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We build relationships based on trust and transparency, so at the beginning you will receive a lot of valuable information from us for free. We provide advice and answers for all of your questions.

If you decide to cooperate with us, at first we will focus on getting to know all your expectations. We put the client first in our work. Fast sale, maximum profit, or maybe selling the property to the right buyer? We will build a tailor-made strategy for you.

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In the next step, after the valuation of your property, we will develop a detailed, individual sales plan based on our Lions Prime Marketing strategy. We will use proven, expert methods of attracting interest in your offer.

Sale of real estate in the premium segment requires excellent marketing competences, intuition and involvement of high-class specialists; photographers, copywriters, digital marketing and social media experts. The numbers speak for the quality of Lions Prime Marketing: over 200 transactions per year.

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Thanks to many years of experience of our advisors, we know how to prepare your property for quick sale. At this stage, we offer help in finding a cleaning team and carry out home staging - a professional visage of space in your property. As research has shown, it has a positive effect not only on the speed of sale, but also on its final price.

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Nothing stimulates the imagination of customers like unavailability – it causes faster decisions of clients and their rediness to pay more. We will start by promoting your offer off-market using our network of contacts. We sell over 30% of the real estate this way.

Thanks to our position on the market, we have access to hundreds of internal clients and over 300 agents cooperating with us. Working with us guarantees maximum exposure of your offer and reaching every client who is currently looking for your property.

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Research shows that 30% of real estate sales fall apart after accepting a buyer's offer. That is why Lions Estate experts take over the supervision of the sales process and communication between the parties, leaving no room for errors.

At this stage, we prepare the documentation necessary to complete the transaction and ensure the safe finalization of the sales contract. All you have to do is turn up at the meeting and sign it.

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We not only effectively sale, but also take care of your full satisfaction andsafety. The measure of our success are the highest ratings from satisfied customers. Almost 70% of real estate owners come to us on recommendation.

Andrea Lopez

3 weeks ago
Ola was an amazing help searching for the appartment that will be my home for the next year. Her work was very professional, she really understood what I was looking for and she offered me everything she could in a very short time. Her efficiency was impressive. I would highly recommend her and her agency. Plus if you are foreigner her English is a plus :)


3 months ago
I highly recommend my agent Daniela. She is the most professional estate agent I've ever seen. She understands my needs. No matter how late she works, she is always trying to find an apartment for me, she is so professional, careful and patient. She showed me so many beautiful houses and finally helped me choose my dream house. If you need an estate agency, Daniela is your absolute choice!

Hanna Przezwicka

2 weeks ago
We highly recommend our agent - Anna. Anna helped us pick the perfect place and supported us in the process of concluding the lease agreement. She professionally answered every question and gave us a reason to believe Warsaw people are extraordinary friendly beings! 😊

Tuomas Tammisto

2 months ago
Working with Daniela was very pleasant and easy. At the beginning I thought that I already have idea of what I would want and from which area. Anyway after couple of precise questions and good conversation Daniela revealed her true prefessionality and was able found something more than I could even imagine in the beginning! Now we have perfect amartment which fulfills all our needs and even more. I definitely recommend!

Zuzanna Lewandowska

3 months ago
My agent Daria Gohari of Lions Estate presented an exceptional level of professionalism and client service throughout the entire process leading towards the successful signing of a long-term rental contract of my property. I have been collaborating with many real estate agents throughout the years, and Ms Gohari presents the highest standards of service as she combines passion for real estate, know-how, market expertise, knowledge of property law and excellent interpersonal and communication skills. I highly recommend her services and Lions Estate to any Polish or international clients looking to buy or rent high quality property in Warsaw.

Lions Estate Case Study

This is how we work!

The client commissioned us to sell a very interesting, but unusual property. It was a tastefully finished apartment in a pre-war, restored building in Górny Mokotów. Apartments like this are a unique type of real estate desired by clients, but mainly in Śródmieście and its most prestigious parts (Mokotowska, Wiejska, Lwowska, Koszykowa streets). Outside Śródmieście, especially where the immediate surroundings are not always as attractive, selling apartments in a pre-war historical buildings is a much bigger challenge.

Property parameters
Measurement – 115 m2
District – Mokotów
Price – 2170000 PLN
Backstage of selling an atmospheric apartment in a pre-war restored building in Mokotów



The client commissioned us to sell a very interesting, but unusual property. It was a tastefully finished apartment in a tenement house in Górny (Upper) Mokotów. Apartments in tenement houses are a unique and desirable type of real estate, but above all in Śródmieście and its most prestigious parts (Mokotowska, Wiejska, Lwowska, Koszykowa streets).  In places where the surroundings are not always equally attractive its a little bit different. The more the sale of this apartment was an ambitious challenge for us.



Square footage: 115 m2
District : Mokotów
Price: PLN 1,800,000





Analyzing the potential of the offer, we came to the conclusion that this property requires an appropriate setting and its promotion should be shrouded in an aura of unavailability. Like most luxury real estate, it was not suitable for publication on portals that are by nature targeted at the mass client and which devalue the value of the offer in the eyes of buyers.



We decided to do a photo session with home staging. We published the offer only on our website, promoting it on our social media. Thanks to this strategy, we quickly aroused the interest of the first customers. One of the greatest values ​​of the Lions Estate brand is the gathering of a very large group of demanding and wealthy clients who first look for the most interesting sales offers in the capital with us.


To further maximize the chances of profitable sales, we sent direct invitations to selected customers from our database. The effect was immediate. In a short time we had three strong customers who eventually bid with each other.

in luxury real estate sale

Lions Estate is the most recommended premium real estate agency in Warsaw. We help demanding clients with the purchase of hard-to-reach real estate: apartments in the best buildings, tenement houses, penthouses, houses in prestigious locations.

Over the years we have gained experience in selling luxury real estate.