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Marina Mokotów - A city in the heart of Mokotów

Marina Mokotów A city in the heart of Mokotów

Marina Mokotów

A European standard in the heart of Mokotów

The Marina Mokotów estate is located within Wyględowo, at the intersection of Żwirki i Wigury and Racławicka Streets, which is in the heart of Warsaw’s Mokotów district. It is an elegant and stylish villa estate situated among the picturesque streets of Mokotów. It has been designed thinking of the most demanding customers. Light, spacious interiors, vast terraces, gardens and technical facilities contribute to increasing the comfort of living of the estate’s residents. The whole complex is extremely quiet, peaceful and very picturesque.

The town covers an area of ​​about 22 hectares. The greater part of it constitute parks with the fitness zone, a specially designed for residents lake, playgrounds, paths and an internal road connecting the housing estate with neighboring districts. Luxury apartments and houses are full of greenery. By 2020, the second stage of the investment will be implemented inspired by modernism and art déco.

Marina Mokotów is a project on a scale of such significant architectural projects in Warsaw as pre-war Saska Kępa or Żoliborz Oficerski. Due to its style and location, Marina Mokotów is an area very popular among expats.

Living at the Marina Mokotów estate

Wyględów is the area in ​​the northern part of the Mokotów district, located in Upper Mokotów. From the east it borders with the Mokotów neighbourhoods of Stary Mokotów and Wierzbno, from the south with Służewiec, from the south-west with the Włochy district, and from the west and north with the Ochota district.

The name comes from the village of Wyględowo-Kościesze founded in the 15th century, near the present Bełska Street. On its premises there are many interesting places and facilities, among others: Fort Mokotów, Gwardia Warsaw sports club, Warszawianka Aqua Park, Pole Mokotowskie and Królikarnia Park.

Real estate market

Marina Mokotów is a concept that was established in the years 2003 – 2007. At that time, a housing estate was built that is filled with modern residential buildings and villa houses – 14 residential buildings with 1027 apartments, 24 apartment buildings with 420 apartments, 54 semi-detached houses and 10 residences. Over half the area is covered by parks, secluded corners and a captivating lake. The estate is fenced and monitored 24 hours a day.

The housing estate is currently under development. The apartments of the 2nd stage of Marina Mokotów are to be ready in 2020. A new part will be built from Żwirki i Wigury Street in the vicinity of Śródmieście. Near the investment there is a well-developed urban infrastructure, and the project itself blends in with the Marina that has been around for several years and the surrounding greenery.

In the first stage of construction of the new Marina, a total of 215 apartments will be built in two modernist apartment buildings and 91 apartments in two residences combining the style of modernism with an art déco note.

The new stage of Marina envisages the creation of buildings in a modern style. The estate will be surrounded by greenery and art. The architects planned right next to the investment on the ramparts of the nineteenth-century fort, the creation of a unique park, which will be decorated with stone sculptures created in cooperation with the famous Polish Sculpture Center in Orońsko and the artist Robert Kuśmirowski. The installation of the artist Anna Barlik, who promotes art in urban space, will also find a place in the park. Right next to the estate, a health path, an outdoor gym and an integration playground will be available for local residents.

Nowa Marina Mokotów consists of two 6-7 storey apartment buildings in which 225 families will live. Each of the apartments will have a loggia, balcony or large terrace overlooking the interior patio or historic Lipowa Avenue. The owners of the premises on the ground floor of the buildings will have green gardens at their disposal. In addition, from the street 7 service outlets will be located at Żwirki i Wigury Street.

The architects of the new apartments in Marina Mokotów ensured that the highest quality materials were used during construction. The white of the facade is to harmonize with warm colors, and the glazing of balconies and loggias are to give the project a lightness and urban character. An internal courtyard with a playground, trees, bushes and flowers will be available to residents. High-quality materials in the common areas are to add elegance to the rooms. Residential buildings with spacious, high windows and a comprehensive exposure of the world are to ensure maximum lighting for apartments. An underground garage with 255 parking spaces will be available to residents in both buildings.

Directly by the planned sculpture park, there will be two residences overlooking the park greenery. High, well-lit rooms will have spacious loggias, a balcony or large terraces with a panoramic view of Warsaw. Tenants will enjoy intimate gardens next to the premises located on the ground floor of the building.

