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Powsin - In the heart of a picturesque cultural park

Powsin In the heart of a picturesque cultural park


In the heart of a picturesque cultural park

Powsin is located in the southern part of Warsaw. It is about 4 km away from Wilanów. Its area also includes Skarpa Powsińska with the Botanical Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Park of Culture, which is the favorite place of rest for local residents. Powsin is a quiet and peaceful neighborhood, set in a unique natural landscape. It is also a luxurious architecture surrounded by green parks and gardens.


Powsin is an ideal place for a comfortable life surrounded by nature. Access to the center of Warsaw, located about 15 km away, is provided by the main route from Konstancin towards Wilanów.

Living in Powsin

Powsin was incorporated into Warsaw in 1951. Since 2002, it belongs to the Wilanów district. On its premises there are: Church of St. Elżbieta, Warsaw Insurgents Cemetery, Botanical Garden and Monument of Wigand of Powsin, Ciołek coat of arms However, the most characteristic place in this part of Warsaw is the 35-hectare Cultural Park with basketball and volleyball courts, an outdoor swimming pool, sports equipment rental and a concert shell where cultural events are held.


The 40 hectare Botanical Garden is located right next to the park. People who like an active lifestyle can take advantage of the bicycle paths and walks along the Vistula and the Kabacki Forest. An additional attraction is a horse farm. In Powsin there are also: public kindergarten and primary school, health clinic and shops.


Thanks to the opening of Korboński Street, Powsin gained a quick connection with Ursynów and Konstancin. An undoubted advantage of living in Powsin is also the proximity of the South Bypass of Warsaw, which thanks to the junction at ul. Przyczółkowa allows for quick travel to other districts of the capital, as well as efficient departure from the city.

Premium real estate market in Powsin

Houses predominate in the buildings of Powsin. Usually they are quite large, the area here ranges from 250m2 to 750m2. The main inhabitants of the area are families with children and expats (foreign diplomats and management staff). Powsin is a kind of alternative to Osiedle Konstancja. The availability of offers is high, and the interest is stable, seasonally higher during the holiday season. Compared to the neighboring Konstancin-Jeziorna or Wilanów, the prices are slightly lower here. On the secondary market, we have to pay an average of PLN 6,000-10,000 per square meter. According to experts from Lions Estate, prices are expected to remain at the current level, or possibly a slow increase.

Attractions in Powsin

The Culture Park in Powsin is an invaluable space for spending free time. The inhabitants of Powsin appreciate this place for the possibility of using many attractions, such as:

  • Tennis
  • Gym
  • Sauna
  • Holiday cottages
  • Bowling alley
  • Swimming pool
  • Playground
  • Mini golf
  • Fields for ball games
  • Rope park
  • Outdoor gym
  • Catering facilities


The Culture Park also performs cultural and animation functions. In its central part there is a stage prepared for games with animators and organizing small theater performances. In the area around the stage there is a recreation area with a source of drinking water and picnic tables. Right next to it is a music garden with xylophones, drums and bells. There is also space for backyard games.


Real enthusiasts of the plant world will be delighted with the space of the Botanical Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences, which houses an extraordinary collection of common, ornamental, utility and exotic plants.

Advantages of living in Powsin

  • living in a green, quiet neighborhood, yet close to Warsaw
  • international schools with very high level of education located nearby Powsin (American, British, French, German),
  • green, picturesque area with a park and a beauiful botanical garden,
  • modern bicycle routes,
  • close proximity to the Kabacki Forest,
  • golf course,
  • horse studs,
  • playgrounds for ball games.

Schools and kindergartens in Powsin

Thanks to the proximity of Warsaw, parents and guardians have an unlimited choice of available nurseries, kindergartens and schools with a very high level of education – both public and private. In Powsin itself there are:

  • English-speaking Montessori Stepping Stones kindergarten, Przyczółkowa Street 140
  • School and Kindergarten Complex No. 3, Przyczółkowa Street 27
  • Primary School No. 104, Przyczółkowa Street 27


Recommended restaurants and cafes

For lovers of good food, in the heart of the picturesque park of culture, the “Powsin” restaurant was established, which is located in a recreation and sports pavilion, near the tennis courts – Maślaków Street, 1. You can taste traditional Polish dishes, organize a party or a business meeting there.


For dinner with family or friends, you can go to the “Cuda Wianki” restaurant, which offers delicious Polish cuisine, prepared from the highest quality ingredients – Przekorna Street, 15.


In the season from spring to autumn, it is worth visiting the Botanical Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences. We will find there many stalls with local food products, as well as an atmospheric cafe.

The most popular investments in Powsin

In Powsin, one of the most popular premium investments is Osiedle Patio. The environmental values ​​of the estate are determined by the buffer zone of the Kabacki Forest, large areas of fields stretching to the historic Wilanów, relatively good transport connections with the center of the capital, proximity to the Botanical Garden and the Health Resort in Konstancin.

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