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Ursynów - Family-Oriented District

Ursynów Family-Oriented District


Family-Oriented District of Ursynów

Ursynów is located in the southern part of Warsaw. As regards its area and number of inhabitants, it is the third largest districts of the Polish capital city. Despite dense population, Ursynów is not overcrowded. This is because of its natural landscape: the Kabaty Woods nature reserve, Imielińskie Lake and the urban greenery – Roman Kozłowski Park, Gucin Gaj Park and the Botanic Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Advantages of the Location:

Ursynów was one of the most dynamically developing districts of Warsaw. In the 1970s, gigantic housing estates were started to be built here, which were, so to speak, the “bedroom” of the large city. During that time, new streets, houses and commercial facilities started to emerge. A part of Ursynów started to transform into a villa district. Thanks to reasonable policy of the city authorities and the activity of its inhabitants, Ursynów managed to change. Today, it is a vibrant metropolis. The district of often called a “city within a city”. You are not overwhelmed by population density or crowds. There is a lot of free space between buildings, pavements are wide and greenery is everywhere.

The district has three horse racing tracks, the Ursynów Arena and the Culture Park in Powsin. You can get to the district of Śródmieście (city centre) by the underground, with its five stations in the district, and the following avenues are the main arteries: KEN and Jana Anody Rodowicza and Puławska Street.

Advantages of the Location:

  • quick access to the city centre – I underground line;
  • proximity of the Kabacki Forest;
  • perfect location for professionally active people who would like to reconcile their work life with sport activities;
  • rich urban infrastructure: commerce, health, education and culture;
  • proximity of the S2 expressway streamlines access to the Warsaw Chopin Airport and the district of Bemowo.

Ursynów is a perfect place to live for most inhabitants. The district is not only conveniently located, but its inhabitants often organise garden parties, festivals and fairs, during which they get together with their neighbours.

Living in Ursynów

Undoubtedly, one of the advantages of Ursynów is its location and perfect public transport. The district borders with the district of Mokotów, the favourite district of Warsaw inhabitants. In addition, great communication with the other parts of the city makes the real properties in this district more elite and attractive.

There are five underground stations in the district: Ursynów, Stokłosy, Natolin, Imielin and Kabaty. Thanks to this, inhabitants have no difficulty commuting to work to the city centre.

Another advantage of Ursynów is the proximity of green areas. A short walk or several minutes by the underground is enough to reach an entirely different space – the Kabaty Forest. This is undoubtedly the perfect place to rest, far away from the busy urban life.

Property Market in Ursynów

Ursynów is dominated by detached, terraced and duplex houses as well as suites in newly developed buildings.  The houses are not large, their area ranges from 150 to 250 m2; the apartments, on the other hand, have from 40 to 110 m2 of area and there is dominance of smaller units. Ursynów is mostly inhabited by families with children. The scale of available offerings is wide: this is one of the few districts of Warsaw where supply is higher than demand. Interest is relatively low as Ursynów, compared to the other districts of the capital city, develops and modernises more slowly. Real properties are quite cheap here, their prices are lower than in the neighbouring districts of Mokotów or Wilanów.  According to the experts from Lions Estate, the prices of apartments in this area will grow, but they will do so more slowly as there are no stimuli developing the district.

Life Quality in Ursynów

Ursynów inhabitants cherish the area for its omnipresent greenery, modern playgrounds, safety and proximity of kindergartens and schools, which you can reach without crossing larger arteries. This is a good choice for those whose life revolves around their living place – families with children or the elderly. The advantages of the district are numerous shopping centres and recreational, cultural and sports facilities. A lot of restaurants operate here, which in their offer have dishes from various parts of the world.

Ursynów is also the location of the seats of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and several other private universities. As a result, the district is also inhabited by a lot of students.

Ursynów is a district recommended for families with children due to a high level of schools, good reputation of kindergartens and nurseries and a network of modern playgrounds, courts and swimming pools. Nevertheless, the lovers of the big city life will also feel good here: they will be able to go to numerous restaurants, gyms and fitness clubs and enjoy a rich cultural offer.

