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Pod Skocznią - A Quiet Neighbourhood in the Very Centre of the City!

Pod Skocznią A Quiet Neighbourhood in the Very Centre of the City!

Pod Skocznią

The Villa part of Mokotów

Pod Skocznią Housing Estate is an intimate neighbourhood of villas and detached houses constructed in years 1983-85 according to the design of Jerzy Baszkiewicz, on lands belonging to the owner of Królikarnia. The housing estate is located in Mokotów, near the beautiful Królikarnia Park which is the seat of the climatic Xawery Dunikowski Sculpture Museum. Królikarnia, Three Ponds and Arkadia Park are wonderful areas for walks and spending free time on fresh air.

Main advantages

The investment area is ideal for families, looking for peace and protection against the city noise. The estate is also the seat of renowned international nurseries and kindergartens as well as schools: British and French. At the foot of the Warsaw Embankment, right next to Królikarnia, there is a large playground for children, ice skating ring, tennis courts and “Warszawianka” Aqua Park.

On the other hand, this location offers quick access to the city centre, internal Chopin Airport, Galeria Mokotów shopping centre and many other strategic sites.

Pod Skocznią Properties

The Pod Skocznią Housing Estate is developed mainly with houses from the 90’s. Additionally, there are also several apartment buildings from the 2000’s. The properties located here are usually large, the average apartment size is 100m2, whereas in case of houses – 250-300m2. The residents are mostly families with children. Offer availability is low as the Pod Skocznią Housing Estate is very small. Interest in living in this area is stable and rather does not grow. The demand comes usually from persons interested in dwellings located specifically in this estate. The property prices are at a medium level, relatively low for Mokotów. They start from PLN 1 000 per square metre on the secondary market, reaching PLN 15 000 per square metre in very high standard. Lions Estate experts do not project any increase in prices of properties located in this housing estate. Any potential slight growth may only result from inflation and a general increase in prices.

Attractions in Mokotów

Mokotów offers attractions not only to its residents but also tourists. The district is rich with beautiful historical villas, green areas and street-art, e.g. spectacular murals painted by well-known street-art artists.  Sites to see and visit include:

  • Museum of Geology
  • Museum of Polish Military Technology
  • Królikarnia and Sculpture Park which is concurrently a museum of art
  • Areas at the Czerniakowskie Lake
  • Arkadia, Morskie Oko or Dreszer’s Park
  • Służewo Culture Centre with a goat farm
  • Służewiec Horse Racetrack
  • Wavy facade of the tenement house at Narbutta street
  • Old Gas Street Lamp Route in Sadyba
  • Warsaw Uprising Mound heaped up using the rubble of the post-war Warsaw

Quality of Life in Mokotów

There are lots of commercial-service and catering venues in Mokotów. Various clubs provide entertainment. Galeria Mokotów is a good place to go shopping, where you should also visit the Taste Alley, hosing restaurants serving dishes from around the world.

Social life is vivid in multiple cultural venues, such as Boston Port at 2 Okolska street, Relaks cafe, Galeon Restaurant at 5 Huculska street or Stary Dom restaurant at 104/106 Puławska street.

Schools and Kindergartens in Mokotów

In the vicinity, there are 69 education institutions. Those located the nearest include: Little Jumbo English Preschool at the distance of 300m, Raj na Mokotowie nursery at the distance of 350m, I.J. Paderewski Lower Secondary School No. 11 at the distance of 550m.

Free Time in Mokotów

Mokotów has lots of attractions to offer. Everybody will find something for themselves here. Mokotów Field and the areas at the Czerniakowskie Lake, with banks adjusted to recreation activities, are great to spend your free time actively.

The residents of Mokotów have also various opportunities to pursue their sport passions. Warszawianka sport club offers climbing walls, a swimming pool and tennis court. The following are located in the neighbourhood of the investment: Active Body at the distance of 550 m, CrissFit Ad Alta at the distance of 600 m, “Zdrofit” Fitness Club at the distance of 600 m.

The district is also full of attractions for families with children, e.g.: Multimedia Library, Kinderplaneta in Galeria Mokotów, Fun Park Digiloo, also called the largest playground in Warsaw, where you can use the offer of the Aqua Park or playroom in the Land Shopping Centre. Even bookstores organise workshops for children.

Theatre enthusiasts can use the offer of Scena Przodownik, Nowy Teatr or Druga Strefa Theatre. Performances for children are held at Lakla and Guliwer Theatre.

Movie lovers also cannot complaint about lack of attractions. In addition to multiplexes, the offer includes also more ambitious venues. Ilusion and Luna cinemas are thriving.

If you are dreaming about living in a quiet and peaceful housing estate with easy access to the bustling city centre, this is the place for you!

Most Popular Investments in Pod Skocznią

Pod Skocznią is a specific area, forming mostly a single estate of private houses and several apartments. The most popular investments include Ville pod Skocznią, Fort Cze and Nova Królikarnia housing estate.

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