In some of the buildings there will be service premises, and the layout of residential buildings will create an internal, public square with fountains and a private courtyard.

Residential buildings will be distinguished by natural materials, such as sandstone on facades, granite floors, wooden windows as well as stone floors indoors. Art deco furniture is to add a timeless elegance to the residence. Furthermore, 144 parking spaces are provided in the two-story garage. As for the additional convenience of residents, 8 parking spaces for electric cars were also planned.

Quality of life on the Marina Mokotów estate

Marina Mokotów is located in the vicinity of the park complex liked by Warsaw residents – Pole Mokotowskie. It is a place with numerous walking alleys, routes for runners, cyclists and rollerbladers. It is an ideal place for families with children, because there are a lot of playgrounds, outdoor gyms, as well as bars and restaurants where you can eat well and spend a good time with family and friends.

For jogging enthusiasts, the area offers a path located along Żwirki i Wigury street, which is connected to the city’s network of bicycle paths. Lovers of peace and relaxation will find themselves in the unique sculpture park and the unique “Lapidarium” by Robert Kuśmirowski. All this will be located in the immediate vicinity of Marina Mokotów’s residences and apartments.

The great location is an excellent asset of the investment. Only a few minutes separate the estate from the city center and the Fryderyk Chopin airport (8 minutes by car). Residents, thanks to the developed public transport network with access to many bus and railway lines (SKM and KM railway station: Żwirki i Wigury), will be able to get to the city center easily and quickly. The areas of the new Marina Mokotów are also perfectly connected with other districts of Warsaw.

The area around Marina Mokotów also has a well-developed service and commercial infrastructure. Nearby there are many charming cafes and renowned restaurants. In addition, numerous delicatessen and wineries provide residents a permanent access to a luxurious assortment. In the vicinity of the estate, banks, pharmacies, Lux Med clinic, tennis court, trendy BioBazar with a wide range of organic products as well as famous Warsaw schools and kindergartens have their headquarters.

For shopping lovers, near Marina there is a unique place that puts the prestige and convenience of customers – Galeria Mokotów shopping center in which, in addition to the fashion zone, there are numerous bars, restaurants, a fitness zone, a cinema and a children’s playroom.

There are also business centers near the investment, including Wiśniowy Business Park and the latest Business Garden complex. In addition, for sport enthusiasts, sports and recreation centers, i.e. the modern Sports and Rehabilitation Center of the Medical University of Warsaw with the only full-size Olympic-size swimming pool in the capital and two climbing walls.

Restaurants in Mokotów

Near the Marina Mokotów housing estate there are cafes known and liked by Warsaw residents in which you can drink delicious coffee and eat homemade cake every day. Elegant restaurants attract lovers of sophisticated, modern cuisine with dishes from around the world. Mokotów is a district in which everyone will find their taste and a venue where they will feel their best.

Recommended cafes and restaurants near the Marina Mokotów estate

  • Lolek Pub in the Pole Mokotowskie park – Rokitnicka 20 Street
  • Jeff’s Restaurant (American cuisine) – Żwirki i Wigury 32 Street
  • Pizzeria Ciao a Tutti (Italian cuisine) – Aleja Niepodległości 217
  • Izumi sushi – Biały Kamień 4 Street
  • Shuk Mezze & Bar – Grójecka 107 Street
  • PAPU Restaurant (Polish cuisine) – Aleja Niepodległości 132/136
  • Biały Domek Restaurant (Polish cuisine) – St. Andrzej Bobola 11 Street
  • Mint Gray Flavors – Biały Kamień 1/U2 Street
  • Belvedere Restaurant – one of the most beautiful and interesting on the culinary map of Poland, located in Łazienki Królewskie (Polish, regional flavors) – Agrykola 1 Street
  • LIF (Life is food) (slow cuisine) – al. Niepodległości 80 (corner of Odyńca Street)
  • “Zielnik” Restaurant (Polish cuisine) – Odyńca 15 Street
  • Stary Dom (Polish cuisine) – Puławska 104/106 Street
  • Restaurant “Halka” (Polish cuisine) – Puławska 43 Street
  • Bułka przez Bibułkę Café – Puławska 24 Street
  • Sweet Moments – Puławska 118 Street

Parks and green areas in Mokotów

Mokotów is a district with a lot of greenery and city parks, of which the most famous are Pole Mokotowskie (located mostly in Ochota and Śródmieście), Arkadia park, Morskie Oko park, Dreszera park and Sielecki park. The most beautiful one is certainly the Royal Łazienki park.

