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Alena Annusewicz | About us, People | 24 March

Lions Estate – Abous us

Lions Estate is a premium real estate agency. We specialize in the rental and sale of apartments, houses and residences – luxurious, unique and original spaces. It is a narrow and extremely demanding specialization in which customers wish for a sophisticated approach and expect professional knowledge. They want more!

We meet these expectations, at the same time going beyond the patterns. We know that premium real estate requires a premium approach. This is the effect-oriented approach that we provide to our clients at Lions Estate.

The lion proudly looking down on our name and logo is a beautiful and majestic symbol of reason, power and courage. It fits perfectly into the philosophy of the Lions Estate brand:

  • Mind

We have a qualified team of specialists with several years of experience in the industry. We listen carefully to the needs of our clients in order to understand, extract what is most important and propose reasonable, best suited to the expectations and needs of solutions.

  • Power

We provide adequate resources and tools to guide our clients through the entire process of selling, buying or renting real estate. We offer comprehensive support at every stage of the investment. We strengthen the sales offer with active marketing activities focused on a specific goal.

  • Courage

We are not afraid to go beyond the scheme, because we know that only by courageously reaching higher we can achieve more. That is why we guarantee a fully personalized course of cooperation. We prepare a unique offer and the property itself for sale or rent in the most individual way.

Lions Estate provides a wide selection of premium properties in Warsaw and the Warsaw agglomeration.

By helping to find, buy or rent one-of-a-kind real estate, we fulfill our clients’ dreams of a perfect home. By providing full support for the sales process, we create an atmosphere conducive to the sale of an exceptional property at an exceptional price. In both cases, the joy of our clients is the key and definitely the most important effect. It inspires us, stimulates and motivates us for further development.

Get to know our team better, see the opinions of satisfied customers with whom we had the pleasure to cooperate and tell us how we can help you – here: Lions Estate

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