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Wilanów - Pay the King a Visit

Wilanów Pay the King a Visit


Royal Wilanów

Wilanów is one of the eighteen districts of Warsaw, beautifully embedded in the picturesque landscape of Vistula. The area is located in the southern part of the capital city, it is adjacent to the Vistula river. Wilanów has the reputation of an exclusive district. Villa developments are predominant here. There are also new luxurious apartments and suits in construction. The district is the least populated out of all parts of Warsaw. For years it has been the perfect place to live for young and entrepreneurial people.


The initiator of Wilanów was king John III Sobieski, who chose this place for his suburban residence. This fact makes the district prestigious. This place, however, has many more advantages. Harmonious combination of monumental architecture with modern and exclusive buildings, cosy surroundings and a plethora of green areas is what makes this place so exceptional. A big strength of Wilanów is also a convenient access to the city centre by public transport or one’s own car – the main artery of Wilanów is the Wisłostrada route. Currently, Wilanów is a symbol of dynamic transformations and urban development.

Living in Wilanów

Locate on the left bank of the Vistula, the exclusive district of Wilanów means prestigious and luxurious architecture surrounded by gardens, parks, nature reserves and numerous water bodies (e.g. one of the most beautiful water gardens in Europe).

Wilanów is developing dynamically. Lots of green areas as well as peace and quiet caught the attention of developers. The dynamics of the property market is here very high, with prevalence of the primary market. An advantage is the convenient access to the city centre by public transport and the presence of the main artery of the city, namely the Wisłostrada route.

However, Wilanów is more than just exclusive housing estates. This is also a landscape park and nature reserves, historical urban planning schemes, lakes and remains of Dutch settlements.

Property Market in Wilanów

Wilanów is characterised by development consisting mostly of houses and few buildings of three to six apartments. The most characteristic place of the district is the Wilanów Palace. Houses have the area from 200 m2 to 600 m2, smaller plots of land, close to one another, prevail. The selection of offers is quite wide, both in terms of lease and purchase. Compared to the neighbouring Sadyba, Wilanów has a higher number of available real properties. The district is mostly inhabited by families with children and diplomats as embassies are located nearby. Wilanów is regarded as a prestigious district and interest in living in this area is constantly on the rise. The price level remains at a stable high as well: prices on the secondary market start from PLN 10,000 to 13,000 per square metre. According to the experts from Lions Estate, the prices will go up at an average rate as Wilanów is associated with prestige and there are many international schools in the area.

Quality of Life in Wilanów

Wilanów is a perfect place to live, particularly for families with small children, who appreciate comfort and modernity and use their cars more often than the public transport. More and more people are choosing to live in this district. This cosy charm of suburbs is communicated with the other parts of the city very well. 14 bus lines by day and 4 bus lines by night go to Wilanów. Most of them arrive at the first underground line station, which makes it easier to get to distant sites of Warsaw. You can reach the Warsaw Chopin Airport even in 10 minutes. An additional merit is the proximity of the S2 expressway, which streamlines access to exit roads of the city. Moreover, it is planned to add a fast tram line to allow reaching the city centre in less than 20 minutes.

The climate of Wilanów is created by its beautiful surroundings, large space, peace and quiet and the city-garden combination. Every inhabitant will find something for themselves here. While in Wilanów, you can sightsee monuments, have a cycling trip, angle, have a walk along the Vistula river or spend time with your child at a playground. This part of Warsaw will surely appeal to those who like silence, outdoor activities and cosy restaurants. Life in Wilanów is safe and easy thanks to numerous service outlets or access to private healthcare.

Restaurants in Wilanów

Wilanów will not disappoint the more sophisticated palates. Several dozen restaurants in the district offer quality cuisine. Many of them have been distinguished in various culinary contests. What is the most important, though, are recommendations of the locals, who appreciate the delicious taste of the dishes served there in whole families.

Recommended restaurants and cafes:

Parks and Green Areas in Wilanów

Wilanów has vast green areas. There are not many districts in Warsaw that could pride themselves on such amounts of greenness. The residents of Wilanów have parks, gardens, woods and squares at their disposal. In addition to the brilliantly arranged space, Wilanów offers numerous small rivers, several nature reserves and an astounding garden complex at the Wilanów Palace.

Attractions in Wilanów

The main cultural life hub and drive in Wilanów is the Museum of Palace at Wilanów and the Poster Museum, which is located in a former palace riding hall. The most popular cultural events organised in it are Summer Royal Concerts in the Rose Garden, International Summer Academy of Early Music – which is a meeting platform for musicians from all over the world – and the International Poster Biennale.

Other recommendable venues include:

  • Wilanów Palace of John III Sobieski
  • Temple of Divine Providence
  • Poster Museum
  • Museum of King John III’s Palace at Wilanów
  • St. Ann’s Church
  • Lovers’ Bridge
  • Kępa Zawadowska Beach
  • Culture Park in Powsin

A shopping centre was erected in Wilanów, at the Vogel Square. The inhabitants also go to the shopping centre with a cinema, located in the nearby district of Mokotów – Sadyba Best Mall.

The entire Wilanów is also tremendously friendly towards cyclists. The route to Powsin along Przyczółkowa Street is a perfect place to ride a bike, rollerblade, ride a longboard or have a long walk. Its advantage is width and view of fields and meadows. In the summer, this route is a perfect idea for a trip.

Kindergartens and Schools in Wilanów

There are not many public educational facilities in Wilanów – 4 kindergartens and elementary schools and 1 high school. Instead, there are more and more private educational facilities by the year. The inhabitants of Wilanów can choose between international, bilingual schools, i.e. a branch of the College of Europe in Bruges, Deutsche Schule in Warschau – a prestigious German speaking facility, Polsko-Niemiecka Szkoła Spotkań i Dialogu im. Willy’ego Brandta (Willy Brandt’s Polish-German School of Meetings and Dialogue) or Kid’s Academy, non-public Polish-English school. In the area, there are also plenty of private kindergartens and nurseries, also ones with original teaching schemes.

Apart from educational facilities, at the corner of Wilanowska Street and Przyczółkowska Street there is the biggest playground in Wilanów – Wilanów Beach – which will surely be very much appreciated by children. They can use slides, play on a pirate ship, use swings and seesaws.

Owing to the proximity of international schools, Wilanów has always been the favourite district of foreign management staff and diplomats who moved to Poland with their families. You can hear foreign languages at every step here.

Bartłomiej Annusewicz – Managing Director, Lions Estate

Free Time in Wilanów

There is a very well developed sports and recreation infrastructure in Wilanów. The district has 3 sports halls, 2 swimming pools, 5 sport fields, 7 playgrounds and an ice rink, tennis courts, a golf course, cycling and walking routes and horse riding grounds. The inhabitants of Wilanów who do sports can use numerous sport centres and fitness clubs.

Wilanów has something to offer for the body and soul. Unwinding in wellness and SPA centres, offering beauty, anti-stress, cleansing, slimming, face-rejuvenating and anti-aging treatments and health massages.

The commercial infrastructure is a newly developing domain of Wilanów. The inhabitants of the housing estates in Wilanów can use the new projects, i.e.: Royal Wilanów and Plac Vogla Shopping Centre. The Wilanów Gallery is planned to be opened, which will house shops, service outlets and the unwinding part with a playground and a green area.

Most Popular Investments in Wilanów

Wilanów is a town dominated by houses, so it is not possible to indicate the most popular investments here.

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