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Old Mokotów - A District with Atmosphere and History

Old Mokotów A District with Atmosphere and History

Old Mokotów

A District with Atmosphere and History

Old Mokotów is a prestigious location on the map of Warsaw. It is a part of Mokotów, one of eighteen districts of the capital city. For most residents of Warsaw, Old Mokotów is the synonym of a better place to live and one of the most beautiful parts of the city. It is a place with picturesque streets with old trees, best schools, ideal transport services, lots of green areas with water reservoirs and sculpture galleries, craft shops, charming cafes, elegant restaurants and marvellous architecture of the inter-war period. Old Mokotów means not only prestige, but also urban convenience surrounded by the peacefulness of parks, meeting the needs of businesspeople, artists and families with children.

Living in Old Mokotów

Old Mokotów is the oldest part of Mokotów. It became a part of the administrative territory of Warsaw in 1916. It is situated at the Vistula Embankment. From the east, it borders the region of Sielce, from the south – Wierzbno, from the west – Wyględów and from the north – Śródmieście district.

Old Mokotów is a historical district with pre-war villas, top class apartment buildings, parks and playgrounds. It also features unique estates and pearls of modernism. An example are “Grey Houses” – a complex of buildings erected in 1928-1932 by the housing co-operative of the Ministry of the Interior on the basis of the design by Jan Stefanowicz. Enthusiasts of architecture will be astonished by the Iluzjon Cinema – another pearl from 1948. A walk around Old Mokotów guarantees a particularly pleasant aesthetic experience!

Property Market in Old Mokotów

Low-rise buildings are dominant in Old Mokotów, the oldest ones from among over 1200 buildings were erected in 1900. The area of the apartments most frequently ranges from 70m2 to 140m2 and have 3 or 4 rooms, whereas houses usually have an area ranging from 150m2 to 200m2 and have 5-6 rooms. The scale of properties offered in Old Mokotów is small, finding a house can be problematic as the demand for a place to live in this district in relation to the supply is high. This results, among other things, from the exceptional atmosphere of Old Mokotów as well as the peace, greenness and high number of parks you can park here, not to mention the vicinity of the city centre. The main residents of this district are families with children and diplomats, due to the proximity of embassies in this region.  Mokotów is one of the most expensive districts of Warsaw. The average price of a property developer’s apartment in this area is ca. PLN 15 000 per square metre. The prices on the secondary market are slightly higher, around PLN 16 000 per square metre. Costs of properties in old beautiful tenement houses are many a times higher than prices of premises on the primary market. The vicinity of the metro station and Mokotów Field has a significant effect on the prices of apartments. Well-kept tenement houses can be found in the area of Łowicka, Narbutta or, at bit far to the east, Kazimierzowska streets. Lions Estate experts believe that the prices of properties in Old Mokotów will grow; however, not dynamically as this area is densely developed and there is not much space left for new investments.

Quality of Life in Old Mokotów

The intimate atmosphere of Mokotów makes it friendly for anybody. The preserved pre-war architecture, tenement houses from the 30’s, make living in this district very pleasant. It is ideal for those who live in a rush, families with little children as well as legend-seeking Warsaw lovers.

Old Mokotów has very good transport connections with other parts of Warsaw. The first metro line has a great impact on this. Important road arteries also cross this area: św. Andrzeja Boboli street, Niepodległości ave., Puławska, Batorego and Racławicka streets. Additionally, well-developed tram and bus infrastructure allows to reach the city centre in only several minutes. Cycling routes are also a perfect solution for commuters.

Restaurants in Old Mokotów

Mokotów is an exceptional district of Warsaw. A place you want to be, live, work and spend your free time in. Mokotów is the heart of iconic cafes and renowned restaurants. If you are craving coffee, you simply have to visit the Relaks cafe at Dąbrowskiego street. The cafe with a modernistic decor that has been operating here for years has quickly become one of the favourite venues for filmmakers, writers, journalists and creative workers of the area. Those who aim for something more exquisite can taste the flavours offered in Papu restaurant at 132/136 Niepodległości ave. or Biały Domek restaurant at 11 św. A Boboli street – here you can enjoy the tastes of the Polish cuisine in a historical house with a beautiful garden.