This part of the district is well developed in terms of commercial infrastructure – hairdressers, spa and wellness centres or massage parlours. Moreover, Ursynów is also a place where seasonal products can be bought in stands found on popular passageways.

Restaurants in Ursynów

Restaurants in Ursynów are often and eagerly visited by the district inhabitants. As there are many of those, everyone will find something special for themselves, both in terms of taste and atmosphere. You can eat dishes from all over the world in Ursynów: Italian, American, Georgian, Balkan, French, Spanish, Indian and – of course – Polish. Georgian dishes are served by Gaumarjos at KEN street and Italian ones – Antich Caffe at Wąwozowa street. Vegetarians, vegans and sushi lovers will also find something for themselves here. Vegan dishes are served for instance by Warzywiarnia at Wańkowicza street. A lot of restaurants are opened for families with children, giving them access to a special play corner.

Other restaurants of Ursynów worth recommending are:

  • BASILIA 24 KEN ave. (Kabaty underground station). This is a cult place on the map of Ursynów. This Italian, Sicilian to be exact, restaurant serves delicious dishes from the Apennine Peninsula.
  • INDIAN RESTAURANT GANESH 21 KEN ave. is a fresh and aromatic cuisine served by cooks from Nepal.
  • RESTAURANTE CZYLI CZYLI 19 KEN ave. premises U2/3. The Czyli Czyli restaurant from Kabaty serves Italian dishes. Their Pastas, frutti di mare and pizzas represent the finest food quality.

Attractions in Ursynów

In Ursynów, there are a lot of places related to the Polish history, culture and science. One of them is the 18th-century Krasiński Palace. The Palace and Park Complex in Natolin (or the Natolin Park) is also worth visiting. It dates back to the times of John III Sobieski. Today, it is located in two districts: Ursynów and Wilanów. The park can be visited with a guide from spring to autumn.

In turn, the Botanical Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences, located in Powsin, will be an attraction for botany lovers. The garden has the area of 40 ha. Plant varieties bred by Polish scientists grow there: roses, tropical plants, medicinal plants, fruit and vegetables. The district is also the home of one of the oldest trees of Poland – the oak named “Mieszko I”, several hundred years old.

Recommended Venues Near Ursynów:

  • Fort called “Służew”
  • Horse racing tracks of Służewiec
  • Monumental villages of Kabaty and Wolica

Kindergartens and Schools in Ursynów

Due to its rich education offer, Ursynów is a perfect place for families with children at kindergarten or preschool age. There are so many educational facilities here that everyone will find the right one near their residence.

Apart from science, the southern part of the capital city offers children a lot of attractions. The place is, for instance, full of playgrounds. The youngest children can also visit numerous clubhouses and playrooms. Older ones can spend their time in a skate park in the park at Przy Bażantarnia street. Libraries and culture centres organise free workshops for children at different age. Furthermore, the district authorities fund sport classes for the youngest district inhabitants, e.g. football trainings on an Orlik pitch at Przy Bażantarni street.

The youngest Ursynów inhabitants can go to 5 public nurseries, but die to the growing demand, a network of private facilities is currently developing. There are several dozen such facilities in the district.

The kindergartens in Ursynów are first and foremost public facilities. Similarly as in the case of nurseries, they do not meet the needs of the inhabitants of the district fully. The demand is satisfied by private facilities, which offer a lot of attractions for the youngest.

There are over a dozen public and elementary schools in Ursynów (including 3 with integrated classes) and non-public ones, run by foundations, associations and individuals. In the future, new ones are to be built.

High schools in Ursynów are 3 public facilities in the first place: 63th Lajos Kossuth High school of general education, Aleksander Kamiński 70th High school of general education and Princess Izabela Czartoryska 68th High school of general education with bilingual classes. There are also 10 non-public high schools of general education in the district.

