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Saska Kępa - Europe in the Heart of Warsaw

Saska Kępa Europe in the Heart of Warsaw

Saska Kępa

Avantgarde in the District of Luxury

Saska Kępa is a part of the Praga Południe district, located in the right-bank part of Warsaw. It is considered one of the most beautiful places in the capital city. It emanates the charm of a small French village, full of elegance and style. The residents of Warsaw appreciate its appeal and unique character. Unique architecture, greenery, peace, great choice of restaurants and cafes as well as great connection with the city centre make Saska Kępa one of the most attractive places to live in the capital city. Kępa never goes out of fashion.


Living in Saska Kępa

Initially, Saska Kępa – an elegant villa district, situated far from the hustle of the busy, left-bank part of the city – was designed thinking of the wealthiest residents of the pre-war Warsaw. The representative, modernistic housing estate was also supposed to be a showpiece of Poland at the world exhibition planned for the mid 40’s.

Today’s Saska Kępa neighbours Kamionek, Grochów and Gocław. The villa buildings retained their inter-war architecture. Several housing estates as well as several stand-alone apartment buildings were built at the turn of 50’s and 70’s. of the 20th century. Many examples of pre-war modernism give Saska Kępa a specific climate and sense of separateness that are hard to find in other parts of Warsaw. It is also the venue of embassies and ambassadors’ manors.

Saska Kępa is an ideal place both for families with children looking for rest from the urban hustle and, concurrently, wanting to be near the city centre as well as those who are looking for a prestigious location and appreciate sophisticated architecture. Thus, it comes as no surprise that properties in Saska Kępa enjoy increasing interest.

Property Market in Saska Kępa

The architecture of Saska Kępa is mixed, there are many old tenement and detached houses, but also several modern apartment blocks. Demand is definitely higher than supply here, interest in properties in Saska Kępa is high and keeps growing. This is also connected with costs as this is the second most expensive district of Warsaw after Powiśle. Prices on the primary market start from PLN 20 000 per square metre. They are high but, according to the experts from Lions Estate, their maintenance in the nearest future is forecasted due to attractiveness and fashion for this district.

Quality of Life in Saska Kępa

Today’s Saska Kępa is one of the most favourite places of Warsaw residents. Here, the pace of life is visible slower than in the city centre. You can rest here walking among the greenery of charming streets, enjoy the pearls of modernistic architecture, have a coffee in one of the many cafes or have a sophisticated dinner and drink wine in your favourite restaurant.

Francuska street is one of the most characteristic locations of Saska Kępa. It reminds rather a peaceful promenade of a health resort than a street in the heart of the capital city. It is the home of many shops, confectionaries, cafes and restaurants – although these and other equally interesting places can be discovered in side streets as well as nooks and crannies of entire Saska Kępa.

The residents of this housing estate (as the entire region of Saska Kępa is commonly referred to) have everything they need to live here.

Even though Saska Kępa is located on the right bank of Vistula, it is perfectly communicated with the city centre. Poniatowski bridge provides a quick route for car, bus or tram transport.  The developed network of connections allows to access the Central Railway Station and Złote Tarasy shopping centre quickly, even during rush hours. Near the National Stadium, located right outside the borders of Saska Kępa, there is a station of the second metro line and PKP Stadium railway station. Saska Kępa is loved by cyclists. It is a peaceful district, with many low traffic intensity streets. There are cycling routes along the main arteries.

Saska Kępa is a very safe, peaceful and well-kept region, and the comfort of life here belongs to highest in the city. There is a reason this area enjoys never-ending great interest. It is simply good to live in this part of the city.

Restaurants in Saska Kępa

Saska Kępa is exceptional in many aspects. Multiple mysterious streets, vicinity of the Vistula river and many interesting places for sightseeing encourage to take a walk and visit restaurants, cafes or tea shops to quench your thirst or satisfy your appetite.

Recommendation worthy venues:

  • Biała zjedz i wypij – 2 Francuska street
  • PINSA – 6 Francuska street – Italian cuisine
  • Think Love Juices & Vegan Food – 14 Francuska street – vegetarian cuisine
  • Vegan Ramen Shop – 12a Finlandzka 12 street

Recommendation worthy venues

Parks and green areas in Saska Kępa

The great number of green and recreation areas encourage to move to Saska Kępa. The largest of them is Skaryszewski Park with Kamionkowskie Lake where you can rent kayaks in the summer season.

Skaryszak – as the Warsaw residents tend to call it – is one of the biggest historical parks of Warsaw. In the park, you will find:

  • Tennis courts of the Academic Sports Association
  • Amphitheatre shell
  • Stadium – currently used by Drukarz club
  • Exclusive restaurant “Figaro Park”
  • Cafes
  • “Pod Pstrągiem” pub (also renting sailing equipment)

the park

Attractions in Saska Kępa

There is a big community of artists in Saska Kępa thanks to which the visitors can feel the exceptional microclimate created by the modern artists. If you love culture and art, you can definitely find them here.

Obrońców street is the seat of the Gallery of Fine Arts and Experimental Litography Workshop, whereas Jakubowska street is the address of Dom Funkcjonalny (Functional Home). The PROM Culture Promotion Club operates at Brukselska street, near Rondo Wolframa (Wolfram Roundabout), housing the Kępa cinema, theatre, rooftop cafe, art gallery and an entertainment hall.

In addition to culture, Saska Kępa has a tempting sport offer.

  • National Stadium at Rondo Waszyngtona
  • Sport and Recreation Centre – SASKA Community Sport Hall at Saska street
  • International Sport Centre no. 2 at Wał Miedzeszyński street

Education in Saska Kępa

Saska Kępa is a district with art and intelligence traditions. This is why the great selection of education institutions and culture centres comes as no surprise. There are two public schools teaching in foreign languages in Saska Kępa. High education level is provided by the private French higher and lower secondary schools. Saska Kępa was chosen for its seat by the prestigious Antoine de Saint – Exupery School, providing education in three languages – Polish, French and English.

Education in Saska Kępa

Free Time in Saska Kępa

The climate of Saska Kępa is shaped by the rich commercial and service offer. Here, which is now a rare sight in Warsaw, the traditional craft and small family shops have survived for you to visit. Saska Kępa is in fashion, attracting also young entrepreneurs who open their boutiques, cafes and restaurants where you can find respite after a workday.

The cycling infrastructure is getting better every year. There is an exceptional route running across Saska Kępa, along the riverbank. In the summer, you can take a fairy to cross to the left bank of the Vistula river to explore the central districts of the city. The residents of Kępa love spending their free time in the Skaryszewski Park nearby, attracting visitors with a rich cultural and entertainment offer, and in one of several sport clubs.

Facilities with children can spend time at the famous beach at the Poniatowski Bridge wgere a new playground has been functioning since 2018, with a mill wheel, dams, and cascades as well as a small rope park and swings.

Most Popular Investments in Saska Kępa

The best investments in Saska Kępa include Dom Saski, luxurious apartments at 5 Londyńska street and 46 Berezyńska street.

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