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Miasteczko Wilanów - A City in the City

Miasteczko Wilanów A City in the City

Miasteczko Wilanów

A City in the City

Miasteczko Wilanów Housing Estate is located in the southern part of the city, in the peaceful area of the Wilanów Palace. It is a part of the western Wilanów district. There are many green areas nearby, including the Ostoja Wilanów Park. The location of the housing estate ensures very well developed commercial infrastructure and convenient travel from the city centre and office centres in the districts of Wilanów and Mokotów.

One of the most fashionable housing estates in the capital

Wilanów is quite a young district, the dynamic development of which started at the beginning of the 21st century. What drove the development, was the Miasteczko Wilanów Housing Estate, located close to the city centre and the office hub in Służewiec. Today, this is the most dynamically developing district in terms of construction of commercial and private premises.


Miasteczko Wilanów Housing Estate is one of the most impressive housing estate. Thanks to ordered urban space, modern apartment buildings and recreational green areas, living in this area is comfortable and convenient. Over several years, Miasteczko Wilanów Housing Estate has become one of the most fashionable places to live in the capital city.

Living in Miasteczko Wilanów

The estate is rather dominated by low buildings, often with a lot of glass, which are very coherent with the surroundings. The buildings are very well matching, both in terms of their looks and their structure. Therefore, apartments in Wilanów exhibit a homogeneous architectural style.


The Miasteczko Wilanów Housing Estate is referred to as a city within the city, as it includes all that is needed to have a good life. Year in, year out it has become more and more self-sufficient: hospitals, healthcare counselling centres, small cafes, shopping centres, commercial premises, confectioneries etc. are being created here. There are ever more possibilities to spend free time, from its active forms such as cycling or jogging, to plenty of cultural events.


The Wilanów district is well connected with other districts, which allows you to quickly and easily reach the headquarters of many companies. In addition, Wilanów is very close to the international airport. Frederic Chopin. It only takes 10 minutes to get there.


The inhabitants of Wilanów, due to the large number of specially prepared routes, can also ride on bikes. Wilanów is a district, the idea of ​​which is to navigate ecologically in urban areas. It is recommended to give up cars and public transport in favor of bikes, rollers, jogging and walking.

Property Market in Miasteczko Wilanów

Nowy Wilanów is developed mainly by low-rise, three- or four-story high-standard apartment buildings. Nowy Wilanów has been constantly developing for about 15 years, which is why the space for new investments is slowly running out. It is an almost completely built-up district, dominated by modern construction with security, underground garage and reception. Most of them are apartments with two or three bedrooms with an area of ​​up to 130 m2. The demand for living in this district is high, and the scale of real estate offered is quite large, and it is seasonal.


Nowy Wilanów is a popular place of residence for foreigners, so-called expats, as well as singles and families with children. Everyone is actively involved in social life. Compared to other districts of Warsaw, such as Śródmieście or Mokotów, the prices of apartments in Nowy Wilanów are relatively low, but due to the high standard of finish and modernity of the district, it is not the cheapest place in the capital.


The interest in living in this area is high and is systematically growing, the secondary market is growing more and more dynamically here, with prices starting from PLN 12,000 per square meter. The cost of renting a high-standard apartment with two bedrooms is about PLN 6,000-7,000 per month. Experts from Lions Estate forecast that the prices of apartments in Nowy Wilanów will increase due to the high demand, attractiveness and specificity of the district where everything is within walking distance.

Quality of Life in Miasteczko Wilanów

Wilanów is a district with great potential. Thanks to successive prestigious investments, its status is constantly growing. Its reputation is evidenced by high ratings in popularity rankings. In the opinion of the residents of Wilanów, it is the safest district in the capital. This is certainly an issue that young Varsovians should pay attention to when deciding to buy a flat and start their own family. Another aspect is the cleanliness and care of residents for the environment in which they live. Here, too, Wilanów leaves the competition far behind. There is no other such clean and elegant district in the capital city.


