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Służewiec Przemysłowy - The Office Hub of the Capital City

Służewiec Przemysłowy The Office Hub of the Capital City

Służewiec Przemysłowy

Industrial Służewiec aka Mordor

Służewiec is a part of the Mokotów district of Warsaw. It is surrounded by Jana Pawła Woronicza, Wołoska, Obrzeżna, Bokserska streets and Radom railway line tracks. Its area is 26 hectares. In the past, most of this area was covered by Industrial Służewiec. Only factories and warehouses used to be located here. Today, the old destroyed developments have been demolished and replaced with modern office buildings where renowned companies have their seats, including: Panasonic, Orange Poska, National Geographics, McDonald’s Polska Spółka z o.o. and many other.

Main advantages of the location

Apartments in Służewiec account only for a small percentage of its total area. The recent years have shown that this area invokes interest of investors who are gradually transforming the remains of the industrial areas into luxury housing estates. The city is investing in infrastructure and parks are being revitalised. The plans projects, inter alia, linear parks, and it is only a matter of time for the further extension of the catering and entertainment offer to take off. The Służewiec Community Centre and Horse Racetrack located near the office hub give more charm to this district. Reviving the atmosphere of the district, turning it into a vivid venue, may make Służewiec a competitor for Powiśle.

Advantages of the location:

  • vicinity of the city centre,
  • most important area of office buildings in Warsaw – workplace of thousands of people,
  • developed urban infrastructure – buses, trams,
  • vicinity of cultural and entertainment areas,
  • vicinity of the international Chopin Airport,
  • green areas of Dolina Służewiecka Park and Mokotów Field nearby.

Property Market in Służewiec

Industrial Służewiec, the so-called Mordor, is developed mostly with apartment buildings and new buildings, usually with 4 to 10 floors. This place has been developing rapidly for nearly 10 years and has turned into the most popular business district in Warsaw. New investments are popping up and, thus, availability of offers is high. These are mostly properties with area of 70-80 m2, with two or three rooms. Single bedroom apartments with a living room combined with a kitchenette can also be found here. The residents of Industrial Służewiec are mainly people working in Mordor and expats. The interest in offers in this area is high and stable which results mostly from the vicinity of multiple office buildings. Galeria Mokotów Shopping Centre is a characteristic venue here. Mordor is part of Mokotów and, thus, the prices are high. However, they are still lower than in Old Mokotów or near the metro. The cost of purchase of an apartment on the primary market starts from PLN 12 000 per square metre. The prices are a bit higher on the secondary market – starting from PLN 14 000 – 15 000 per square metre. The experts from Lions Estate believe that the prices will increase slightly in the next several years due to the general increase in prices and inflation. This place, however, has already reached its development level and the prices will not grow drastically.

Business Centre

Służewiec is one of the most important business hubs, not only for the capital city but also for entire Poland. As presented in the report of JLL advising agency, in the 1st quarter of 2019, ca. 35 thousand square metres of office area were rented here, 3.9 thousand apartments were released for use in the last three years and over 600 million euro has been invested in transactions on the office market since 2015. These numbers prove the attractiveness of this location.

The biggest office district in Warsaw covers several world class office complexes. The Platinium Business Park investment comprises five buildings, with a lake surrounded by greenery in the middle. The biggest investments released for use after 2008 include: Horizon Plaza, Konstruktorska Business Center, Marynarska 12, Marynarska Business Park, New City, Park Postępu, Postępu 14 and Trinity Park III. Currently, new high class properties are being released for use in the area of Business Służewiec. The biggest of them, D48, is located at the junction of Domaniewska and Postępu streets.

Living in Służewiec

Life in Służewiec is something more than just the office life. You can have a fine meal here, but also use some of the attractions in your free time. Unurbanized areas of the district, including those at the Służewiec Lake, have been modernised and outdoor gyms have been created there. The residents can also use the offer of the Community Centre located at the Służewiec Stream. This facility is something more than a building of the cultural centre of the district. It combines an ecological oasis with modern design. Additionally, the Horse Racetrack, still in revitalisation, is attracting an increasing number of visitors. Further plans of its extension and organisation of mass events will improve the attractiveness of the area.

Located just outside the borders of Służewiec, KADR Community Centre offers multiple attractions for children and adults. Additionally, the third most popular shopping centre in Warsaw (after Arkadia and Złote Tarasy), with shops and a cinema – Galeria Mokotów – is also located in the neighbourhood of Służewiec. Furthermore, living in Służewiec is connected with the possibility to use the offer of multiple restaurants, bars and cafes. In the area, there are several schools, including Gen. J. Bem General Education Secondary School with Integration Divisions no. 65, as well as kindergartens, such as the Non-Public Montessori ItsyBitsy Kindergarten at Cybernetyki street, and universities. Private medical centres are prevalent, including EnelMed, LuxMed.

A metro station, multiple tram and bus lines as well as Veturilo bicycle rental stations allow to access the city centre quickly. The city is investing in development of the road infrastructure to streamline the car traffic. The district is regaining its former glory and becoming an ideal place both to live and have fun.

Active Life in Służewiec

In the northern part of Służewiec, there are not many attractive venues allowing for active rest. The areas of Woronicza street, however, are a perfect location for those living an active life.

Mokotów Field is the largest park, perfect for jogging and family walks. There are multiple cycling and jogging routes nearby. Sport events for children and adults are periodically organised in Mokotów.

In the neighbourhood of Industrial Służewiec, there are also many sport facilities, including Warszawianka sport centre, swimming pool at Woronicza street, fitness clubs and gyms, offering year-round activities and trainings in various sport disciplines.

Restaurants in Służewiec

In addition to office canteens, Industrial Służewiec has a lot of lunch venues to offer. A great number of them are located along Wołoska street:

  • Prima Pasta – Italian cuisine – 22a Wołoska street
  • Pho2 – vietnamese cuisine- 74A Wołoska street
  • Olimp – 5 Wołoska street and 15 Marynarska street
  • Mekong – Oriental and Polish cuisine – 7 Wołoska street
  • Jeff’s – 12 Wołoska street

Służewiec as the Hotel Hub

Development of the hotel market in the Industrial Służewiec region is a process of changes and transformation of Służewiec from a strictly office district to a district with a diversified commercial, catering and residential offer. There are several high class hotels functioning in Służewiec, offering thousands of rooms. Most of them were erected on plots purchased to construct office buildings, but the investors decided to change the building function. Hotel investments in Służewiec are an element of the Warsaw demand for this type of services. Only in 2018, nearly two thousand and to 2020 – further 4 thousand hotel rooms were released for use.

New hotels mean not only accommodation, but also an extension of the catering offer and conference facilities for local tenants.

Most Popular Investments in Industrial Służewiec (Mordor)

The most popular investments in Mordor include: Qbik Loft Aparts at 31 Jana Pawła Woronicza street, Studio Mokotów at 13 Magazynowej street and Hubertus Housing Estate at 1C Obrzeżnej street.

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