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Mokotów - The district of happy Warsaw residents

Mokotów The district of happy Warsaw residents


Mokotów as the district of happy Warsaw residents

Mokotów is the largest and most diverse district of Warsaw. At the same time, it is a place where – according to Warsaw residents themselves – life is the best. Out of all eighteen districts of Warsaw, it is Mokotów that boasts the largest number of residents, who were captivated by the combination of history and modernity, excellent communication with other parts of the city, a wide selection of prestigious schools and kindergartens, an abundance of restaurants, cafes and luxury boutiques. In addition, the abundance of greenery, which makes this district a prestigious enclave of peace in the heart of the bustling metropolis.

Mokotów over the years

Once upon a time, Mokotów was a village. The name of the district comes from the surname of its owner – Mokoto or Mokot. Mokotów shaped its splendor during the times of the Lubomirski family in the 17th and 18th centuries, when parks and gardens were established here. Beautiful buildings erected by wealthy townspeople were also built in the same period. At the beginning of the 20th century, schools, hospitals, tenement houses and villas that suffered during the occupation began to appear on a large scale.


After the war, Mokotów was rebuilt, and today it is an extremely dynamically developing district and an almost perfect place to live for families with children, students and seniors who value peace and quiet. Due to the possibility of quick access to the center, it is also a great location for working people and singles who like the big-city lifestyle.

Mokotów over the years

Living in Mokotów

Mokotów is the southern part of Warsaw, covering vast areas of the upper and lower terraces of the picturesque Vistula escarpment – Mokotów Górny (located on the Vistula escarpment) and Mokotów Dolny (located along the Vistula valley). It borders with such districts of Warsaw as: Ochota, Śródmieście, Praga-Południe from the north, Ursynów and Wilanów from the south, Wawer from the east and Włochy from the west. The Mokotów-Ochock border runs along Niepodległości, Batorego, Rostafińskich, Żwirki and Wigury streets to the Radom railway. In addition, the area is divided into areas:

  • Augustówka
  • Czerniaków
  • Ksawerów
  • Służew
  • Służewiec
  • Sadyba
  • Siekierki
  • Sielce
  • Stary Mokotów
  • Stegny
  • Wierzbno
  • Wyględów


Thanks to its shape, vast green areas and the immediate vicinity of the center of the capital, Mokotów, it is an ideal place to live. There are elegant villa estates, where many embassies and diplomatic missions are now located, as well as large estates with several-story blocks (Stegny, Służew nad Dolinką, Domaniewska housing estate) and elegant apartment buildings, perfectly integrated into the characteristic space.

Living in Mokotów

Real estate market in Mokotów

For years, Mokotów has been the most popular district among potential apartment buyers. It is interesting both for investors and people looking for an apartment for themselves. The choice of real estate is quite large. Pre-war historic villas, like apartments in the oldest tenement houses, are rarely sold, but when they do appear, they are an attractive offer for connoisseurs of original properties with great potential. These types of real estate prices are high and resistant to market fluctuations.


The central part of the district, Stary Mokotów, is characterized by relatively low buildings, which are usually of a high standard and prices. On the other hand, there are also extreme areas, such as Stegny, Służew or the housing estates at Domaniewska Street, where there are higher buildings, often made of slabs, and the prices are moderate.


Mokotów is developing dynamically. The area of ​​Służewiec Przemysłowy with the office center, which is the second most frequently chosen location for corporate headquarters in Warsaw, after the Central Business District, competes with the city center with the availability of modern office space and rental rates. Residential investments followed suit. Mokotów is an attractive place to live for young people with a high financial status and families with children. The decision to live in this place is influenced by the proximity of the center, very good communication with the rest of the city, educational and cultural institutions and a lot of green areas.

Quality of life in Mokotów

Mokotów is a district that combines history with modernity. It is characterized by a multitude of green areas, sports facilities or bicycle paths, places with very good food and a large number of atmospheric cafes. It is also an ideal place for lovers of movies (access to Cinema City or Iluzjon cinema), music (Klub Stodoła, Progresja or Koło Hall) and art (numerous galleries such as Etnica or Limited Edition). Mokotów will also appeal to lovers of boutique stores and shopping centers.


Mokotów is considered to be a safe, prosperous district, perfectly connected with other parts of the city and well organized. Due to the fact that Mokotów is adjacent to Śródmieście, the journey to the workplace in the Center takes several minutes. There are as many as five metro stations within Mokotów and a well-developed network of bus and tram connections. An additional advantage is the availability of the SKM queue. The residents of Mokotów also have at their disposal an extensive network of bicycle paths and numerous Veturilo city bike stations.

Restaurants in Mokotów

Mokotów is a paradise for gourmets! Here you can meet typical Polish cuisine, with such famous restaurants as Belvedere and Różana, excellent Italian cuisine (Pasta and Basta, Ciao a Tutti), or more exotic (Basil & Lime). Wine lovers will feel great in Mielżyński on Czerska Street. For children, the unicorn-shaped ice cream on Narbutta – the most popular ice cream shop in Warsaw will be an attraction.


