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Bielany - The green lungs of Warsaw

Bielany The green lungs of Warsaw


One of the greenest districts of the capital

Bielany is called the “green lungs of the capital” for a reason – almost 2 hectares of Bielany are covered with areas full of various vegetation. Cameral, quiet neighborhood, the vicinity of the Kampinos National Park and numerous parks and forests will delight enthusiasts of outdoor recreation. Bielany has great development potential – it is popular among investors and the number of inhabitants is systematically growing.


Living in Bielany

Bielany district is located in the north-western part of Warsaw, on the left bank of the Vistula River. They are the sixth largest district in the capital. They are adjacent to two suburban communes – Łomianki and Izabelin, and three districts of the capital – Bemowo, Żoliborz and Białołęka. The northern border of Bielany is also the northern border of Warsaw.

The Municipal Information System divides Bielany into fourteen parts, among which we can distinguish areas such as:

  • Chomiczówka
  • Huta
  • Las Bielański (Bielański Forrest)
  • Marymont-Kaskada
  • Marymont-Ruda
  • Młociny
  • Piaski
  • Placówka
  • Radiowo
  • Słodowiec
  • Stare Bielany (Old Bielany)
  • Wawrzyszew
  • Wólka Węglowa
  • Wrzeciono



Quality of life in Bielany

In Bielany there are typically large urban estates, as well as beautiful, well-kept green areas, inviting to walks at any time of the year. Thanks to the surrounding nature, the air here is much cleaner than in Śródmieście. People living in Bielany are satisfied with the intimate, safe nature of the area, which, apart from the everyday peaceful environment, offers good transport connections with other districts of the city. Communication with the southern part of the city is facilitated primarily by numerous metro stations and the expressway – S8. Both people with a metropolitan lifestyle and amateurs of peace and quiet will find their place in Bielany.

People living in Bielany have access to a wide range of medical facilities – there are, among others, Bielański Hospital with 32 specialist clinics. The residents of the district also give a positive assessment of the extensive network of pharmacies, including one operating 24 hours a day.

The neighborhood is friendly to families with children. Numerous nurseries, kindergartens and schools, as well as a wide range of sports clubs and attractions for children, are positively assessed by the majority of parents living in Bielany. In addition to numerous playgrounds, families have other attractions at their disposal, including:

  • Trampoline Park, Marymoncka 34F Street – apart from trampolines, there is also a climbing wall, an obstacle course, a playground, and football fields.
  • Traveler’s Rope Park, Cegłowska 39 Street – for children and teenagers, with two tracks of different difficulty levels.
  • Młociński Park – in addition to bicycle paths and walking educational trails, you will find here football fields, a playground, a place for picnics and bonfires
  • Ale Zebra Warszawa Entertainment Center (What a Zebra! Warsaw Entertainment Center), Kolumbijska 9 Street – an entertainment center that will appeal to both young and old. It offers a wide selection of games and serves delicious pizza.
  • Bielański Słoń, (Bielański Elephant), Wawrzyszew Street – a playground and entertainment park for children
  • Park Chomicza, Aspect 67 Street


Real estate market in Bielany

Currently, Bielany enjoys a growing interest from investors, young families looking for their first apartment, as well as people looking for stylish, premium-class properties, surrounded by greenery. The greatest demand here, as is often the case with other districts, is for flats and apartments on the metro line. City residences and elegant tenement houses in Stare Bielany are also very popular. More and more customers are also looking for houses with large gardens in Młociny.

The purchase of real estate in Bielany will be an ideal solution for people looking for a flat or house in a place well connected with other parts of the city, at the same time situated in a quiet, green area. Residents who consider living in Bielany can be sure that no housing estates or investment areas will be built in the vast green areas. This is due to the presence of a large number of protected areas in this area (Bielański Forest, Olszyna Park, Herbert Park) as well as spatial development plans and constant interventions by current residents who do not agree to limit the number of areas full of vegetation.

