Lekkość Bytu Club, where concerts of independent music take place.

Attractions in Praga-Południe

Education in Praga-Południe

The educational offer of Praga Południe is very rich. There are 5 public and 6 private nurseries in this area, 18 primary schools, including two with integration departments at 70 Międzyborska St and 5 Przemyka St. There are 3 private primary schools and 21 secondary schools at the residents’ disposal. The pupils have a choice of 11 high schools, including a high-ranking 19th High School with integration departments (Liceum XIX im. Powstańców Warszawy) at 1 Zbaraska St. There is a possibility of  education continuation in six technical schools.


There is also a French kindergarten, primary school and high school in Saska Kępa, which uses the official education system of France and is part of the AEFE network (Agency for French Education Abroad).

More information about international educational institutions:

  • Bilingual Polish-French Primary School, Obrońców 25 Street,
  • Lycée français de Varsovie, French-speaking kindergarten, elementary school and high school,
  • International Trilingual School of Warsaw – an international nursery, kindergarten and primary school, teaching in 5 languages.


The higher education establishments also have their branches in Praga Południe. The College of Social Psychology at 19/31 Chodakowska St is among the most popular. In the district, there are also the Orthodox Theological Seminary at 27 Paryska St and the Administration-Social College at 346/348 Grochowska St.


The youngest residents of Praga Południe will not complain about the lack of entertainment. A rich offer has been prepared for them by the PROM Kultury Saska Kępa establishment. At the Gocław Culture Club on Abrahama Street children can attend music and theater classes. In turn, the Praga Południe Culture Promotion Center on Podskarbińska Street offers the participation in dance and music classes for small kids.

In addition to educational institutions, there are many playgrounds for children :

  • Vistula Playground at Poniatówka, 1 Wybrzeże Szczecińskie St
  • Stawy Kacze (Duck Ponds) in the Skaryszewski Park, 2 Zieleniecka St
  • Playground in Soho Factory, 25 Mińska St
  • Znicza Park, 4 Znicza St
  • Park at Balaton Lake, on Abrahama Street
  • Hangar 646, 646 Wal Miedzeszyński St

Spending free-time in Praga-Południe

Praga-Południe is a district for everyone. Those who love an active lifestyle will certainly enjoy easy access to over a dozen fitness clubs. There are also 5 indoor swimming pools and one outdoor pool operating in the summer season at Wał Miedzeszyński. Football fields, basketball courts and numerous outdoor gyms will satisfy the need of movement of residents of all ages.


Praga Południe is a real paradise for cyclists, as there are 15 self-service stations of Vetrurilo city bike rental. The advantage of the district is the presence of Wał Miedzeszyński, along which you can go on a trip, for instance, to Otwock, or the bike path on the right bank of the Vistula leading to the Zegrze Reservoir.

The most popular bicycle routes are:

  • The Trail of Warsaw Battles (Szlak Bitew Warszawskich) from the Łazienkowski Bridge through United States Avenue to Radzymin
  • Łazienkowski Bridge – Zegrze Reservoir through Białołęka and Nieporęt
  • Praga-Południe Route – Kabaty Woods from Saska Kępa through Gocław

On Siennicka Street, you can take advantage of the rich offer prepared by the Sports and Recreation Center of the Praga Południe District. Tennis enthusiasts will find a place for themselves in indoor courts in Skaryszewski Park. In the winter season, at the National Stadium operates an ice rink, which is eagerly used by residents coming from even the most distant parts of Warsaw.


Praga-Południe is a district where you can easily shop. A dozen of operating discount stores and 3 large-format stores will certainly satisfy the shopping needs of the district residents. There are not only shopping centers in Praga. For branded shopping, you can visit the Atrium Promenada at Ostrobramska Street. Also popular are King Cross Shopping Center on Jubilerska Street and Rondo Wiatraczna Shopping Center on Grochowska Street, as well as Centrum Szembeka.

The most popular investments in Praga-Południe

Praga-Południe for several years has enjoyed unflagging interest from investors, young families looking for the first apartment and clients looking for intimate investments in the immediate vicinity of green areas, as it is included in the Integrated Revitalization Program of the Capital City of Warsaw until 2020. The Kamionek housing estate, part of Grochów and the housing estates, located in the area from Kinowa Street to the Rondo Wiatraczna Street and Washington Avenue, are covered by the revitalization program.


Due to the growing interest in Praga-Południe district, there are new investments planned that should facilitate the residents’ functioning in the new reality.


It’s fair to say that Praga Południe is a district for everyone. Satisfaction with life will find here people who like broadly understood urban life (Francuska Street and its surroundings and 25 Mińska Street), as well as those seeking after a hard day’s work a quiet enclave away from the bustling streets (Skaryszewski Park).

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