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Zawady - Prestigious Part of the Wilanów District

Zawady Prestigious Part of the Wilanów District


Luxury Away from the City Noise

Zawady is an area located in the Vistula fluvial terrace. Currently, it is one of the strongest developing parts of Warsaw. Located close to the city centre, it directly neighbours the palace complex in Wilanów along with the accompanying garden, park and the Wilanów Lake. Zawady is a green site on the map of Warsaw, which favours recreation and active forms of spending free time. Attractive location fosters growth of new developer investments and, in turn, migrations of new inhabitants. This is a place for people who would like to cut off from the busy urban life, yet remain close to the central facilities of the capital city at the same time.

Living in Zawady

Owing to its location, constantly developing infrastructure around it and proximity to the city centre, Zawady might raise a claim for the best residential location in Warsaw.

Zawady are located in the south-eastern part of Wilanów, in the Vistula fluvial terrace. Currently, they are a part of the Wilanów district. According to the traditional administrative division, the territory of Zawady encomapsses: Nadwilanówka, Nadwiślanka, proper Zawady, Bartyki.

The main traffic route of the region, connecting the villages of Bartyki, Zawady, Kępa Nadwiślańska and Nadwilanówka, is the Syta street crossing the entire area from the south to the north. Moreover, Wał Zawadowski Street, in the east, and Bruzdowa Street, in the middle run, in parallel to Syta Street along the entire area.

The area limited by Zaściankowa, Syta, Jara and Wał Zawadowski Streets is the current centre of Zawada, where old houses mix with a newly erected housing estate of low and cosy apartments and segments. The remaining area preserves its rural nature with its single estates, farming fields and greenhouses.

Property Market in Zawady

Zawady is characterised with diversified, mostly low developments, with a lot of private houses. The properties in here are large, apartment areas start usually from 100m2, whereas house areas – from 200m2. The residents are mainly families with children. Offer availability is not high and the costs related to purchase or rental of apartments keep growing. At present, house prices start from PLN 7000 per square metre, the most prevailing price, however, being PLN 10,000 per square metre. High demand is fostered by the proximity of the International American School. Zawady is the area that is developing dynamically and new luxurious investments are being built here now. According to the experts from Lions Estate, real property prices in Zawady will go up as the supply is not high and many families with children would like to distance themselves from the crowded city centre by moving to the calmer part of Warsaw.

Quality of Life in Zawady

Zawady is a peaceful and very green area part of Wilanów. As the district is close to Miasteczko Wilanów and Ursynów, its inhabitants can use the nearby urban infrastructure – shops, cafes, sports centres, healthcare centres, a cinema as well as prestigious public and private kindergartens and schools, including the International School of Europe, the American School of Warsaw or the German School.

The Vistula river is just around the corner. Sport lovers will appreciate this area for cycling routes, jogging routes, an Orlik sports field, a golf course, tennis courts, horse riding centres, a swimming pool and a plethora of areas to walk around.

At Przyczółkowa Street, the Vis-a-Vis Street Mall was built – a modern centre dedicated to lovers of sports and a healthy lifestyle.

The road infrastructure makes quick access to the centre of Warsaw (12 km), Okęcie (12 km), Powsin (3 km) or Konstancin Jeziorna (7 km) easy.

Transport connections with other districts are very good. The main artery – the Wisłostrada route – streets of strong local merit: Jana III Sobieskiego Street and Wilanowska Avenue, as well as numerous bus connections all allow convenient travel from Wilanów to the city centre, Konstancin and Piaseczno.

The Plac Vogla shopping centre is only 3 minutes away from Zawady. It is just 5 minutes away from Miasteczko Wilanów housing estate, 10 minutes from Sadyba and 10 minutes from Konstancin-Jezornia.  This is a new urban area, which provides the inhabitants of Wilanów and its surroundings a friendly platform to meet, do shopping and organise local events. Far from the city noise, it is a perfect place for a getaway with family and friends. Plac Vogla is also a convenient place for shopping with a rich commercial and service offer.

More and more people are looking for a place to live that would be a compromise between the urban lifestyle and the need for rest after an active day. Due to its vicinity to Natoliński Park and Kabaty Woods, Zawady fit this trend perfectly.

Restaurants in Zawady

The residents of Zawady can look for their favourite flavours in multiple restaurants in the neighbourhood. Italian, Polish or Japanese cuisine encourage with aromas and invite to refined interiors.

Recommended restaurants in Zawady:

  • Quattro Canti, 120 Syta street
  • SYTA 93 Restaurants is distributed on 4 floors – (93 Syta street). The most elegant part of the restaurant is on floor -1. Artistic events are held there and the guests can listen to live music. Cultural events are organised during weekdays: concerts, performances of known and loved artistics and stand-uppers.
  • W Kropki Bordo, 96 Zaściankowa street.

Education in Zawady

Zawady attracts new residents. Families with children have a broad offer of education institutions distributed over short distances to choose from.

The most recommended include: Bielawa, American School of Warsaw in Konstancin-Jeziorna, The British School Warsaw at Limanowskiego street in Sadyba, (Lycée Français de Varsovie) French Elementary School at Konstancińska street in Sadyba (Lycée Français de Varsovie) as well as the modern Akademeia High School in Miasteczko Wilanów, “Radosne Przedszkole” kindergarten at 9 Vogla street, “Kids Project” kindergarten at 78 Syta street.

Attractions in Zawady

There is a lot going on in the Wilanów district. Even though there are not many attractions in Zawady itself, the entire district is perfect for sightseeing.

The cycling routes along Zawady Embankment or Vistula beaches enjoy great popularity in the summer. It is also a perfect place to set off for a trip outside the city. Those who actively participate in the cultural life can take part in the events organised by the Wilanów Culture Centre.

The main centre and creator of the cultural life of Wilanów is the Wilanów Palace Museum and Poster Museum located in the former palace riding hall. The best known cultural events held there include Summer Royal Concerts in the Rose Garden, International Summer Early Music Academy – an opportunity for meetings of musicians from around the word, and the International Poster Biennale.

Free Time in Zawady

There are multiple service outlets, cafes and restaurants in Zawady. The neighbouring housing estates in Wilanów also attract visitors with their rich restaurant, leisure and sport offer. Outside Zawady, there are many places encouraging to spend your free time actively with children and friends – Wilanów beach, Botanical Garden in Powsin, graduation tower in Konstancin, outdoor gyms, shooting range, gold course, tennis club – Tenis Wil, functioning also outside the summer season, horse ranch, Kabaty Woods.

Those of the residents of Wilanów who do sport actively case use the offer of multiple sport centres and fitness clubs.

Most Popular Investments in Zawady

In the Zawady district of Warsaw, there is a cosy housing estate of exclusive English houses located at 62 Syta street. Additionally, the most popular investments include Syta 102 Housing Estate, forming a complex of five low-rise buildings as well as houses at Lercha and 4 Dostatnia street.

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