Recommended cafes and restaurants:

  • Bułkę przez Bibułkę, 24 Puławska street
  • Jednorożec Lody Tradycyjne, 38/32 Narbutta street
  • L’Arc (French cuisine), 16 Puławska street
  • Halka (Polish cuisine), 43 Puławska street
  • Różana (Polish cuisine), 7 Chocimska street

Parks and Green Areas in Mokotów

Mokotów is one of the greenest districts of Warsaw. Old Mokotów has charming streets and squares encouraging to spend your free time outdoor. On the border of Old Mokotów and Sielce, there is the Morskie Oko Park located on the embankment where, in the Szuster Palace, the Satnisław Moniuszko Warsaw Music Association has its seat. You can also find ponds and playgrounds here.

Nearby, in the northern part of Lower Mokotów, there is one of the most beautiful palace and garden complexes – the Royal Łazienki Park, inviting you to visit the monuments it holds all year round: Palace on the Isle with the Royal Painting Gallery, Old Orangery, Myślewicki Palace or White House where the Royal Graphics Gallery is located, Officer Cadets School with the Salon of Souvenirs of Ignacy Jan Paderewski and the picturesque amphitheatre. Walking among the flowers and trees, visiting the Gardens – Romantic, Modernistic, Royal and Chinese is a must. Near the New Orangery, there is the summer maturing zone and multiple cultural events are held here in the summer. It is a perfect place for weekend walks.

Attractions in Old Mokotów

Old Mokotów charms with its unique character and amazing history, giving you the feel of the old days. An attraction for the visitors is the very area of this part of the district. At Dąbrowskiego street, there is the Władysław Broniewski Museum which is a division of the Adam Mickiewicz Museum of Literature. On the other hand, the Polish Geological Institute has its seat nearby. Beautiful villas, Morskie Oko Park with the Szuster Palace, historical venue with a monument at Dworkowa street as well as the pearl of functionalism – Wedel’s House, these are only some of places worth visiting.

Most important landmarks

  • Mokotów Field
  • Rogatki Mokotowskie
  • SGH Warsaw School of Economics Campus
  • Andrew Bobola Sanctuary
  • Natural and Landscape Complex – a park of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW)

The picturesque Old Mokotów invites with its atmosphere helping you unwind and relax, not only in parks and squares, but also beauty parlours, pubs and cafes. Moreover,

sport enthusiasts can use the rich offer of the Warszawianka Sport Club (fencing, tennis, handball, football).

Schools and Kindergartens in Old Mokotów

There is a great number of educational institutions in entire Mokotów. Families with children can use the offer of 6 public and 13 private nurseries, 49 kindergartens and 24 national elementary schools, 3 elementary schools, including the bilingual Multischool International School, and 26 secondary schools (19 public and 5 private general education secondary schools as well as 7 technical secondary schools).

The private school most often chosen by the parents is the St. Urszula Ledóchowska Montessori Elementary School, offering high level of education for children from many cultures and countries. Education is based here on the principles of pedagogy of Dr Maria Montessori.

On the other hand, the university chosen willingly by students is SGH Warsaw School of Economics the seat of which is located in Old Mokotów, at 162 Niepodległości ave. It is the oldest university of economics in Poland, operating since 1906. Furthermore, the campus of the Warsaw University of Technology is located here.

Free Time in Old Mokotów

If you have a bit of free time, go for a walk along the streets of Old Mokotów. Then, you can visit one of the oldest Warsaw cinemas combined with a cafe – Iluzjon at Narbutta street. This place is exceptional – not only will you find multiple retrospectives, reviews of old cinema and classic pieces of world cinematography in the repertoire, but also special performances, festivals and the Polish Film Academy.

Ice cream? Only the traditional way! An iconic venue on the map of the capital city is Jednorożec, serving both classic and sophisticated ice cream, like pear with wine. It is a must-visit spot during weekend walks.

A bit of culture in Teatr Nowy (New Theatre) where, in addition to great performances with the best Polish actors, you will simply find a space full of life. There, you can buy a book, have a coffee or a delicious cake and have a good time.

Guliwer Pupper Theatre invites entire families for fabulous puppet performances based on classic children’s literature. This wonderful place is located at 16 Różana street.

Most Popular Investments in Old Mokotów

Old Mokotów is a very attractive place to live. Unfortunately, there are not many new investments due to the dense development of tenement houses and blocks of flats.  These are usually singular modern buildings, full of facilities for the residents. The most popular apartment blocks include those at 83 Narbutta, 43 Kazimierzowska, 30 Naruszewicza and 23 and 25 Łowicka streets.

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