When buying an apartment in Warsaw’s Bielany, you have to take into account the price from PLN 10,500 per square meter. The most popular sizes of flats in this area are around 60 m2. According to experts from Lions Estate, real estate prices in Bielany will slowly but steadily increase.


nieruchomości na bielanach

Green areas in Bielany

The greatest advantage of Bielany is undoubtedly the greenery, which covers over 60% of the district’s area. One of the most popular green areas in the area is the Bielański Forest Nature Reserve, unique on a European scale – a remnant of the former medieval Masovian Forest. There are also large parks in other parts of the district; they include: Park Kępa Potocka, Park Olszyna and Zbigniew Herbert Park. The Młociński Forest, the nature and landscape complexes “Dęby Młocińskie” (Młocińskie Oaks) and “Olszyna”, Stawy Brustmana and Młocińskie (Brustman and Młocińskie Pounds) are also encouraged to walk. Bielany is also adjacent to the Kampinos National Park, which is extremely popular among Warsaw residents.

Attractions and free time

Bielany is a perfect place for fans of running and cycling. The area offers many interesting cross-country and cycling routes, including direct to Kampinos and the Vistula River. Picturesque bicycle routes run along the main streets of the district, crossing the entire Bielany. There are also many Veturillo city bike stations in the area. Fans of physical activity can take advantage of the numerous swimming pools in this district, gyms (fitness clubs of the well-known Calypso and ZDROFIT chains), as well as intimate neighborhood facilities and outdoor gyms. There are schools and clubs in the AWF (Academy of Physical Education) that offer interesting physical activities: from tennis, through swimming, to strength sports: boxing, karate. In Bielany you will find all-year-round tennis courts and football pitches, sports halls, and basketball and volleyball courts.

Fans of shopping can take advantage of the extensive offer of the largest shopping center in the area – Galeria Młociny (Młociny Shopinng Mall). The multitude of shops, service points, entertainment and boutiques available there will meet the expectations of customers looking for premium goods, shopping opportunities and eco goods.

Cultural offer of Bielany

Fans of cultural events will not be disappointed – seasonal outdoor cinemas, exhibitions and various cultural events for whole families are popular in Bielany. Book lovers will also be satisfied – there are many libraries and bookstores in the area. There is also a small museum in Bielany, where you can admire exhibits related to the history of Żoliborz and Bielany. The local Bielany Cultural Center is a respected social and cultural institution with numerous branches throughout the district. Amateurs of high culture can take advantage of the offer of Bielańska Stage Chamber – a unique space created by the Musical Theater. Jan Kiepura; performances are held here four times a month. The Bielany Theater has also many fans. There are also art galleries in the district.


Bielany has a very wide educational offer. There are five public nurseries and four private ones. The district also has a diverse offer of kindergartens – thirty public and as many private ones operate here. Parents have an equally wide choice in the case of primary schools – there are several public primary schools here. Several of them have integration departments. Non-public schools, including one Catholic, are also very popular.

There are as many as 15 secondary schools in Bielany, including 10 general secondary schools. In the district there are also: Technical School of Economics No. 5, Stefan Żeromski Technical School of Books, Stanisław Staszic Technical School No. 25

The most prestigious schools are:

  • Jose Marti XXII Secondary School with Bilingual Branches, with an emphasis on language education, mainly English and Spanish
  • Joachim Lelewel XLI Liceum Ogólnokształcące (High School) – a prestigious Warsaw educational institution focused on teaching science and social subjects
  • Ignacy Domeyko CXXII General Secondary School, educating outstanding students in strict fields

The Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education and the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University are also located in the Bielany area.



Restaurants and cafes

The inhabitants of Bielany have at their disposal highly rated restaurants and bars with international cuisine: incl. Japanese, Indian, Mexican, Italian. Thanks to continuous development, new eateries are constantly appearing on the map of the district. However, there are places valued not only by the inhabitants of Bielany, but also by other Warsaw residents.

Recommended places are:

  • Curry House Indian Cuisine, Żeromskiego 81 Street
  • Buenos Nachos Restaurant, Mexican cuisine, vegetarian and vegan-friendly, Broniewskiego 56a Street
  • Mia Famiglia, excellent Italian cuisine, Sokratesa 9 Street
  • Stacja Bielany (Bielany Station), Mediterranean, European and Spanish cuisine, Kasprowicza 63 Street
  • Chata u Kowalskich (A Cottage at the Kowalski’s), Polish cuisine, Conrada 18a Street
  • Czytelnia Cafe, Aleja Zjednoczenia 46
  • Elsner Cafe,  Przy Agorze 19 Street



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