The most well-known university in that part of the city is the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, which has ranked as the leader among the best agricultural universities for many years, and the non-public Vistula University, which won in the Polish nationwide ranking of school internationalisation.

Selected education facilities:

  • Żyrafa integrated kindergarten with English and music, 19 Urwisko street
  • “Mali Odkrywcy” Bilingual Sports Kindergarten, 11 Dereniowa street
  • “Cztery Słonie” Creative non-public linguistic kindergarten, 22 Kulczyńskiego street
  • Montessori Children’s House, 26/28 Dzierzby street
  • I love Montessori, 39 Pląsy street
  • Robert Schuman Non-public elementary school no. 47 of the Primus Foundation
  • Samuel Bogumił Linde elementary school, 10 Jana Rosoła street
  • International American School Sp. z o.o., American non-public elementary school no. 44, 18 Dembego street
  • International Montessori School of Warsaw, 28 Dzierzby street
  • The International School, 2 Jagielska street
  • International Montessori High School of Warsaw, 26/28 Dzierzby street
  • MERIDIAN International high school of general education, 3 Stokłosy street

Free Time in Ursynów

Great public transport and nearby green areas are not the only reasons for living in Ursynów. Those who love spending their free time outdoors will surely appreciate the fact that Ursynów has the longest cycling routes – over 40 kilometres in total. Apart from that, the district offers lovers of sport challenges sport and recreation facilities such as fitness rooms, indoor swimming pools (Hirszfelda, Koncertowej and Moczydło pools), football fields, gyms, bowling alleys, billiard rooms and the Hawajska complex.

The Ursynów commercial offering goes neck in neck with that of the other districts of Warsaw. There are some great restaurants, cafes or shopping centres here. All this results in the fact that the district is becoming more and more attractive and its interest among prospective clients is growing by the year.

Within the district, there are horse racing tracks in Służewiec, kart tracks, street workout parks and the Culture Park in Powsin with a ropes course, a swimming pool, game rooms and tennis courts.

There are several culture centres in Ursynów: SMB Imielin Culture Centre, Stokłosy Culture Centre, SMB Jary Arts Centre, Activity Gallery, Natolin Culture Centre and the Przy Lasku Club. What is also popular is a network of libraries consisting of 7 branches for adults and 5 for children, a scientific reading room, a foreign language reading room, a media library and the section with regional collections.


There is the Multikino Ursynów cinema in Ursynów, with 12 modern rooms. During the summer break, inhabitants can watch films outdoors – this is the so-called outdoor cinema in Ursynów (e.g. at the foot of the Kopa Cwila hill). Films are screened in district culture centres as well and in the Ursynów District Culture Centre at Kajakowa street. Auditoriums have also been designed in the Ursynów Culture Centre that is being erected.


In the southern part of the district, no capital city theatre has is seats. However, Ursynów offers its inhabitants the possibility to watch guest theatre plays in culture centres and in the Multikino Ursynów cinema.

Shopping Centres of Ursynów

In the district of Ursynów, there are several shopping centres, which in one building house many commercial points and shops. The inhabitants can do shopping in the Ursynów Gallery, KEN CENTER gallery and the Ursynów Shopping Centre.

Parks and Green Areas in Ursynów

Over a dozen parks, squares and lakes encourage inhabitants to have a walk. Ursynów has vast green areas, where its inhabitants can spend their free time. Those are the Roman Kozłowski Park (or the Pod Kopą Cwila Park), the John Paul II Park, the Lasek Brzozowy Park, the Cichociemni Park, the Przy Bażantarnia Park, the Moczydełko Park, the Natolin Park and the area around the Zgorzała Lake. Adjacent to the Kabaty Woods, the district may easily compete with Żoliborz or Saska Kępa with its greenery.

Most Popular Investments in Ursynów

The most popular investments offering high standard are the housing estate of Nautica, suites at 2 Urwisko street and 58 Jana Rosoła street.

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