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Alicja Buczkowska | Homes | 19 May

Green neighborhood – more and more residents of the capital choose silence and privacy outside the city

The pandemic started a new trend on the real estate market. So far, we have appreciated living in the central districts of Warsaw, well connected with the workplace. The new reality created new needs.

Currently, we have different priorities and we choose the space in which we live more consciously. Silence, privacy and green surroundings count. What’s more, we are moving out of the city, looking – not as it has been so far – for savings or prestige in the most fashionable locations near Warsaw, but above all by putting life needs first.

Change of current motivations

Villa for sale,  Konstancin-Jeziorna, 750 m2, 9 rooms

Varsovians moved outside the capital from the beginning of the ’90s. Simply put, they could be divided into two categories: those who built themselves large luxurious mansions in locations such as Konstancin-Jeziorna, and those who chose the suburbs for financial reasons. The latter could afford a house with a garden at a price similar or lower than the cost of a small apartment in the central districts of Warsaw.

From the beginning of the pandemic, however, we see a third group of customers crystallizing. They are looking for high-quality, modern real estate that will be perfectly adapted to their current needs. This trend is likely to continue and affect the future of the entire market. For these people, peace and quiet are important, as well as comfort and proximity to nature. This group of clients is able to pay from 1.5 to 3 million PLN for a comfortable house in Milanówek, Magdalenka, Izabelin or Podkowa Leśna.

– comments Bartłomiej Annusewicz, Managing Director of the premium real estate agency Lions Estate.

House for sale, Podkowa Leśna, 311 m2, 4 rooms

New realities – new quality of life

Several factors influence the current situation. Many people have switched to remote work, discovering its advantages over time. It turned out that it can be as efficient as working in an office. Both employees and employers have found out about it.

– The pandemic initiated a revolution on the labor market. Until now, daily car trips to work were an additional price to pay to enjoy life in a comfortable suburban location. At the moment of changing the model of work, this factor ceased to be so important. Currently, most companies have opened up to the hybrid work model or 100 percent. remote, and everything indicates that this mode of work will stay with us for a longer time

comment Bartłomiej Annusewicz

House for sale, Bielawa, 550 m2, 6 rooms

– Our clients, often business owners, commute to Warsaw, e.g. twice a week, and the rest of the time they prefer to work in the most convenient conditions possible. An additional incentive to choose a house near the city is better and better access from each side – Warsaw is better connected every year and even despite the enormous traffic, you do not have to spend hours in traffic jams

– comments the founder of Lions Estate and an expert on the luxury real estate market.

Moreover, by spending much more time locked in our apartments, we realized that the size of the apartment did not meet our new needs. There was a need to expand the sphere of life – to have your own terrace or garden. A place separated from the public space, giving the possibility of communing with nature.

Residence for sale, Komorów, 445 m2, 5 rooms

– Many of our clients are looking for comfortable locations near Warsaw that will offer peace, quiet, relaxation, privacy, access to nature and recreational areas. We observe that more and more residents of the capital city are open to changes and decide to move outside the city and buy a house

– reports Bartłomiej Annusewicz.

What locations near Warsaw we are focusing on today?

One may be tempted to say that towns and locations near Warsaw, well connected with the center of the capital, are currently experiencing a real boom. These include towns such as – quiet and intimate Izabelin, Podkowa Leśna. Equally pleasant, popular and well-connected – Józefów, Halinów, Raszyn, Piaseczno or Stare Babice. Of course, one cannot but mention Konstancin-Jeziorna, which has been enjoying the greatest interest for years.

House for sale, Konstancin-Jeziorna/Chylice, 600 m2, 8 rooms

Its surroundings have always attracted people looking for peace, and at the same time good access to Warsaw. The town, famous for its prestigious housing estates, stylish villas and the surroundings of international educational institutions, offers above all silence, spacious gardens, privacy and undoubtedly prestige. But that’s not all – Milanówek, Magdalenka, Komorów, Radzymin – these are some of the locations near Warsaw that gained popularity during the pandemic.

Residence for sale, Milanówek, 810 m2, 7 rooms

Łomianki is also a desirable area. Their undoubted advantage is the proximity of the Kampinos National Park, while being close to the capital. No wonder that more and more luxury homes and mansions are being built in the area, finished to the highest standard, including the most modern amenities.

– Our clients appreciate these locations, consciously look for spaces where there is less population density. Therefore, responding to their needs and interest in quality real estate, we increased and expanded our activity in these areas. We currently have many unique and attractive offers in these places

– comments Bartłomiej Annusewicz

House for rent, Kępa Oborska, 425 m2, 7 rooms

– An interesting example of a recently completed transaction by our agency is the sale of a house in Radzymin. The offered property was a beautiful, detached house in the type of a modern barn, finished to the highest standard by the owner, who is an architect by profession. The property was situated on a large green plot in the vicinity of a forest. There were many people willing to buy this original property – emphasizes the President of the premium real estate agency Lions Estate.

More space is synonymous with luxury The advantage of a house in a suburban neighborhood is not only the location – the biggest advantage of such properties is the space that offers much more possibilities. One of such examples is an extremely unique and exclusive property located in the most beautiful residential part of Milanówek. A detached, two-story house with a total area of ​​385 m2 is located on a beautiful plot of 2,500 m2.

Residence for sale, Milanówek, 385 m2, 5 rooms

An indispensable advantage of this property is its beautiful garden with a natural pond and filtered water. The area is not only very green, but also fantastically developed. The property, surrounded by beautiful and lush greenery, guarantees peace, quiet and intimacy. Just like the villa-residential area, offering amazing areas for outdoor sports or the possibility of walks. All the necessary shops and services are literally within a few moments. An important advantage of the property is also very good access to the city and the center of Warsaw, thanks to a great connection and a highway.

Are you looking for a dream house near Warsaw? We will show you the most beautiful of them!

Lions Estate, +48 22 826 66 51

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