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Sadyba - An Exceptional Site on the Warsaw Map

Sadyba An Exceptional Site on the Warsaw Map


The green enclave of Warsaw

Sadyba is a housing estate located in Lower Mokotów. It is surrounded by Gołkowskiej, Idzikowskiego, Witosa, Sobieskiego, Nałęczowskiej, Goplańskiej, Okrężnej, Jeziornej streets and the western bank of the Czerniakowskie Lake.


It is a residential housing estate, comprising mostly villas with lots of greenness. Isolated from the hustle of Śródmieście (city centre), it combines the advantages of a city and peace of a green nook of Warsaw. Thanks to the well-developed public transport system, it has perfect connections with other districts of Warsaw.


Sadyba is extremely attractive in terms of full urban infrastructure in the form of: public and private schools (British and French school), kindergartens, shops (Sadyba BEST Mall Shopping Centre), elegant restaurants and cafes with amazing atmosphere. Life in this area will be appreciated mostly by families with children and couples.


The name “Sadyba” comes from the Officers’ Building and Residential Co-operative “Sadyba” that used to erect houses for the officer staff along fort IX of the Warsaw Fortress. The order to design the modern suburban housing estate was awarded to an exceptional architect and urban planner Tadeusz Tołwiński, an enthusiast of the city-garden idea. From 1926, the continuator of the commenced works was Aleksander Więckowski.


Sadyba is a housing estate with history. Before the war, the residents were mostly members of the elite of the Second Polish Republic. These were mostly high ranked generals. Józef Beck, the minister of foreign affairs of the Republic of Poland used to live in the villa at 22 Okrężna street. After the war, the minister’s villa was transformed into the multi-family municipal building. The officers’ block at 1/3/5/7 Morczyńska street used to be the place of residence of poet Stanisław Grochowiak.


The current area of the Sadyba housing estate was delimited in the second half of 1996. Previously, it was a part of Czerniaków.

Sadyba today

Today, the housing estate forming a part of Lower Mokotów is an amazingly charming, picturesque and peaceful district. The pre-war traditions of the City-Garden where many historical villas were preserved are cultivated here. To this day, there are information plates on the fences of many properties, telling their story. On many facades, you can admire the works of the former resident of Sadyba, an exceptional artist and painter – Edward Dwurnik.

Premium Property Market in Sadyba

Houses are dominant on the premium property market in Sadyba. There are only few apartment blocks.  Big houses with area of ca. 200m2 are prevalent. Availability of the offered properties is moderate and interest in living in this district is growing as it is associated with prestige, ensures comfort and access to developed infrastructure. The main residents of Sadyba are families with children, wealthy people – appreciating luxury, expats – mostly British and French. The apartment prices in Sadyba are high. Prices on the primary market start from PLN 15 000 – 18 000 per square metre. Lions Estate experts project that the prices will keep growing in the near future due to the vicinity of international schools and the prestige this district is associated with.

Sadyba - a City Garden

The concept of the city-garden came to life at the end of the second half of the 20th century. It promoted introduction of urbanisation changes to better serve the residents and turn their houses into enclaves combining elements of cities and gardens, conducive to rest. Sadyba – Garden fits this concept.

One of the most important projects currently being implemented by the Sadyba City Garden Association is the festival of cultural heritage – Open Gardens. Thanks to this initiative, every year (since 2007), on the second weekend of June, there are various types of small cultural events held in Sadyba, inspired and organised by the residents. These include vernissages, concerts, performances, happenings, exhibitions, walks with a guide and lectures. Their task is presentation of various aspects of the local cultural heritage and integration of the local community around it.

Quality of Life in Sadyba

Sadyba is peaceful and friendly both to families with children as well as those who seek rest after a day of hard work. This makes this place ideal for a dream house. It is so exceptional thanks to the public space and architecture, making it the most favourite part of the district of the residents of Mokotów.

One of the reasons for the strong popularity of this area is the fact that Mokotów has great transport connections with other districts of Warsaw. Another undoubtful advantage of this location are green areas, parks and water reservoirs as well as cycling routes, making this place perfect for walks.

The location in the prestigious district, in the green part of Lower Mokotów, provides the opportunity to use all attractions of the city which are just at your fingertips. Ten-minutes ride to the centre of Warsaw, elite British and French schools in the neighbourhood, exceptional meeting places and vicinity of a sport club, exclusive restaurants and shopping centres – all this makes this area a perfect place to live.

