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Śródmieście - Where the Warsaw Heart Beats!

Śródmieście Where the Warsaw Heart Beats!


Big City Style of Śródmieście

Śródmieście is the most representative part of Warsaw. It covers the area of the centre of the capital city. The Old Town, a beautiful Warsaw park – Royal Łazienki Park, one of the most expensive trade streets – Nowy Świat as well as the most famous buildings: Palace of Culture and Science, Royal Castle, Teatr Wielki Opera Narodowa (Great Theatre – National Opera) – all these are located within the borders of this district. Śródmieście is also the district of modern office buildings, high class apartment blocks, museums, theatres, cinemas, luxurious hotels, modern shopping centres and best schools in the capital city. The most important national offices are also located here – Sejm, President’s Palace, Office of the Prime Minister and ministries.


The central part of the city is rich in park greenery. Śródmieście is connected with the eastern part of Warsaw by 4 bridges. Thanks to ideal connections with other districts – three metro stations here, a fast city railway line and ca. 30 public transport lines – getting anywhere takes only several minutes here. Furthermore, there there are railway stations here – Powiśle Station and Central Warsaw Station, connecting the city centre with our cities of Europe. In terms of life, aesthetics of the space, business, infrastructure, ecology, cultural offer and cultural identity, Śródmieście deserves the reputation of a world class metropolis.

Property Market in Śródmieście

Śródmieście is very diversified in terms of architecture. Modern buildings from 2005 or later are prevalent in this district, along with renovated pre-war tenement houses. In comparison to other districts, a distinguishing feature of Śródmieście are skyscrapers at Twarda and Złota streets you will find nowhere else. The most characteristic sites in this area include Grzybowski Square, Radosław Roundabout and Saviour’s Square. In comparison to Powiśle, apartments are smaller here. Their average area is 50m2, with one bedroom. There are, however, many huge apartment buildings in Śródmieście, with average area exceeding 200m2. Residents are very diversified, there are less families with children than in Powiśle, mostly singles, young couples, investors and foreigners. The scale of offers in Powiśle is limited. In the most desired locations, the demand is very high and the interest in them keeps growing. This also results from the great access to various services, restaurants, office buildings or entertainment facilities as well as the prestige of living in the city centre. It is one of the most expensive places in Warsaw where prices on the secondary market start from PLN 15 000 per square metre and reach even PLN 30 000 per square metre. According to Lions Estate experts, the prices will keep growing due to the new investments driving the demand which already is tremendous.

Quality of Life in Śródmieście

Currently, Śródmieście is the place of business meetings and international cultural and entertainment events. Every year millions of people from around the world visit this part of the city due to the richness of connections with the history of the country and modern tourist attractions. The developed municipal transport network in the form of buses and metro as well as vicinity of the Central Railway Station make moving around the district very efficient. The Chopin Airport is only a 20 minutes trip away.

Education in Śródmieście

Śródmieście is a good location due to the developed education offer. The multitude of institutions ensures a good and competitive offer. University of Warsaw, Warsaw University of Technology and more than 10 other universities have their seat here. For younger students, there are over 40 kindergartens, 14 elementary schools, 15 general education secondary schools, a specialised secondary school, 3 vocational secondary schools and 8 technical secondary schools. Furthermore, there are several dozen language schools. All institutions have good locations, making access to them by metro, tram or bus easy. In these terms, the city centre is a good place to live for families with children.

Restaurants in Śródmieście

There is no street in the heart of Warsaw that would not feature a cafe or pub. It is a place full of fashionable clubs and exclusive restaurants. Their number is growing every year. Their offer attracts gourmets from around the world. From the vivid Poznańska street to revitalised Hala Koszyki, Nowa Rotunda and Zodiak pavilion. These venues gather the residents of Warsaw and tourists around them. All these sites have become the showpieces of modern Śródmieście. Located in the city centre, Poznańska street has become the culinary heart of Śródmieście in the recent years.

Recommended restaurants:

  • Atelier Amaro – 10/14 Trzech Krzyży square (Michelin star)
  • Senses – 12 Bielańska street (Michelin star)
  • Belvedere – 1 Agrykola street, Royal Łazienki Park
  • Cafe Bristol – 42/44 Krakowskie Przedmieście street
  • Kieliszki na Próżnej – 12 Próżna street
  • Kieliszki na Hożej – 41 Hoża street

Attractions in Śródmieście

Śródmieście lives intensively, attracts artists who create the modern and multi-functional space. Perfect, strategic location will be appreciated by anybody who wants to get to any place in the capital city quickly and efficiently. There are many attractions in the centre, but the visiting the most interesting ones is definitely a must.