Recommended restaurants:

  • Belvedere Restaurant – one of the most beautiful and interesting restaurants on the culinary map of Poland, located in Łazienki Królewskie (Polish, regional tastes) – 1 Agrykola St
  • Blue Cactus (Mexican cuisine) – 11 Zajączkowska St
  • LIF (Life is food) (slow food) – 80 Niepodległości Avenue (Odyńca corner)
  • Restaurant „Zielnik” (Polish cuisine) – 15 Odyńca St
  • Stary Dom (Polish cuisine) – 104/106 Puławska St
  • PAPU Restaurant (Polish cuisine) – 132/136 Niepodległości Avenue
  • Punta Prima (Mediterranean cuisine) – 1B Obrzeżna St
  • Rozdroże – 6 Ujazdowskie Avenue
  • Restaurant „Halka” (Polish cuisine) – 43 Puławska St
  • Flaming Restaurant – 5 Chopina St
  • Bułkę przez Bibułkę coffee shop – 24 Puławska St
  • Sweet Moments – 118 Puławska St

Restaurants in MokotówRestaurants in Mokotów 2

Parks and green areas in Mokotów

Mokotów is a district with a huge amount of greenery and city parks, the most famous of which are Pole Mokotowskie (located mostly in Ochota and Śródmieście), Arkadia Park, Morskie Oko Park, Dreszera Park and Sielecki Park. The most beautiful are, of course, the Royal Łazienki. In summer, you can organize a picnic in the open air or sit on the grass and listen to the cyclical Chopin concerts.


There are also water reservoirs in the Mokotów area, especially in the Vistula valley. One of them is the Czerniakowskie Lake, the largest natural water reservoir in Warsaw covered by the nature reserve.


Morskie Oko Park is located between Puławska, Dworkowa, Morskie Oko, Promenada, Belwederska, Zajączkowska and Spacerowa Streets. Main attractions here are the historic buildings – the Szuster Palace, the Szuster family’s chapel, terrain, park ponds, monuments, boulders and memorial plaques, playgrounds and an attractive tree stand.


Pole Mokotowskie is located in three districts: Mokotów, Ochota and Śródmieście, within Żwirki i Wigury, Rostafińskich, Rokitnickiej, Batorego Streets and Niepodległości Avenue. It is a favorite place of Warsaw residents to spend free time. It will soon become a place where nature and science come together. Two green zones will be created in the park, and a large meadow will be sown in the former MPO base area. Right next to the National Library building there will be a savanna with a themed playground. Moreover, here will be built public garden plots, fruit orchards and ornithological points. The renovated main avenue will become more representative. Okrężna Avenue will be decorated with Finnish houses, and the footbridge over Niepodległości Avenue will change into a green observation deck.


Łazienki Królewskie is a favorite place of Warsaw residents for long walks. Among the beautiful nature and architecture you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. In the heart of Łazienki there is the summer residence of Stanisław August Poniatowski, who held the famous Thursday Lunches here. Today it is a museum where you can admire paintings from royal collections. In the Łazienki Park you can also find the orchards, the amphitheater, the 18th-century court theater, the Hunting and Riding Museum, the Myślewicki Palace and numerous free-standing sculptures.


Arkadia Park is located between Puławska, Żywnego, Piaseczyńska and Idzikowskiego Streets. It is perfect for walking and leisure. Here you can visit the museum of Xawery Dunikowski in the Królikarnia Palace, spend time with kids at the playground or relax by a beautiful pond.

Attractions in Mokotów

Mokotów provides attractions not only for permanent residents, but also for tourists. The district is full of beautiful historic villas, luscious greenery and stunning street art (impressive murals by famous street art artists, for instance). You can visit places such as: 

  • Geological Museum
  • Museum of Polish Military Technology
  • Królikarnia and Sculpture Park, which is also an art museum
  • Green area near the Czerniakowskie Lake
  • Arkadia, Morskie Oko or Dreszera Parks
  • Community Center of Służew, where there is a farm with goats
  • Służewiec Horse Racing Track
  • The undulating facade of the tenement house on Narbutta Street
  • The trail of Old Gas Lanterns in Sadyba
  • The Warsaw Uprising Mound built of the debris of post-war Warsaw 

In addition to parks, architectural pearls of street art and green areas, Mokotów is also associated with bazaars – full of charm and worth visiting places of trade in the open air. They have been present at Lotników Avenue and Sadyba for years. For dessert, Mokotów invites you for Mokotowskie Cake (Mokotówka), which is a competition for WZ or Zygmuntówka. Its recipe was created by the Walczak confectionery, operating since 1955, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Mokotów. The cake consists of a dark biscuit, raspberry mousse and pudding.

Few people know that every day at 5 pm you can hear the Mokotów March, which in commemoration of the “W” Hour sounds from the clock tower of the “Gothic House”, standing at 59 Puławska Street. This custom has been going on since 1969, and the song itself is considered as informal anthem of the district.

