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19. District - A modern city immersed in greenery

19. District A modern city immersed in greenery

19 – District

A multifunctional city in the city

19. District is a modern housing estate situated at Sienna and Kolejowa streets in Warsaw’s Wola district. Its huge advantage is the location. The facility lies in the vicinity of the RONDO DASZYŃSKIEGO metro station, as well as the highest office buildings in the capital, including Warsaw Spire.

19. District is a quiet and safe estate located among the dynamically developing district of Warsaw. From the higher, ten-storey part of the building, there is a beautiful view of the western part of the city. The investment will delight lovers of truly urban life.

19. District was designed by the prestigious Polish studio JEMS Architekci, which has completed such projects as the Agora SA office building, the Polpharma office building, the Pixel office building in Poznań or the Babka Tower skyscraper.

Architecture of the 19. District estate

The architecture of individual buildings was created based on one adopted scheme. This allowed to maintain the impression of consistency of the entire district, while diversifying particular facilities. Glass modules have been combined into various arrangements – from one- and two-room (such are 27.8 and 24.7 percent), through corner, double-sided, to two‑level located in the most prestigious and exposed points (3.4%). From these modules, a spatial composition was arranged, where each residential unit has its own unique place. This structure found its reflection on the facade. The entirety is an interesting combination of neo-modernist architecture with traditional urban solutions. The 19th District is supposed to function as a harmonious, modern city immersed in greenery, with lively squares and streets and semi-private courtyards that encourage establishing neighborly bonds. Instead of traditional playgrounds, an educational path has appeared here to develop children’s imagination.

6 stages of investment make up the city

The investment will be implemented in six stages. The offer includes apartments of various sizes, from about 30 to about 115 square meters. Project 19. District was created for people who love the urban lifestyle, and also value modernity and luxury.

As part of the first stage of the estate, two buildings with glazing (C and D) were built. The next (F and G) were completed at the end of 2014 and are a symmetrical reflection of the first stage. In the second stage, exotic wood contrasts with the warm facade. The differences between the buildings include the block, which in the second stage was simplified, limiting the diversities in the height of individual sections and the scenic opening of the inner courtyards. The façades were composed by cutting loose holes in a compact block. The effect is emphasized by withdrawing windows relative to the walls and by increasing the width of the loggia with the height of the building.

At the beginning of 2018, the buildings of the third stage (B and E) were finished. The common denominator of contrasting buildings is wood and raw cladding. The composition of the windows as well as the arrangement of the loggias is ordered. Thanks to the game of modules, the object has gained dynamics and depth of solids. This way of arrangement influenced the shape of individual floors, each of which has a unique layout of apartments.

Advantages of the estate

  • location in the neighborhood of the city center
  • in close proximity to the metro – Rondo Daszyńskiego
  • areas from 33 to 137 sq. m
  • duplex apartments
  • apartments with a terrace
  • attractive service premises
  • grocery stores with a wide range of products
  • fan club – a place created for residents and friends of the 19th District. It is an open space in which interesting ideas and initiatives arise.
  • doctor’s office and dentist
  • gym
  • hairdresser
  • numerous cafes and restaurants
  • recreational square equipped with devices for children

The 19th District housing estate has been awarded on several occasions for outstanding architecture.

  • 1st place in the Best Housing Project 2012-2015 competition in the “Multi-family housing complex” category
  • First Prize in the nationwide competition of the Minister of the Environment “Project: Space” 2015, for recovering post-industrial areas and creating a new model of the district
  • Architectural Award of the President of the Capital City of Warsaw in the category “The Best Residential Complex in 2001-2014”
  • Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw – model of the first stage of the 19th District in a collection of the 25 most outstanding objects constructed in Poland after 1989 (Architecture Murator)
  • Nomination for the official architectural award of the European Union Mies Van der Rohe Awards 2013
  • The main prize in the competition “Life in Architecture” in the category “The Best Multifamily Building in Poland 2000-2012” (Architecture Murator)

Center of cultural life

Contemporary Wola district is a center of cultural life. Near the investment there are museums known and appreciated around the world:

The Warsaw Uprising Museum is 15 minutes away from the estate. It is located in a former tram power plant, a monument of industrial architecture from the beginning of the 20th century. The institution documents the history of the Warsaw Uprising and is a tribute to those fighting and killed in the battle for free Poland.

The POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews documents the centuries-old history of Jews in Poland. It performs two functions: a traditional museum and a cultural and educational center. The facility is about 10 minutes by car away from the estate.

The Pawiak Prison Museum commemorates the activities of the Pawiak prison during the German occupation in 1939–1944. Access by car takes around 10 minutes.

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