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Służew - Your Story Starts Here

Służew Your Story Starts Here


Your Story Starts Here

Służew is a part of the Mokotów district. Its location is a perfect combination of advantages of a big city as well as peace and quiet of a green nook of Warsaw. The borders of this area are delimited by: Wilanowska avenue, Obrzeżna street and the southern border of Mokotów district – Dolina Służewiecka, Bokserska and Wyścigowa streets. Służew is often confused with Służewiec, even though differences can be noticed, for example, in the form of development. The advantage of this location is the developed urban infrastructure, multitude of catering facilities, shops as well as cultural and entertainment institutions. The neighbouring Mokotów invites to spend your leisure time there as it is one of the greenest areas of Warsaw.

Living in Służew

The style of the 30’s is prevalent in the housing estates of Służew. An example can be the area called City-Garden Służew (also referred to as Low Służew). It features art-deco houses, properties built in the modified functionalism mansion style as well as monumental houses typical for the modernistic period. It is an architectural phenomenon reaching beyond the scale of Warsaw. The City-Garden Służew Association was founded to maintain and protect the urbanistic layout and architectural order of the historical buildings and natural monuments that this area is also rich in.


Służew offers also a great number of green areas. The largest area is Dolinka Służewiecka Park with the Służewiec Stream The development of this part of the city has a great influence on the demand and interest in this area. Służew attracts young people and families with small children with its climate as it has a very well-developed urban infrastructure – service centres, shops, playgrounds and education institutions. Additionally, small distance from the centre and metro stations makes this place resident-friendly.

Properties in Służew

Older types of building developments are prevalent in Służew, but there are also stand-alone apartment buildings and, near Wilanowska metro station, modern detached houses. Most apartments have two or three rooms and area of 60-70 m2. We can also easily find apartments with one bedroom with an area of ca. 50m2. The scale of premium offers is pretty small and the interest remains stable. The main groups of residents include: locals, families with children and young people. The level of prices in Służew is moderate. Prices are lower than in Mordor situated nearby. The secondary market is dominant, with apartment prices starting from PLN 10 000 per square metre. The prices of houses are high, slightly lower than in Old Mokotów. The experts from Lions Estate are of the opinion that prices in Służew will remain at the current level or will slightly decrease, whereas in the case of modern investments – we will experience a slight growth.

Living in Służew

The housing estates in Służew are functional. In addition to the greenness, peace and quite as well as perfect transport routes, Służew nad Dolinką offers also multiple facilities responding to the needs and expectations of the local community.

Facilities for residents:

  • kindergartens, elementary schools, lower and higher secondary schools,
  • very good transport connection with the metro,
  • shops in the housing estate,
  • service centres,
  • markets with fresh produce,
  • pharmacies,
  • modern playgrounds for the youngest children,
  • on the initiative of the “Służew nad Dolinką” Housing Co-operative, a community centre for children aged 7-16 has been successfully operating for many years, offering education and care-taking services free of charge,
  • Oligocene water consumption intake,
  • multi-floor car park at 1 Mozarta street,
  • sport and recreation complex at Noakowskiego street,
  • football pitch with natural turf,
  • outdoor gyms,
  • outdoor recreation complex “Górki Służewskie”.

To improve security, the area of Służew is under video surveillance.

Additional advantages of the location include:

  • good transport communication with other districts of Warsaw,
  • easy access to the southern Warsaw bypass road,
  • horse racetrack,
  • green areas, perfect to spend your free time,
  • Veturilo bike rental centre,
  • Galeria Mokotów shopping centre nearby.

Służew is something more than comfort of living. It is also safety, harmony and closeness to nature. It is a place you want to come back to after a hard day of work.

Służew is one of those districts that combine residential and office areas. Companies having their registered offices here include: Hewlett Packard Polska Sp. z o.o., Red Bull Sp. z o.o., Comparex Poland Sp. z o.o., Globema. For this reason as well as due to vicinity of office areas, including the famous Mordor, many Warsaw residents and even people from outside Warsaw come here to work. It is also an advantage resulting in such a high demand for apartments here.

Attractions of Służew

Dolina Służewska Park, with the picturesque Służewiec Stream, is one of only few this vast, green and naturally beautiful areas of the capital city. Impressive greenery creates an exceptional enclave of peace and quiet.

Służew Community Centre, “Służewiak” Senior’s Club, National Audio-Visual Institute hold interesting meetings, concerts, lectures, performances, exhibitions and valuable classes. Their offer attracts renowned guests from Poland and abroad.

“Arena Służew” Sport Club in the housing estate is a place of sport and recreation.

Every year the Co-operative and Służew Community Centre organise a Family Picknick in the housing estate. The picknick features concerts and performances of children and youth bands of Służew Community Centre, whereas the participants are offered various games, plays and workshops.

Sport enthusiasts will appreciate the network of cycling routes with perfect jogging and walking conditions – they are an ideal place for active rest.

Służewiec Fort is a place worth seeing, surrounded by a small forested area. Another advantage are multiple markets offering fresh produce.

Education in Służew

This part of Mokotów is the seat of multiple education institutions, including the famous Lazarski University, Institute of Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences or the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw. Additionally, there are several elementary and secondary schools here.

Examples of Schools and Universities in Służew

  • “Słoneczna Dolinka” Kindergarten No. 80
  • Bronisław Malinowski Elementary School No. 107
  • Multischool International School (Elementary School)
  • Lazarski University
  • Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw

Parks and Green Areas in Służew

  • Dolina Służewiecka Park
  • Służew Park
  • P. Pawlukiewicz Park

Recommended Cafes and Restaurants:

  • Cichy Kącik, Polish cuisine, 11 Wałbrzyska street
  • Shilla, 11 Wałbrzyska street
  • Uchwyceni w Kadrze cafe, 32 Rzymowskiego street
  • To Lubię! cafe, 2 Dominikańska street

A unique meeting place is Fort 8 located in the 19 century revitalised barracks. This place is unique in terms of architecture and location.  The tsar’s fortress is situated far from the larger housing estates. Fort 8 was created having demanding customers in mind as it houses exclusive cafes, restaurants and shops. The Fort houses a popular restaurant – Dziurka od klucza. There is also a whisky bar, Garo Sushi restaurant, wine shop, Beef shop where you can purchase quality beef from eco-breeders from Warmia and taste-test specific products. Other services include the design bureau of Dorota Szelągowska, Cut it Studio hairdresser’s and Nail Spa manicure salon. Furthermore, the Eighth Park is located right next to Fort 8 – it was established in the green area belonging to the historical territory of Fort VIII Służewiec.

Służew is a perfect place to live!

Most Popular Investments in Służew

The most popular premium investments in Służew include: Melody Park, cosy apartments at 8e Niedźwiedzia street and 4 Wyścigowa street.

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