Morskie Oko Park is located between Puławska, Dworkowa, Morskie Oko, Promenada, Belwederska, Zajączkowska and Spacerowa streets. The main attractions are historic buildings – the Szuster palace, the Szuster family’s tomb, terrain, park ponds, monuments, boulders and commemorative plaques, playgrounds and an attractive tree stand.

Pole Mokotowskie, the area which is located in three districts: Mokotów, Ochota and Śródmieście, within Żwirki i Wigury, Rostafińskich, Rokitnicka, Batorego and Al. Niepodległości streets. This is a favorite place to spend leisure time not exclusively by local residents, but also by all Warsaw inhabitants. It will shortly become a place where nature and science come together. Two green zones will be created in the park, and a large meadow will be sown in the former MPO base. Right next to the National Library building there will be a savanna with a themed playground. Public garden plots, fruit orchards and ornithological points will also be built here. The renovated main avenue will attain a more representative character. Aleja Okrężna will be decorated with Finnish houses, and the footbridge over Aleja Niepodległości will be transformed into a green observation deck.

Łazienki Królewskie is a favorite place of Warsaw residents for long strolls. Among the beautiful nature and architecture you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. In the heart of Łazienki is hidden the summer residence of Stanisław August Poniatowski, who spent the famous Thursday dinners here. Nowadays, it is a museum where you can admire paintings from royal collections. In the Royal Łazienki Park you can also see the orchards, the amphitheater, the 18th-century court theater, the Hunting and Riding Museum, the Myślewicki Palace and numerous free-standing sculptures.

Arkadia Park is located between Puławska, Żywnego, Piaseczyńska and Idzikowskiego Streets. It has a walking and leisure character. Visitors can explore the museum of Xawery Dunikowski in Królikarnia Park, rest near the playground or by a picteresque pond.

Szczęśliwicki Park is located in the Ochota district adjacent to Marina. Besides its greenery, tourists are lured to this particular park by many  other attractions. The Szczęśliwickie Lake offers opoortunity to go fishing and canoeing or pedal boats. Visitors of the park can also use the Szczęśliwice swimming pool, roller coaster, year-round ski slope, volleyball court and a special strength training sector. It’s a good place to spend free time with family and friends.

Kindergartens and schools in Mokotów

Mokotów is full of educational institutions. Families with young children can take advantage of the offer of 6 public and 13 private nurseries, 49 kindergartens and 24 state primary schools, 3 private including Multischool International School and 26 secondary schools (19 general public and 5 private high schools and 7 technicians). Next to the Marina Mokotów housing estate there is a private educational institution – Canadian School of Warsaw at 7 Bełska St. Which combines the assumptions of the Polish core curriculum with the International Baccalaureate Organization program.

Who is Marina Mokotów intended for?

Marina Mokotów is a unique place in Mokotów – a safe and green town in the city, valued by foreigners. On the playground, in the store or while jogging in the park, Polish and English are not the only ones of languages you can hear, because the small streets of the neighborhood are inhabited by the citizens of Western Europe and the Asian continent. Undoubtedly, it is an advantage for people who value being around an international company.

Apartments in small, elegant houses on the east of the Mokotowskie Lake will interest those residents who desire a bit of luxury, privacy and larger space.

Marina Mokotów’s philosophy is calmness, moderation and comfort. There is no place for noise and loud music. Marina encourages you to change your lifestyle.

Prices of apartments in Mokotów

Prices per meter of development investments in Mokotów are shaped differently. You can come across an apartment where the price per square meter will not exceed PLN 7,000. However, most flat prices start at around PLN 7,500 per square meter. The lowest prices apply to large premises. Due to the location, there are many high-standard apartments and investments in Mokotów. The price of the most expensive premises in the area reaches PLN 17,000 per meter. Thus, Mokotów is at the forefront of the most expensive districts of Warsaw. The price includes location, great communication, full urban infrastructure and a huge number of attractions. It can be said that this is the second center of Warsaw after Śródmieście.

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