According to the residents of Miasteczko Wilanów, what attracts new tenants is primarily beautiful green areas, unique atmosphere, which is a combination of historical buildings with greenery and recreational areas. Wilanów is also a favorite of famous people of culture, sport, business and politics.

Restaurants in Miasteczko Wilanów

Miasteczko Wilanów tempts with its rich culinary offer. Every year, there are more charming places where you can rest, eat a good meal and have a good time after a day at work.

Recommended venues in Miasteczko Wilanów:

  • Basisco Wilanów, 11 Adama Branickiego street
  • Tratoria Rukola, 1 Klimczaka street
  • Saffron and Spices, 20/87 Klimczaka street
  • Batida
  • Grycan

Attractions in Miasteczko Wilanów

There is a lot going on in the Wilanów district. Even though there are not many attractions in Miasteczko Wilanów itself, the entire district and its surrounding areas are perfect for sightseeing.


The cycling routes along Zawady Embankment and Vistula beaches enjoy great popularity in the summer. It is also a perfect place to set off for a trip outside the city. Those who participate in cultural life can take part in the events organised by the Wilanów Cultural Centre.


The main cultural life hub and drive in Wilanów is the Museum of Palace at Wilanów and the Poster Museum, which is located in a former palace riding hall. The most popular cultural events organised in it are Summer Royal Concerts in the Rose Garden, International Summer Academy of Early Music – which is a meeting platform for musicians from all over the world – and the International Poster Biennale.

Kindergartens and Schools in Miasteczko Wilanów

The housing estate has a public nursery and kindergarten at Urszuli Ledóchowskiej Street. Additionally, there are several private education institutions, such as Deutsche Schule in Warschau – a prestigious German speaking facility, Polsko-Niemiecka Szkoła Spotkań i Dialogu im. Willy’ego Brandta (Willy Brandt’s Polish-German School of Meetings and Dialogue), British kindergarten Baby English, Akademia Uśmiechu (Smile Academy) as well as A. Einstein’s elementary school, with a mission to train leaders.


Across Wilanów, there are a lot of private educational facilities teaching children at the highest level.


  • Nursery and kindergarten at Urszula Ledóchowska street –
  • Deutsche Schule in Warschau –
  • Baby English Academy Kindergarten –
  • Bilingual Kindergarten Academy of Smile –
  • Nursery, Kindergarten and Primary School A. Einstein –

Free Time in Miasteczko Wilanów

There are multiple service outlets, cafes and restaurants on the ground floors of the entire housing estate. The estate contains everything the inhabitants who appreciate the comfort of everyday life would need. Outside the housing estate there are a lot of places that encourage active leisure with children and friends – the beach of Wilanów, the Botanical Garden in Powsin, the graduation tower in Konstancin, outdoor gyms, a shooting range, a golf course, a tennis club – Tenis Wil – which can be used outside summer as well, a stud farm, the Kabaty Forest.


Wilanów also has something to offer for the spirit and body. Residents of Wilanów, actively practicing sports, can use many sports centers and fitness clubs. There are also many centers offering relaxation and biological regeneration, as well as SPA rooms, which offer a wide range of treatments.


The commercial and service infrastructure is a newly developing part of Wilanów. Residents can take advantage of new projects, such as: Royal Wilanów (an ecological office building, also friendly to people who want to rest, do shopping or meet with friends) and the Shopping Center at Plac Vogla. It is planned to open Galeria Wilanów with shops, service points and a lounge area with a playground and a green area. Residents also eagerly use the shopping center with a cinema located in the nearby Mokotów district – Sadyba Best Mall.

Most Popular Investments in Wilanów

As New Wilanów forms somewhat of a small city consisting of luxurious apartments, they are not very diversified. The most popular investments include Ostoja Wilanów, Fountain Wilanów or Avangarden.

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