Kindergartens and schools in Mokotów

Mokotów is full of educational institutions. Families with children can take advantage of the offer of 6 public and 13 private nurseries, 49 kindergartens and 24 state primary schools, 3 private (including Multischool International School) and 26 secondary schools (19 general public high schools, 5 private and 7 technical schools).

Public schools in Mokotów occupy high places in popularity rankings, which translates into the number of students (10 people per place). Examples are Primary School No. 69, Primary School No. 115 or Primary School No. 190. In turn, eagerly chosen private schools are the “Rainbow Garden” Bilingual Primary School and Montessori Primary School, which offers a high level of education to children of many cultures and countries. Here, education is based entirely on the principles of pedagogy of Dr. Maria Montessori.

The most frequently chosen private universities in Mokotów are the European School for the Development of Social Skills, Lazarski University and the American Studies Center. The most popular and the best university is the Warsaw School of Economics. This is the oldest economic university in Poland, it has existed since 1906, in the years 1949-1991 it was called the Main School of Planning and Statistics. In addition, Warsaw University of Technology is located in the Mokotów area.

Leisure activities in Mokotów

Mokotów has many attractions to offer. Everyone will find something for themselves. The vast Pole Mokotowskie Park or the beautiful area near the Lake Czerniakowskie, whose shores are adapted for recreation, would be perfect for active leisure.


The inhabitants of Mokotów have also many opportunities to pursue their sports passions. At the Warszawianka sports club you can use a climbing wall, swim in the pool or play tennis. In the near distance there is a very popular trampoline park. Mokotów is also characterized by a number of sports facilities, including gyms Calypso Fitness Club, Jatomi Fitness, Zdrofit or Energy Fitness.


Families with children will also find many attractions in the district, e.g. Multimedia Library, Kinderplaneta in Galeria Mokotów, Fun Park Digiloo, which is referred to as the largest playground in Warsaw, where you can take advantage of the offer of the Water Park or playroom in the shopping center Land. Even bookstores organize workshops for kids. In addition, there are many places favorable to families with children in Mokotów, for instance:

  • a playground in Pole Mokotowskie Park, on Batory Street
  • a playground near the shopping center Land (on the other side of Wałbrzyska St.)
  • a playground on Bacha Street for small kids
  • a playground on Batuty Street, near the Community Center of Służew
  • a playground in the II Jordanian Garden


Popular culture in Mokotów is primarily reflected in the Community Center, which invites you to concerts, cabaret evenings, recitals and literary meetings. High culture enthusiasts will find themselves in such places as Królikarnia Palace, the Gallery of Contemporary Collector’s Photography – Refleksy and the Museum of Cursed Soldiers.


Theater lovers can take advantage of the offer of the Przodownik Stage, New Theater, or Druga Strefa Theater. Performances for children take place at the Lalka and Guliwer Theaters.


Film lovers also will not complain about the lack of attractions. In addition to multiplexes, there is also a more ambitious offer: thriving Ilusion and Luna cinemas.


Londoners have their Bond Street, New Yorkers have Fifth Avenue, Paris invites to Avenue Montaigne, and Mokotów to Mokotowska Street, where there are luxury and fashionable boutiques. Namely here talented Polish designers have their salons. In several multibrand stores you can also buy famous Casadei or Repetto shoes (Shoeflada), something from Jil Sander (Flash), Marni and Marc Jacobs (MO’52), offers with the label of Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang, Rupert Sanderson (Frank A), Givenchy, Rick Owens, Dries van Noten (L’Aura) and the famous Lilou jewelry. The prestigious Galeria Mokotów and Sadyba Best Mall also open their doors to the residents of Mokotów.


After shopping, you can stop at Plac Zbawiciela (Savior Square), one of the most fashionable places in the capital. Here, you can relax with a cup of coffee or glass of wine and have a bite of bread and oil in the trendy Charlotte bistro, which is adjacent to the equally fashionable Plan B (excellent drinks and live music).

Leisure activities in Mokotów

The most popular investments in Mokotów

Mokotów is a dynamically developing district. The best examples of this are already implemented or planned for the coming years:

  • construction of a new town hall near the Warszawianka club,
  • renovation of Woronicza Street on the section from Etiudy Rewolucyjnej St to Żwirki i Wigury St, which has started in August 2018,
  • construction of new streets, thanks to which the level of traffic on Dolna and Sobieskiego Streets must decrease,
  • construction of the street connecting Suwak and Cybernetyki Streets. The project will create one lane each way, pavement, bike paths, bus stops and parking spaces,
  • reconstruction of Marynarska Street, which is important in the context of a road to the north of the country. Ultimately, NS Route is designed to connect the northern and southern districts of Warsaw. 


In addition, Mokotów also has numerous housing investments. New exclusive apartments in Mokotów are a great offer for anyone who is looking for peace but does not want to give up the possibility of quick commute to work. Luxury estates are built for people who value comfort and prestige of living in one of the best districts of Warsaw. Apartments for sale are adapted to the highest requirements.

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