Since Sadyba is a part of the large area of Mokotów, its residents can use the cultural offer of cinemas (including an outdoor cinema), theatres, museums and art gallery situated nearby.

There are multiple tram and bus lines and well as one metro line running through Mokotów. The Siekierkowski Bridge connects the district with the right-bank part of Warsaw and important arteries include: Wisłostrada,  Niepodległości ave., Wilanowska ave. and the following streets: Puławska, Czerniakowska, Woronicza.

Sport enthusiasts will appreciate this place for the vicinity of cycling routes and multiple areas for active outdoor rest.

Restaurants in Sadyba

Sadyba can be associated with an enclave of peace among rich greenery. It is a perfect place for rest and to discover new tastes. There are several venues in Sadyba that have to be visited to enjoy the unique cuisines of all parts of the world.

  • Mielżyński, 12 Czerska street – European cuisine
  • Nabo, 8 Zakręt street – Mediterranean cuisine
  • Zegarmistrzowska, 23 Muszyńska street – Polish cuisine
  • Segment Restaurant, 18A Powsińska street – Italian cuisine

Recommended Schools in Sadyba

Mokotów is a district with many renowned education institutions – 49 public kindergartens, 23 elementary schools, 12 secondary schools and universities. Furthermore, the educational offer is enriched by over 80 non-public institutions, enjoying an impeccable reputation among students and their parents.

Examples of education institutions in Sadyba:

  • Lycée français de Varsovie is a kindergarten and elementary school, teaching in the French language and style, 13 Konstancińska street
  • Worldhill Polska – elementary school, 83 Okrężna street
  • International European School – elementary school, 140 Wiertnicza street
  • Willy Brandt Schule – German – Polish School of Meeting and Dialogue, an education institution supported by the German government, the only school in Poland offering education according to the German general education system, 2 Wandy Rutkiewicz street
  • British School of Warsaw, 15 Limanowskiego street – an international, English-language school, founded in 1992, providing education at the elementary, lower and higher secondary levels. It is attended by ca. 900 students of various nationalities.

Attractions in Sadyba

  • Stanisław Dygant Park is a place for walks and rest for the residents. In the seventies this area was intended for an investment reserve for the housing estate erected here.
  • Polish Army Museum – located in the 19th century Czerniaków Fort, having a rich collection of tanks, cannons and planes used in the past by the Polish Army. The exhibition includes also an entire range of fighter jets used by our military pilots – both MiG-15s from the 40’s as well as more modern MiG-23s from the 70’s and 80’s.
  • Beautiful Morszyńska street – an amazingly picturesque street at the fort moat. The villas that can be admired here were constructed in the twenties for the prominent officers of the General Staff. Almost every villa at Morszyńska street has a commemorative plate on its fence, informing about the history of the building and who used to live there.
  • Locomotive – a great attraction for children. The steam engine exhibited on the square is a reminder that from the end of the 19th century a narrow-gauge railway line functioned here for over 60 years – Wilanów Narrow-Gauge Train. The trains used to run along Powsińska street – from the Belvedere to Wilanów and then to Piaseczno.
  • Playground in Szczubełka Park – precious tree stand, playground for children, fragment of the moss surrounding the Czerniaków Fort, Polish Army Museum in the neighbourhood – Fort IX Czerniaków division (13 Powsińska street) with an interesting outdoor exhibition of armoured and missile rockets as well as planes.
  • Street gas lantern route, illuminating the following streets: Jodłowa, Kąkolewska, Godebskiego, Goraszewska, Waszkowskiego, Zielona, Orężna, Zelwerowicza and Truskawiecka.
  • Armenian Square – a green recreational area located in Sadyba, in the vicinity of Fort IX, referred to as Czerniaków square. It is a square with greenery and a playground, revitalised in recent years.
  • Skwer Starszych Panów (Elderly Men’s Square) – there used to be a villa in this area, but it was destroyed as a result of military activities. Currently, in addition to the traffic function, the square is a place of integration. To emphasise the attractiveness of this place, 12 gas streetlamps have been installed there, referring to the pre-war Sadyba times. The properties located at the square have information plates hung on their fences, presenting the history of the City-Garden of Czerniaków.

Most Popular Investments in Sadyba

The most popular premium investments in Sadyba are properties at 20 Sobolewska, 5 Konstancińska streets and houses at Godebskiego street.

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