The main landmark of the city centre is the Palace of Culture and Science with an observation deck on its top floor where you can admire the panorama of Warsaw. Furthermore, important monuments are:

Royal Castle – the seat of Mazovian dukes and residence of kings.

Sigismund’s Column – the first secular monument in Warsaw, presenting king Sigismund III Vasa

Old Town (Starówka) – entered in the UNESCO World Heritage List. You should definitely go for a walk along its narrow streets and enter the St. John cathedral, completely rebuilt after the war, where sarcophagi of Mazovian dukes and distinguished Poles are kept.

Old Town Market – in the summer offering coffee gardens where you can have a coffee and admire the remains of old Warsaw. In the winter, you can visit one of many restaurants located in the Old Town tenement houses to warm up with a cup of hot wine.

Teatr Wielki (Great Theatre) – one of the biggest and most modern theatres of Europe.

Free Time in Śródmieście

Śródmieście is a usually noisy and busy centre of social life. It is full of cafes, restaurants and clubs. You can go to the museum, visit art galleries, art exhibitions, take a metro, tram or bus ride that will take you to any place to enjoy culture and art. Śródmieście opens you to the world and encourages to familiarise yourself with the broad educational offer.

Popular venues include:

  • Museum of Warsaw located the Old Town Market, inviting with impressive collections commemorating the history of the capital city from its foundation to the contemporary times.
  • POLIN Museum – this institution was founded in the area of the former Warsaw ghetto and documents the rich history of Jews in Poland.
  • National Ethnographic Museum, exhibiting collections of objects related to our country, traditions and customs as well as exhibits from around the world.
  • National Museum – one of the biggest museums of art in Poland.
  • Gallery of Modern Art, displaying graphics, drawings, sculptures of artists from around the world.
  • Warsaw Philharmonic with classical music repertoire.
  • Zachęta – National Art Gallery promoting modern art.

Every day Śródmieście invites you to the cinema and theatres where you can meet renowned Polish actors.

Evenings in the capital city are never boring. Every day you can have fun in a different club, listening to music from the latest hit charts, hits of decades long gone or jazz. Enthusiasts of night life can be found in multiple night clubs at Mazowiecka, Nowogrodzka, Parkingowa, Kredytowa and Żurawa streets.

Those who care about their physical fitness will find something for themselves in Śródmieście with no problems. There are around 25 sport clubs and associations in the district. There are are ca. 100 bicycle stations for cyclists.  The offer includes also swimming pools, football pitches, dance clubs and biological renewal centres. All these attractions make this place perfect to plan your life, whether you are single or have a family and children.

Parks and Other Green Areas in Śródmieście

Śródmieście is full of life throughout the entire year. It is the place where cultures and languages mix. Despite high traffic intensity, you can move around unnoticed and find yourself in one of the nooks and crannies of the central district of the city. Parks and greenstones create an enclave, protecting against the big city noise. You can sit down and enjoy peace in the beautiful scenery of nature.

Śródmieście is one of the greenest city centres in Europe. Visiting Ujazdów Park, Royal Łazienki Park, Rydz Śmigły Park, Saxon Garden and Krasiński Park is a must.

Most Popular Investments in Śródmieście

Properties located in Śródmieście are a perfect solution for anybody who works in the city centre or loves the big city life. The primary market in this region of the city offers many new investments meeting the needs of such persons. The prices of apartments on the primary market reach PLN 13 thousand per m2, and in case of rental – from 2 thousand to even 13 thousand per month.

The are many investments planned for the future in this region. The old Warsaw feel can be found in such landmarks as: Rotunda, Marszałkowska Centre, Europejski Hotel or J44 building that replaced the former Universal. The specialists estimate that 780 thousand square metres of office areas will be created here.

The city centre will soon pride itself on the tallest building – Varso Tower. It will be situated in the neighbourhood of the Central Railway Station, at the junction of Chmielna street and Jana Pawła II avenue. The tallest building in Poland will house mainly comfortable offices and its special attraction will be an observation deck at 230 metres above ground level.

Most Popular Investments in Śródmieście

There are many modern investments in progress in Śródmieście and new are still to come. Most popular investments include Apartamenty Złota 44, Atelier Residence, Cosmopolitan, Rezydencja Opera, Apartamenty Grzybowska 4 and the newly built Unique Tower. Most luxurious apartments in tenement houses are located at 8 Mokotowska street, 50 Hoża street and 13/15 Foksal mansion.

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