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Ola Gąsiorowska Senior Property Advisor


I have been fulfilled in the fashion, online marketing and social media industries for 8 years. An open, creative mind and a positive attitude are the qualities that make me enjoy facing new challenges. I use this power in the real estate industry to fulfill my dreams of fascinating work with people while fulfilling clients' dreams of the perfect place to live....


Phone number: +48 577 682 500
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  • Quality Leader - Most Recommended Advisor (Q3) - Quality Leader - Most Recommended Advisor (Q3) 2021


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David G
I had and have the pleasure of working with Ms. Ola Gąsiorowska on renting apartments. Very professional service, detailed advice and assistance throughout even before signing the brokerage agreement. Thanks to her commitment, the first apartment was rented quickly and the last formalities were completed smoothly. I recommend and greetings!
Tomek Boguszewski
The rental process so smooth and fast that it probably also surprised the agency staff responsible for the transaction.... ;) I recommend, especially the duo of ladies: Oliwia&Ola.
Michał Popowicz
I highly recommend. Ms. Gąsiorowski showed 100% professionalism.
Justyna Grzymała
Great cooperation and professional approach to the customer. Thanks to Ms. Ola Gąsiorowska I quickly and efficiently rented my apartment. I highly recommend!
Małgorzata Lemanska
Substantial cooperation with Ms. Aleksandra Gąsiorowska. The order to look for a Tenant lasted 2 weeks. Ms. Aleksandra was prepared and while offering the apartment she answered in great detail the questions of those interested in renting the apartment. Such a service allowed to close the transaction quickly. Professionalism and high personal culture. I recommend Lions because the company\\\\\\\'s employees are reliable, hard-working and competent. which confirmed, in my case, cooperation with Ms. Aleksandra Gąsiorowska. Małgorzata Lemanska
Ewa Mal
I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Ola Gąsiorowska. Although I ultimately decided to get an apartment not through Lions Estate, Ms. Ola stood out from other agents I have dealt with. She responds quickly, specifically, and doesn\\\\\\\'t just send the offers she has, but tailors them to the client. If you are looking for an apartment via Lions Estate then I suggest contacting Ms. Ola. In addition, she is super-sympathetic!
Andrea Lopez
Ola was an amazing help in finding an apartment that will be my home for the next year. Her work was very professional, she really understood what I was looking for and offered me everything she could in a very short time. Her efficiency was impressive. I highly recommend her and her agency. Plus, if you are a foreigner, her English is a plus :)
Pixel Rock
Our experience was very positive. Our family was moving to Warsaw and we were looking for an apartment. We needed to find a long-term rental for a family of 5 within a week. We are architects and designers, so we were very picky. We were also unfamiliar with the city and changed our expectations during our search. Ola was very helpful. She showed us the places we found online, as well as some on the market. After she figured out what we needed - we had a perfect match. The after-sales service was also excellent. I highly recommend!
Damian Milczarek
Cooperation with Ms. Ola Gąsiorowska of Lions Estate is synonymous with professionalism! Great communication and responsiveness to my numerous questions, flexible adaptation to my needs, great help also outside the scope of this particular apartment. Highly recommended!
Petya Ivanova
I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent cooperation with Ola Gasiorowska! She is a great professional who helped us find the investment property we needed in Warsaw. She is quick to communicate, very patient with our requests and managed to find fantastic tenants for us. Since we are not in Poland, she does everything she can to support us and really provides excellent customer service! In addition, I would like to recommend Lions Estate as an agency because getting started with the agency was quick and smooth and much different from the negative experiences we had with another agency.
Tatsiana Izafatava
Good morning. I would like to express my deep gratitude to the professional agent AND simply wonderful person Ms. Ole Gąsiorowska! Honest work, positive attitude, clear plan of action, high level of professionalism, individual approach and warm business relationship with clients. The complexity of the transaction was that the main approvals were carried out remotely (located outside Poland). But this did not at all affect the quality and efficiency of communication with Ola and the result of our work together in general. Ms. Ola, thank you for your help and we highly recommend you as a professional agent.
Marcelina Markiewicz
I highly recommend! I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Ola Gąsiorowska, who handled the entire rental process very quickly and concretely. We were in constant contact, and the whole transaction went on at the highest level.
Caroline Karolina
I highly recommend working with Ms. Ola Gąsiorowska. Her reliability and commitment allowed me to get through the process of renting a beautiful apartment.
Angelo Bertinotti
I had just moved to Poland and was looking for an apartment in Warsaw for the duration of the move. Ola Gąsiorowska from Lions Estate was very helpful and responsive during the whole process, and I found an apartment in just a few days. I highly recommend!
Klaudia Majkowska
I was delighted to work with Ola Gąsiorowska and the Lions Estate team. Very professional service, expert advice, very much patience :) and great individual approach to the client. The transaction was successful and I felt very supported throughout the process :) I recommend to everyone! Ola is the best!
Anna Rajewska
I highly recommend cooperation with Ms Ola Gąsiorowska. Non-standard commitment, professionalism and kindness worth special emphasis.