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Powiśle - View over Vistula River

Powiśle View over Vistula River


An Exceptional Site on the Warsaw Map

Powiśle is one of the most climatic districts of Warsaw. It is located right at the Vistula, has rich green areas and a unique atmosphere. It borders Ujazdów from the south, Stare Miasto from the north, Śródmieście Północne and Śródmieście Południowe from the west and the Vistula river from the east. Originally, the district was a port settlement. The old Powiśle is now long gone. In its small part, there still remains the unique architecture from the 19th century and the beginnings of the 20th century as well as the specific climate, which is not present in the younger districts of Warsaw. This is the main reason for a lot of people deciding to buy or lease an apartment in this district. Powiśle has become an inspiring place so you can discover it anew every day.

Property Market in Powiśle

Powiśle is dominated by buildings erected in 2007 and on and its main type of real property are apartments. The district is very diversified in terms of architecture. Walking around the streets of Powiśle, you can track the process of urban and architectural transformations, where modernism and premium class design are intertwined with historicism and industrial, post-war and contemporary architecture. This is the background for a lot of modern housing estates and apartment blocks. What prevails are three- or four-room apartments with area from 70 m2 to 140 m2. You can also find apartments with more area, but they are usually formed by combining two or more smaller units. Apartments are less available than in the other districts of Warsaw as there is very high demand that is constantly on the rise.  This is facilitated by offering real property in high standard, lively surroundings, proximity of a lot of smaller fashionable restaurants and numerous cultural events that are organised nearby.


At present, those locations are becoming the perfect place to live for those who would like to appreciate the energy of the city and draw all the best from the charm of the district. Powiśle is a perfect place to live for everyone who cherishes beautiful architecture and peace and quiet, who like to be close to the city centre and for those who like night life, active recreation, sports or good food. The district is inhabited both by families with children, as there are not many busy streets and there are small parks and a river nearby.


The trend towards Powiśle and premium class real property translated into high prices of apartments. It is one of the most expensive districts in Warsaw. However, such an investment is worth its price and guarantees a high rate of return. Prices on the primary market start from PLN 16,500 per square metre. If you would like to buy an apartment in the more prestigious investments, you will have to pay even several dozen thousand per square metre. As regards the secondary market, the prices are slightly higher, but such marketed apartments are fully finished with quality materials. According to the experts from Lions Estate, real property prices in Powiśle will go up due to the unique location, popularity and climate of the district, a high number of new prestigious buildings and a very low supply of areas for future investments, which is naturally limited by the Vistula. Due to constant emergence of new investments, the rate of growth will be stable, not higher than in the other districts of Warsaw.

Quality of Life in Powiśle

The great location of the district results in a lot of new buildings, marvellous in terms of their architecture, such as the Copernicus Science Centre or the building of the University of Warsaw Library. Such prestigious surroundings, combined with modern infrastructure, attracts a lot of luxurious residential investments – currently this is one of the most desired locations in the city.


Powiśle is a comfortable place to live both for couples and families with children, who will surely appreciate the educational and cultural facilities of the district. They will also like convenient communication with the other parts of the city, ensured by the Wisłostrada route, the second underground line and the PKP Powiśle.

Restaurants in Powiśle

Social life is thriving in Powiśle. This is where a one-of-its-kind project is being created, one inspired by cherished places in the world, such as Time Out MarkeT (Mercado DA Ribeira) in Lisbon. In the very heart of the district, there is the richest selection of restaurants in Warsaw: several dozen diverse culinary concepts, the best restaurants serving dishes from various parts of the world, original cafes, wine parlours, bars serving the best drinks and whiskey bars, a bio marketplace with produce from local suppliers and a special place for sports fans. All this is located under one roof of Elektrownia Powiśle, which has undergone remarkable transformation.

Recommended Venues with Good Food and Coffee

  • SAM, 7a Lipowa street
  • Kafka Cafe, 3 Oboźna street
  • Dekant Wine Bar & Restaurant, 15 Zajęcza street
  • Po Wiśle Restaurant, 43. Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie street

Parks and Green Areas in Powiśle

Powiśle is one of the greenest districts of Warsaw. Parks range from Mariensztat to Powiśle-bordering Ujazdów. The Royal Baths Park is nearby. Numerous cycling routes connect Powiśle with the other parts of the city – including the right-bank Warsaw.


The green areas of the region include the Zgrupowania AK Róg square, the Cubryna square and the Kazimierzowski Park. During one walk, you can see the most fashionable bar and a craftsman running their business for several dozen years, do luxurious shopping or play Pétanque on grass, e.g. in one of the nearby parks (J. Porazińska Park, Marshall Edward Rydz-Śmigły Park, M. Iringh Square). This is currently the most fashionable district of Warsaw for a reason.

Attractions in Powiśle

Unique atmosphere, Vistula boulevards, the Copernicus Science Centre, offering entertainment for the whole family, and proximity of the city centre all make Powiśle one of the most attractive districts of Warsaw. Powiśle is also one of the more important areas on the cultural map of the capital city.


Close to the Vistula bank, there is the National Stadium holding the best sports, entertainment and business events in the capital city. What is the most popular scientific and cultural facility in Powiśle is the University of Warsaw Library at Dobra Street, with green gardens and a vantage point on the roof. Other important places are the other buildings of the University of Warsaw, the Ateneum Theatre at 2 Jaracza Street as well as the Ostrogski Castle at Tamka Street, housing the Fryderyk Chopin Museum. Warsaw inhabitants appreciate Powiśle for its charming places and greenery, the Mermaid and the main character of a legend of Warsaw – the golden duck.

Kindergartens and Schools in Powiśle

Families with children willing to live in Powiśle will surely appreciate the educational and cultural facilities of the district (38 educational facilities).


In the area, there are educational facilities at every education tier, including a prestigious Stefan Batory secondary school complex and language schools. There is also a public kindergarten in Powiśle, one which uses the Waldorf education. The district is even more prestigious thanks to a campus of the University of Warsaw, the best Polish university. Powiśle functions in the awareness of young people also as an academic district.

Free Time in Powiśle

Powiśle is a perfect place for active recreation outdoors. A lot of greenery encourages inhabitants to walk, jog or take up other forms of recreation. The district is full of recreation areas.

Attractions on the sport map of Powiśle:

  • cycling routes
  • Vistula boulevards
  • parks: of Marshal Rydz-Śmigły and Jadwiga Poznańska
  • rowing club


The district is superbly communicated with all parts of the city. What is a great merit is the second underground line station of the Copernicus Science Centre. As the Wisłostrada route is close, car owners find it easier to travel and public transport is more accessible. Powiśle is located only 12 km from Okęcie Airport. Convenient communication is also ensured by the Warszawa Powiśle railway station, which allows getting to the strict city centre.

If you love life, cherish work-life balance, seek peace and quiet and your own asylum and at the same time are willing to be close to a dynamically developing city, this is definitely the place for you!

Most Popular Investments in Powiśle

The most popular investments in Powiśle include apartments Dobra 32, Drewniana 9, Leszczyńska 4, Tamka 29, Atelier Powiśle, Rezydencja Foksal, Holland Park and Apartamenty NA POWIŚLU. Since spring 2019, you can also live in the revitalised Powiśle Power Plant, and works on the prestigious investment Topiel 18 will be completed in 2020.

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